Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Apologize and More!

I apologize for not blogging enough lately but it is what it is.

Last night I invited The Hubby's brother, his partner, the mother-in-law, B&B2+Rio over for dinner and a Christmas decorating party.  Unfortunately The Hubby is feeling under the weather and so we were very delayed in getting all of the Christmas out of the attic.  I was still trying to set up the tree and un-box the ornaments when everyone started arriving.  WHEW!  Between getting a full workout yesterday and doing the Christmas thing with company, I have over done it.  My knee is a bit swollen this morning and I am exhausted.  On top of that Clayton was up several times last night getting sick.  We had new landscaping stuff in the backyard with mulch and I realized that he had apparently eaten some of it because that is what he is tossing.  Have to keep a good eye on him to make sure he is okay.  I did do a bit of painting in class and that makes me take a breather.

The invites for the big Christmas Open House went out on Sunday and yesterday I started getting RSVP's.  Only two or three but it's a start.  I'm getting a bit nervous but all will work out.  I have to get the house in order and set up "my room" like an art gallery so that everyone can see the paintings.  Then the next weekend is B's Alliday Show  and I will have a booth set up with some of my paintings, prints and note cards.  You have to come and see me.

Lastly today, I apologize for changing the way you can leave comments but I have been getting at least 20-30 spam comments daily lately.  I don't understand what has prompted this and I MUST take action.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Let Me Ask You This...

Let me ask you this.....

You have someone come in and fill out a job application.  You check him out, interview him and then hire him to start the next Monday.  Monday rolls around and the work day begins but he does not show up.  In this day and age with unemployment at the levels it is, do you not show up.  Apparantly this guy is not hungry.  What in the world is the matter with people. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday

Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday.  Have I missed something here.  Have the days of the week changed and no one told me.  Do you participate in this madness?  I have gone out on a Black Friday a few times before but that was when it was a relatively new idea and not crowded.  Also, the stores didn't open till like 5 or 6 am, not Thursday morning.  Now, I prefer to go to the cabin and hibernate from the hustle and bustle that has become the NOT Christmas like holidays!  What has happened to a perfectly nice family holiday, we've made it all about the commercialness of getting a good deal on crap we don't need!  I have to admit I am a Cyber Monday kind of gal but that is because I HATE the mall.  I will do my Christmas shopping a small Mom & Pop kind of stores so as not to deal with the crap that retail has turned Christmas into.  I want to go back to getting oranges, apples, and nuts in my stocking.  Being excited for a handmade pair of pants or dress from my momma.  Back to the idea of just being with family instead of an XBox or IPhone or crap like that.  Christmas has lost it and we have to got to get it back.

On Tuesday I am planning on having part of The Hubby's family, B&B2-w/Rio over for a bite to eat and then we will decorate the tree and house.  They will help me since I'm kind of down a bit and besides it is great fun.  We did it a few years ago and my oh my was it the best time.  I'm going to have Christmas music playing, we will sing along, laugh, eat and enjoy each other's company.  Maybe I'll even have some cider or hot cookies, something to give the house a fabulous smell.  I really can't wait and think this time will be even more fun than Christmas Day!

Next year why don't we BOYCOTT the Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday!  Take back our holiday from retailers and make them start celebrating it again at the appropriate time again, the day after Thanksgiving, NOT Labor Day!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I am thankful for my family and my fabulous life.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Good early morning everyone.  I am kind of excited today!  Today is the first doc appointment after the knee thingy.  The stitches will finally come out.  I'm feeling so much better that I was awake at 4 this morning.  Just woke up.  Of course my head hit the pillow last night at 8:30 but I really didn't drift off till about 9:30.  So much is swimming around in my head and this doc thing today is very much on the top of the list.  

I think I forgot to tell you about my Friday at the office last week.  WHEW!  What a day.  Every other Friday is payroll day at our office.  I use the program Quickbooks Pro and have used it since 1996 with updates to the program every few years.  I got to the office fairly early that day with the intention of being done and ready to head to the cabin.  I clicked the icon to open QB and waited.  OOPS!  There was an error message.  WHAT!!!!!  ERROR!!!!!  Click again, same message.  The time was about 8:30 and I was immediately on the phone to tech support.  They have been very helpful before and I knew they would again.  I was connected to a guy in India who I allowed to take over my computer (kind of a scary thing!)  I watched as the cursor whizzed back and forth and after about 45 minutes and him receiving the same error message twice it was finally determined that my program had CRASHED!  Oh my goodness.  I was in a bit of a panic.  I HAD to do payroll for the employees.  He suggested that I go ahead and upgrade to the new version of 2013 and I quickly agreed.  Well, after yet another 45 minutes or so I had a new upgrade and my QB PRO was open and I was processing payroll.  It was very fortunate that the data files were not affected in all this.  My concern with all of this is that I sometimes I wonder that there might possibly be a glitch included in programs that cause them to hiccup every few years, forcing you to HAVE to upgrade.  Do you often question that?  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Ramble

Thought I would give a Monday Ramble today about this and that, whatever seems to be swimming around in my head this morning.

