Monday, December 26, 2011

Resolutions or Life Changes

Now that Christmas is done it is of course time for the dreaded New Year's Resolutions.  I can't help myself when it comes to making them.  Seems like the new year rolling around makes a great time to start anew and I'm all about starting anew and sadly failing!  I've already started by changing my computer habits, blocking my habitual playing of Farmville!  I was spending hours on that stupid game and it was NOT healthy for me.  I must admit that I am a gamer addict starting with Nintendo years ago.  I may not drink or do drugs but I have food and games addictions.  I WON'T give up blogging!

(Rats, The Hubby just came in and interrupted my train of thought ranting about clothes on his unused workout equipment...yah, yah, yah...)


I am giving The Hubby one more month of dancing, if my knee can stand it as I have missed nearly a month, and I promised 12 months last year.  So the month of January is still dancing, then NO MORE!  That twisting and turning on the dreaded floor is killing me.  I can walk and bike, but the dancing is ARGHHHH!  I just signed up for the Fleet Feet Training Program for walking.  It starts in February, twice a week.  I did it a couple of years ago and had a great time.  I'm hoping that giving up a bit of the computer stuff (sitting on my tail) will allow me the time.  I will also have to forgo my TV addiction that has plagued me for years.  I will be recording a lot and just have to play catch up if I really MUST see a program.  The Hubby was just informed of my intentions, including that Wednesday night time slot that he dances in.  "Hmmm," he says. 

This year, since Daddy is finally well and not in need of my constant attention I will devote to me!  Painting, reading, walking, exercise, eating better, spending time with friends*** and family.  This past year has been all about Daddy and the construction and I'm so glad it is OVER!  Life can hopefully get back on it's usual track and rock along for at least a year.  The Hubby and I have made it a must to have dinner with a lot of friends every few weeks or so and will continue that practice.  Have the neighbors over for drinks and show them what was happening in all the construction.  Dinner with old and new friends.  Family time and a trip to sunny California to see A, after I finish the walking program I think.  Lots of stuff for the new year of 2012!  Hope it all goes well for me and everyone else.  Happy New Year to one and all.  I will take a break here and not be back till 2012 to maybe start an everyday blogging fest for 2012. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas, Family and Memories

We gathered Christmas Eve, The Hubby's family at our home ready to laugh, eat and enjoy seeing everyone.  B had this photo wall for the Alliday Show and brought it over thinking we could use it for pictures.  I was not very happy about it being in the house, but I have to admit, yes admit it was a good idea.  We all had such a great time posing behind the wall, our mugs in the frames! 

Her we all are except little 2 year old AD who chose not to sit still.   

Now to some memories.
Many, many years ago there was a little girl whose Daddy worked at Oertles.  Oertles was a sporting goods and more store, very popular at the time in Tulsa.  Her Daddy worked a lot of late nights, Christmas Eve being one of those late nights.  This little girl was 8 years old and when her Daddy came in the door he told her that there was something on the front porch that he tripped over, for her to go check it out.  She went out to the porch and there was a brand new Easy Bake Oven for her for Christmas!  That story had been told many times to The Hubby by this little girl all grown up. 

This picture is of my bicycle.  Another story, but connected, trust me.  Another Christmas my brother, sister and I saved up our money and went to the local Otasco store in town and put in layaway three bikes.  It was 1966, and I was 10 years old.  Imagine our surprise when on that snowy Christmas morning we three arose to find our bicycles sitting under the tree.  Santa Claus went and got them out of layaway for us.  Our parents were still in bed, as it was still dark and a light snow covered the ground outside.  We knew that going outside to ride our new bikes was not allowed so we rode around our tiny house until Momma and Daddy got up to let us out.  Those bikes got so much use, especially this one.  We rode around the block for years on our special bicycles.  When I married and moved out this bike came with me even though I never rode it again.  It has moved every time for over 35 years.
Christmas Eve while entertaining The Hubby's clan he handed his cell phone to me and told me to talk to my Daddy.  I took the phone and said, "Hi Daddy.  What's up!"  It was a horrible connection but I did get in the conversation, "Go look on the front porch."  Confused I went out to the front porch.  There, sitting in the porch light was this, my bicycle, all refurbished by The Hubby for Christmas.  I was in shock and tears flowed as I was stunned and smiling and crying.  So you see there is a connection because my Daddy was the one, once again to guide me to that front porch to find such a fabulous gift!  Neat isn't it.  Oh, I got diamond earrings too but they don't even compare to this gift.  I married a fabulous, wonderful guy!   

