Monday, December 06, 2021

New Hip Is On It's Way

Tonights dinner is once again tilapia, spinach and red peppers. Simple preparation of a splash of lemon olive oil, Paul Prudhomme's Fish Magic, red pepper and frozen chopped spinach (what I had on hand.) ONE skillet in which I started the peppers, added the spinach, utilizing the water from being frozen. When it was half done I moved the spinach to the edges of the skillet and added the seasoned lemon olive oil coated tilapia and cooked till done. One skillet. (I'm lazy, hate doing dishes.)

Confession...I have been bad. Bad with my eating. Oh don't get me wrong it wasn't horrible but enough off the rails to have the scale edge up a bit. I'm still down two sizes in my clothes, that is a win. Today I went to my THIRD hip doctor. This time I was not sent on my very unhappy way but got an actual surgery date in February with a note to continue the weight loss. I have to say I was really nervous this morning going to yet another hip doctor but I had a good feeling in my gut this time it would be different and it was. She was kind, not like the other two male doctors that pretty much wrote me off and sent me on my way with no hope and no direction. Reading through the material is a bit scary. I tend to run from stuff like that so it is taking all my courage not to run and not do the replacement. I have to or I will be in a wheelchair the rest of my life at this point. I can barely walk most of the time.

So, I am knuckling down and making it happen. Get ready friends, I'm going to keep posting my food journey because it helps me to have friends support, and it seems my journey is inspiring others. It is a meal at a time, a dat at a time. I THINK I can. I KNOW I can. The little engine that could is me.

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