So much stuff is rolling around in my thoughts about what needs to be done...NOW!!!  I am not doing the Thanksgiving thing exactly this year with this knee thing.  My sweet sis-in-law has taken on the chore of hosting this year and the other side of the family is being taken over by one of the nieces.  WooHoo!  I'm good and all I have to come up with is the green bean casserole.  The knee is so much better but not for me to stand around in the kitchen for sure.  I've got to get better for our party.  See, every few years we host a huge open house party and it seems to grow every year.  Since we have done so much more construction on the house it is time yet again to do the shindig again.  So far my list is close to 200 people so I've got to be creative to make sure is is truly a drop-in kind of thing.  I don't all 200 at one time and I'm sure the neighbors don't want that too on the streets.  Of course they are all invited too...the key to a harmonious party.  I've got the caterer lined up and I TOLD The Hubby I was hiring wait staff to help keep the wine flowing and the food tables full.  I can't do it all by myself.  My problem now is getting the house all decorated up and that means a trip to the attic which is where he comes in.  I think I will do what I did a few years ago and invite the mother-in-law, the brother-in-law and his partner and B&B2 w/Rio to help decorate and feed them.  It was a ton of fun the last time and I had great help.  I'm not going to push myself with this knee thing.

Caterer - CHECK
Wait Staff - CHECK
Guest List

My mind is a jumble!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have to tell you that since I've been not blogging as much and down with this knee thing my blog comment section has absolutely been filling up with SPAM.  It is amazing how much I get every single day.  What's the deal here.  Yes I have readers, lots of readers but I don't want the spammers for sure.  Do you get a lot that?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Knee Update

This is I believe day 3 of after knee surgery.  It is getting better, very slowly.  Pain pills that lo 'n behold I can take without problems, lots of sleep and water and I am mending.  Saturday The Hubby got me all settled in at home with everything I could possibly need and was on his way to the gun show.  That was the worst day for sure.  The pain brought me to absolute tears.  I guess I had waited too long to start the pain meds and after that little fiasco I was johnny-on-the-spot popping a pill or two.  EEK!  Food has not been too high on the list of things either, nothing sounds good.  Friday night I had about two tablespoons of take-out Chinese, and a bit of chicken and rice soup.  Last night he went to get Jamil's  for steaks for dinner.  Yummy and then they repeated for lunch.  Not sure what's on the menu for tonight but a friend is bring grub tomorrow!!!!  I HAVE to go to the office tomorrow but it will be in and out.  Do a deposit and then head back home.  I certainly can't go to the grocery store on crutches, that is for sure.  So a list I will make.

I tell you what hurts horribly is the hand where the nurse botched putting in the IV....OUCH!  Really is sore.

Now for Thanksgiving, I'm afraid that I will not be cooking a turkey this year.  I will have to wait till next week to see how I'm doing.  I usually have the entire family over but I just can't manage that.  I worry about my Daddy but I do have two siblings that will have to take the lead there.  Makes me sad as this is The Hubby's favorite holiday.  Oh well, each day at a time.  I may be able to do a couple of cornish hens for he and I.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Deed Is Done

For the first time in WEEKS I have no pain.  Yes, no pain, and this is after surgery.  Actually, the only pain I have is where they strapped my leg down and bruised me and a rip roaring headache.  For some strange reason when I came too I had a sore throat...oh yes, the tube...but I had the urgent need to cough and they encourage me.  I heard them say I had fluid in my lungs.  That scared me.  I thought of pneumonia and I don't want that again.   
Just before they came to take me in my sweet mother-in-law arrived.  I was very happy to see her.  It was nice to know she was there too.  After the surgery when I was in recovery I heard one of my brother-in-law's, Steve.  Again I was so happy.  It's is nice to be loved.  The ride home we were followed by my MIL to help.  She is awesome like that.  While laying on the couch I could hear her puttering around in the kitchen putting things away, cleaning, doing what she does best, HELP!  The Hubby got the ice machine thing hooked up around my knee and got me all situated and I could tell he was frustrated.  I don't know if he does this stuff well.  

The Hubby went to the pharmacy to fill my pain meds, the grocery store and to get FOOD!  I had not eaten since 8 pm the night before and it was 5 pm the next day.  Ravenous!  I didn't want anything too spicy and no milk products because I was very nauseated after and still was after the car ride home.  I am notorious for throwing-up after stuff like this.  Luckily I still have not though.  Since my throat was sore I wanted pop-cicles and apple sauce, chicken noodle soup and a Diet Pepsi.  That is what I WANTED!  He couldn't believe I didn't have any Diet Pepsi here but I guess he hasn't noticed that I have not bought the stuff in bulk for months now.  I occasionally buy one!  