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all this Christmas Eve.  I've baked and cleaned and shopped and wrapped.  It's all ready except for some final touches today.  Making the beds, making the dips, setting the table and dolling myself up, I'm ready for the family and friends to come and enjoy the time of the year I love most.  I love spending time with the family, The Hubby, B&B2 and Sweet A.  It is wonderful!  I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas this year.  Maybe next year I'll get some Christmas cards out.  (Hey, I think I'll start writing them now!)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

She's Home

Yes, I'm a happy momma, our youngest is home for the holidays.  My family is in one state and one city, all together.  It's like a part of my heart is missing when my girls are not close to me so it's hard with her living in California. 

Today I will begin the task of Christmas baking, with her assistance.  I'm excited for the season, spending time with family and friends and the happy feeling that this time of year holds. 

Let's make the baking list:

White Fruitcake
Mushroom Turnover appetizers
Crab Wedgies

I need to soften some butter and cream cheese, chop onions, mushrooms, measure and weigh....later all, I have a lot to do!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Do you see this face, this face was one of the sweetest faces you will ever kiss.  His name was Johnny Angel, a Great Pyrenees, a pet and a friend, forever!
Johnny Angel was much loved by many of the children that come to visit and play at our community lake/cabin retreat compound.  My friend P's cabin is down the road from Johnny Angel's cabin and when he sees her grandchildren arrive he would beat it to their door to get some lovin'.  Johnny Angel was a groomed and tagged pet who would grin at you as he came upon you.  Our little heaven on earth place is a lover of all animals, but especially dogs, of which nearly all of us have 1+ that are part of our families.  Johnny Angel's adoptive parents, Paula & Paulla, have picked up many, many, many strays and dumped dogs along those country roads, taken them in, fed, nursed and found happy homes for them.  Johnny Angel was one of those dumped dogs that happened into their lives. 

On Monday, December 12, Johnny Angel wandered up the hill behind "our" property to a very unfriendly neighbor's land.   He encountered "someone" on that hill, at least that is where the blood trail led to.  Paula found Johnny Angel in the meadow where he dragged his maimed body that fateful Monday.  He had been shot twice, his jaw gone.  Loading the sweet gentle giant in her truck with help from sobbing friends he was rushed to the vet and helped to end his terrible suffering.  So many tears have been shed and our hearts are just crushed by this tragedy.

The sheriff was called and several of our residents went to the property where the blood trail led to confront the alleged offenders.  "We didn't shoot your white dog!"  Uh, yeah right.  Unfortunately, in the country, it is a practice that if a dog wanders onto your property you shoot it.  I'm sorry but what about all the many other strays that the P's have taken in that have wandered but usually starve to death or are hit by vehicles and NOT SHOT.  I know they can pack and all but this sweet little guy was groomed and tagged, obviously!  I'm sorry but that practice is HORRIBLE!  It is scary that one of our residents or children or other pets might accidentally wander on his property and one of his hired guns or himself might shoot and ask questions later! 

Now we have to tell those precious grandchildren that their friend that always comes to watch TV and serve as their pillow is gone, forever.  They will never be told how horribly Johnny Angel died as we adults know.  My mind cannot get the image of how he was gunned down and suffered out of my mind.  A great horror has happened and it will not leave my mind.

Remember Johnny Angel.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Here it is the girls fourth video.

