Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sunday News

I have news this fine rainy and chilly Sunday.  I saw on my calendar last week a notation about BA Museum on June 1.  Could not remember exactly what it was but thought it was a show.  Linda and I were supposed to have a two person show over two years ago at the Broken Arrow Museum but Covid stopped it from happening.  Then last July or so the director contacted me about a show in September but again I was hesitant because of the pandemic and because I could not even think about it with my hip pain and needing to have the surgery.  So I put it off until this June.  I forgot about it.  Funny thing is I got an email from the director asking me if we were still on for the June show!!!  Ah-ha, there it was the nudge to the memory.  I told Linda about it and she said, "well alrighty then!"  We are on and painting up a storm.  I originally talked to the director about doing a self-portrait theme and am still on that path but I will add florals and landscapes to the mix.  We meet with her in a couple of weeks to get a sense of the space and how many paintings we can actually have.  That may nix a few of my larger self portraits as I really want to showcase the other stuff, and possibly sell some.  No one is going to buy my self-portrait stuff but it's fun to show off.  Plus it was a fantastic challenge for me.
I will post here later the dates exactly and the opening date we will have.  I hope everyone in the vicinity will be able to come out and check out our work.  Linda is of course doing a lot of cowboy stuff as it is Broken Arrow and she paints to the audience alot, I paint for myself.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Happy Belated Easter

It was a light crowd, Easter at our abode this year.  The Hubby's oldest brother was in the hospital with a lung infection and his Mrs. was by his side.  His oldest son went camping with his family.  Sister's kiddos went separate places and so did brother and his family.  It was still a fun day and I am so glad I was able to get around and handle the company without a hitch or PAIN!  

These little bunnies are growing up so very fast.  

Monday, April 11, 2022

Weekend Happenings

The weekend began fairly early Friday with me doing payroll and then off we went.  First stop was Grand Lake for The Hubby to do a bit of electrical work for a friend and his newly purchased house on the lake.  Little did I know I would nearly lose my breakfast on part of the drive.  There is a reason we do not have a place on Grand Lake as a good part of the houses are on BLUFFS!!!  EGAD, we drove and drove and finally got to the drive we were directed to and suddenly we were nearly straight up and down driving to his house on the bluff.  A panic attack was almost had by me.  I didn't even want to get out of the truck but managed to after I calmed down and went inside.  We ended up staying there for HOURS, and I mean hours.  I had my IPad and Kindle and read a bit.  There was little to no cellphone usage but I was okay with that, had to be.  I mostly sat as far from the window that looked out to space and water and waited as The Hubby and his friend fixed outlets, the microwave issue, etc.  It was much like in the early years as I watched him work on anything.  After awhile the friend fed us a sandwich at about 2:30 and then it was back to work.  They then went to the dock that was on a mechanical lift down to the water while I waited again.  I drifted off to sleep while they were gone, nearly an hour.  The wife was on her way from Tulsa so I was by myself and my thoughts for most of the day.  Finally she arrived and we visited a bit and then we were off to the cabin.  

The day was mostly cold and dreary so the drive was too, mostly.  They sun popped when we were nearly there and I was able to snap a few photos, hopefully to paint.  I love the clouds.

The weekend was pretty quiet as our crew we hang with were either in Portugal or just busy.  I did have a drink with Lesa Saturday afternoon before the big bonfire and weenie roast on the creek for the entire club.  The weather warmed up nicely and it was wonderful to see everyone.  Tons of peeps were in attendance, some I haven't talked to in probably a year at least.  We had yummy hotdogs, a bit of drink, enjoyed the creek and the fire and mostly the friendship.
Sadly, too soon we were headed back to Tulsa for at least 3 weeks.  Next weekend being Easter and other stuff happening. When we finally get back to the cabin I can't wait to hear from the travelers and their trip to Portugal.

Sunday, April 03, 2022

Sunday Babble

It is Sunday morning, nearly 9 am and I am enjoying the quiet of home.  We stayed in town this weekend because he danced Friday night and last night we went to a dinner celebrating a friends retirement.  Friday night we were supposed to have sweet Snicklefritz spend the night, and she did come and have dinner with us and helped me bake oatmeal raisin cookies for The Hubby...but...  When she came in I could tell she was just not up to par.  She was quiet and you could tell in her eyes she was really tired.  She laid in the living room floor, wrapped up in a blanket and I thought she was going to sleep and this was before 5 o'clock.  I thought maybe it was because she was tired from a week of school, getting up early, etc.  She ate a big plate of 3-way and was back to the floor wrapped up in the blanket.  We began making the cookies and she said she had a sore throat and had it since the morning.  UH OH...I thought the throat looked a bit off and texted her momma to let her know.  There was no fever but I was not set up for a sick kiddo and still a bit afraid of any infection with the hip.  I thought, if she is sick then she might feel better hanging at home with Momma and Daddy.  I didn't have any meds for her to take.  So sadly I sent her home where she really didn't get much worse.  I should have kept her but you just never know when the wake up in the middle of the night fever would happen.  Next time for sure.  Miss that kiddo.  

Last night we went to the dinner for our friend.  I actually put makeup on, curled my hair and put on my nice cowboy boots I haven't worn in a couple of years.  The Hubby came home from a day at the gun show still very much obsessed with a knife he bought, etc.  I felt kind of pretty dolled up with makeup on and my hair curled and wearing my fancy cowboy boots I haven't worn in a couple of years.  He was absorbed in his laptop researching knives and what-not and I finally asked him if he was going to get ready soon as it was 4:15 and we were to be at the dinner at 5. He never looked at me as he got up to take his shower and asked if I was going to shower and get ready too.  WTF...This is why I call him Captain Obvious.  

Now on to other minutiae of my brain.  

The beautiful spring sun is shining through and it makes me very happy.  I actually slept in till 6:30 this morning, not usual for me.  I LOVE to get up and see the sun come up and feel the warmth (not yet) of the day beginning.  It rejuvenates me.  It also makes me want to spring clean like nobodies business.  I've been doing it a lot at the studio which has so needed it and I can now.  Here at the house I've been purging my recipes and now that's done I've started pulling books off of the shelves to get rid of.  Some I had planned to read but just never got around to it and now don't interest me.  B has gone through some of them and read them encouraging me to give them another try.  I'm still going to purge ones I have read.  This morning I actually made a list of stuff I need to do around the house, today and this spring.  

Today I am going to clean Frenchie's cage (my parakeet), put the recipe stuff up, go through some music that is a pile 3' high (some mine, mother's and my grandmothers) and A will go through it too.  She had actually planned on doing that yesterday but granddaughter #2 is sick also, probably croup.  Poor baby sounds horrible.  

I started a spring cleaning to do list for later:  purge dishes (i.e. Christmas dishes, extra Desert Rose dishes, baking dishes, just kitchen crap in general.)  My closet of shoes, clothes I just squeeze into and the faded old stuff that is disintegrating every time I wash them.