The Hubby came home from the pharmacy ranting and raving and madder than a wet hen.  The pain meds were percocet and they did not want to give them to him because plainly I have on my records that I CAN'T TAKE CODEINE and that is what percocet is.  He was ticked off.  Plus when he went back to pick them up the pharmacy LOST the prescription.  Oh man he was mad.  Actually, I think he was more hungry as he didn't eat lunch which makes him like a bear.  He brought home Chinese takeout (uh spicy), groceries and meds.  Groceries, well, the one thing I really wanted were the pop-cicles but he forgot them.  Then he went off a bit and said he would go back the next day.  That's okay, I don't need them now.  

{see that bruise}
We finally ate a bit, not much and then sleep.  I still woke up with this headache but it's better now that I'm up in my chair.  Pain is gone, so far.  I can put 100% weight on it but have crutches!  YIKES.  I guess they are more for stabilization than anything.  They got it cleaned out but the doc told The Hubby that I really have a lot of arthritis in the knee so back to working out.  I have got to keep the joints moving.  

Thursday, November 08, 2012


Tomorrow is the day.  The day they hopefully get this darned knee fixed or at least cleaned out to help my mobility.  I can't wait to get back to the stationary bike and treadmill.  My workout schedule has been so off because I hurt nearly all the time.  I'm so nervous about tomorrow.  It's not so much about the surgery thing it's about the possibility of infection afterwards.  Since I've had a bout of MRSA and Daddy's horrible experience with the MRSA with his hip replacement that TERRIFIES me!  All that aside, I am READY!  Today I wait till sometime after 2:30 when they will call with the surgery time.  Sleep will be a bit hard I would imagine tonight.  My mind will be working overtime.  

Also tonight is the artist reception for the Alpha Rho Tau reception at TCC.  If you are in the Tulsa area and having nothing to do, come on by and see some great art.  All for sale and maybe I'll get a ribbon!  They were judged yesterday and I have no idea at this point.  I didn't think I would go but can't stay away.  If you show up I will be the one hobbling around or sitting in a corner rubbing my knee! 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Just Think

(by my mother, not me, but the talent I inherited)

Monday, November 05, 2012

Art & Babies

With extra time sitting on my backside with this darn knee I have found that sitting at the easel eases my pain.    We also had time in town this weekend away from the cabin babysitting little Rio.  More about that in a bit.  

This is an amaryllis that I loved.  The photo when blown up is not too clear so as I was contemplating painting it I decided to try my hand at abstract.
I grabbed the palette knife and started with some color and scraping around.  I have to say that I am NOT an abstract fan but I actually loved doing this and it was kind of freeing.  I ended up loving it too.   

That was Sunday, but on Saturday I sat down to my prepped easel and wanted to paint this sunflower.  I seem to have a love for painting sunflowers as this is the third one I've painted.  I love the vibrant yellow.  To me it is sunshine. 
My canvas size of choice in this line of flower paintings is a 16x16 gallery wrap canvas.

This picture does not do the color justice and at this point was not finished but I think it will be today with a signature.  I've got to get some pricing on these things as so many have asked which gives me hope of selling all of them! 

On the babysitting thing, well...

We kept her on Tuesday night while they went to dinner for a trial run at the babysitting a 5 week old and it went well.  The plan was for Saturday night.  They had a Halloween party to go to and we "were" going to keep her all night.  I can do this, I've raised two girls from birth, I can do this.  I can't do this.  I feel I failed but in reality she was terribly tired and fussy and really just needed her Momma.  That is fine because she is only weeks old.  We will have many more chances to keep that precious little girl for years to come.  It was good though as B&B2 got to have a couple of nights out with friends and time to themselves.  It's a start.  

Friday, November 02, 2012

Knee Update

I have news.  Waiting nearly 5 weeks for some kind of something to deal with this pain in my knee I finally have a surgery date.  I had the MRI last week and again I was waiting and waiting for a phone call about what the results were and where we needed to go.  Finally, 6 days later I called the doc's office to have them tell me that I was supposed to call and set up an appointment, "Didn't they tell you that."  NO!  So we scheduled the appointment and I went yesterday.  Wednesday I was in the worst pain ever and The Hubby was not sympathetic at all complaining that he was tired of me moaning.  Uh, really!  That aside, I slept badly and waited around all day long for the 3:15 appointment.  I arrived at 3:00, checked in and waited.  I waited and waited, yet again.  At 4:06, my name was called to go into the patient room where I patiently waited and waited.  At 4:24, in the door walked the doctor.  A quick yadda-yadda about cartilage bits, swelling, bone irritation (no joke), and arthritis, he sort of suggested that he could clean it out with the arthroscopic surgery and I was yes, yes, let's do it.  He did say that a knee replacement might be in my future...ICK!  I hobbled back to my car and made the phone calls to friends, kiddo's and then to the hospital to set up pre-op.  I'm on!  When talking to The Hubby, he wanted to know if it was caused by any one thing like a dance move.  I told him no but I should have said YES!  He wants to be sure I can dance again I think and for the dancing to not be the culprit.  Really, I think it is a lot of factors, dancing, jogging, Jazzercise, age, weight, age.....Sucks getting old I can say.  Daddy apologized for giving me the bad arthritic knees that he is blessed with.