 Check out Sangster's Done!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I am making a confession here.  I have to admit, hard as it is, that I am an addict and Sunday evening I went cold turkey.  My addiction is known by many, many people and I've tried very hard to hide it but now it is time to confess.  My addiction was playing Farmville!  Yes, I am an addict, or former addict.  I had all the different farms, the Home farm, Winter Wonderland, English Farm, Lighthouse Farm, yes I was addicted to harvesting cows, trees, hatching eggs, harvesting crops.  It was very sad that I was spending more than an hour or two a day playing that stupid game.  I even went so far as to constantly go to my personal profile and delete any kind of posts from my fellow Farmville users that my have appeared on my profile so people wouldn't suspect that I even played the game.  I was sick with the addiction of playing the game.  Sunday evening I just decided I was done and blocked it.  Yes, I blocked that game.  Here it is Tuesday morning and I do miss it but I don't miss the extra time I now have to other things in my life, like painting or crafting.  I've picked up my counted cross-stitch ornaments again and now I'm making pot holders for the show on Saturday.  Hopefully, I won't relapse and activate the thing again, I will be strong.  I confess I am an addict and will always be but for now I'm in remission!  Whew, I feel better!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Party, Party, Party

This morning starts the week of endless parties and stuff to do.  Last week was pretty calm but this week, wow, we are busy.  Tonight is the huge cocktail party with our bank at Southern Hills Country Club!  I get to get duded-up tonight.  Spray that hair, rouge those cheeks and lips!  Tomorrow night is dinner with my dear high school bud S and I'm so looking forward to that one.  Wednesday is dance night.  I HAVE to make that one as I've missed like four classes in a row.  I may even stay for the whole two hours, maybe.  Thursday night we are having one of our customers over to the house to have a look-see at the new bathroom then we are out to dinner at the Celebrity Club!  Last time the guy spent a ton of money on us so of course The Hubby wants to pick up the tab on this one.  I hope he succeeds.  It's the power struggle over the bill between the guys!  Then Friday is a big work day for me at the office and the set up for The Alliday Show.  I will even have my own booth of art:  note cards, prints, originals, and even some handmade potholders!  If you are in the Tulsa area Saturday, come on by and see me and do some last minute Christmas shopping!


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas 2011 - The Decorating

Christmas 2011 has begun and yesterday I was successful in tossing a bit of the holiday decor around our house.  This is what my music/game/formal living room looked like before...
Sunday afternoon I climbed into the attic and chose only a few items or boxes that would be necessary in this decorating process.
I decided to only get a few things out and only use part of my ornaments this year.  In fact I had almost decided not to have a tree this year but that was a scary thought.  So I jumped in and offered our humble abode for The Hubby's family gathering Christmas Eve.  We tried that a few years ago and had a huge snow storm.  Hopefully that won't happen again!
Let us begin...
Ta-Da...Isn't it beautiful! 
Now I have to finish the shopping, wrap and bake a bit and I'm ready!  This morning I've already been on a couple of websites and purchased some stuff and checked on something I purchased two weeks ago to find it will not ship until January 12!!!!! YIKES!  Not happy there!
Happy decorating everyone!

Monday, December 05, 2011


Silent, yes I've been silent as of late.  The blogging block still persists.  In fact, I haven't even written in my hand written journal either.  Feels strange that after over five years of blogging I'm at a loss.  Have I written all I know, surely not!  I guess it is the "just keeping typing words" post to see what spills out of this brain. 

Today I'm staying put in my house.  I told The Hubby and B that I was not budging until I had Christmas splashed all over this house today.  I'm putting a big pot of brown beans on the stove to simmer all afternoon and I'm unpacking ornaments.  I jumped in and put my bid in for Christmas eve with the in law side of the family this year because it forced me to get it all out again.  I was in deep danger of not even putting anything out except a ceramic tree.  I love Christmas and it would have made me sad so tinsel here I come. 

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?  Do you like to bake, shop, open presents, wrap or all of the above.  My plan for this season is: 
  • Finish shopping (almost done at this point)
  • Put up the tree and all the accouterments that are involved
  • Bake a little (mainly my fave White Fruitcake)
  • Wrap all the little goodies I've stashed away (my favorite being the little niece and nephews stuff)
  • Party, Party, Party
We've got a party this Wednesday night, Friday night, Saturday night, next Monday far.  Next year we will have a rip-roaring party here before Christmas.  In fact it will be the first weekend of December!  I'm planning that date now to ready myself.  We've had them before and usually invite from 50-100 people!  It's a blast and everyone loves it.  It's catered and we have a bartender and everyone we know stopping in.  I'm already gearing up for it so my decorating will be over the top next year.