Monday, March 30, 2020

Still Healthy

Still healthy, so far.  I can say that and not be too scared, so far.  I've pretty much been holed up at home with an occasional trips to the office, bank or post office.  I also had to make a run to the vet to get Clayton's meds filled.  I was afraid they might close and he would be in bad shape.  Mostly he has issues with arthritis I believe and one of his pills helps that a lot.

The easel has been set up in the kitchen and I've completed a few paintings and then this one I started and finished.  I'm not sure I like it even though it's signed.  It may need a tweek here and there at some point.  Having a hard finding something that inspires me to paint and my picture folders are getting very boring at this point.  

Not too keen on this, but tomorrow I HAVE to go and take my dad to the hearing aid doctor to pick up his repaired hearing aids.  It's pretty essential that he has them so he can hear the television and the whole neighborhood doesn't have to hear it too.  I won't lie, I'm scared about doing it but it is a must and I really need to pay his bills.  So I will put on the mask and gloves, carry Clorox wipes and make a run for it.   

I've been making some little videos on Facebook but haven't figured out how to save the darn things so I can share.  It's mainly to talk about painting and what I'm doing trying to NOT LOSE MY MIND.  Honestly it's not too bad as I stay home alone a lot anyway.  The sticker is cooking every single meal, cleaning up, coming up with meals...EGAD!  I am a bit tired of that but I'm managing to be pretty creative with what I have in my pantry.  

This past weekend we headed to the cabin.  I hadn't been there for a couple of weeks and I was in NEED of it and my new outdoor fireplace.  The Carolina jasmine was stunning when we pulled up and the fragrance was amazing.  It was also loaded with bees, bumble and honey bees.  Love that.  Kind of scary that several of the cabinite people have the virus.  The ones that have been infected all attended a dinner party on the 13th.  It's funny that some of their spouses/partners aren't sick or barely and some have been very sick.  This virus is a strange one.  

My backyard is beautiful too.  The Japanese Kierra in the corner (have one at the cabin too) is breathtaking.  
Check out all the mirrors we have.  Makes the flowers double in mass. 

Stay healthy my friends and enjoy the backyard beauty!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Keeping Busy

In this pandemic crisis where we are all confined it may truly be hard on some people who are used to going and interacting with people or places.  I get it, I understand.  Plus you are probably cooped up with loved ones and they will start to grate on your nerves.  My advice on that part is separate rooms at times or corners.  Silence maybe.  We are lucky here because we have an office/shop where The Hubby can go or we have our lake place.  He can go and tinker and piddle like he needs.  He's one of those who cannot sit still but he has projects, lots of projects that keep him busy.  
" Sunflower Envy"  11x14 oil
I find solace sitting at home either painting, reading, napping, or if the weather is good sitting outside and soaking up the rays.  This week we've had a lot of rain so I opted to sit at my kitchen table with the sliding door open and listen to the rain as I created.  I could go to my studio as that is isolated but I just wanted to stay put, and I did.  The Hubby even decided to head to the cabin this weekend but I thought it best he go and I stay here and enjoy my time by myself.  Not everyone has options like we have here in our household. 

It's nice to get lost in a book or a movie where you can forget all that is going on in the world right now.  It's actually extremely healthy to take your mind away from all of that.  Lately I've actually been on the verge of panic attacks and I DON'T have those but I can sense my breathing getting shallow, my heart beating harder, my blood pressure going up.  I take deep breaths and do those things that take my mind off of it all, stay busy.
"Little Blue Bird" 8x10 oil
I will not lie I am scared.  I wake up every morning and my first thought is Covid 19.  I do NOT want to get sick and I don't want my family to get sick.  What I'm more afraid of right now is the panic, the hoarding, the fear of no money, no work and the panic that is starting to bubble for some people.  Our kiddos in California are terrified and I want to assure them to stay calm.  It's a day by day thing but they may be coming here to stay at some point.  Don't get me wrong I would love to have them in T-town, permanently but not this fast, not this way.  

So I will continue my mostly stay alone times with painting, reading and some work at the office, by myself.  Take care of yourselves and BRING ON THE OKLAHOMA SUMMER!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Coronavirus...wish I had NEVER heard of this damn virus.  It is very scary if you watch non-stop the media; i.e. Facebook, television...

My girls are in an absolute panic and are terrified for themselves, their families, and The Hubby and myself, as we are in the age bracket that is higher risk  Especially me since I've had pneumonia a couple of times.  And frankly, I'm afraid too, but the media is making it so totally worse.  Yes, I know it's bad, I know, I KNOW!  But non-stop coverage is making everyone crazy and on edge, and my stomach is in knots.  I can't imagine what my girls are feeling.  I hate to tell them but I HAVE to go to my father's and pay his bills and check on him.  My siblings will do their part too but they ALL are extremely high risk with COPD and my father is 84 years old (my mother-in-law is 93.)  I'm probably the healthiest of us.

How I manage this no-contact, isolation thing, which I do most of the time anyway is:
I order groceries online.  I pull up to the store, call their number, they come out with my groceries, load them in my trunk, close the lid and I'm off to the house.  

Work, I'm in an office that is mostly me, The Hubby and our daughter.  We have employees but they rarely come in when I'm there.  

My art studio and studio partner are rarely in their together and lately she's been gone a lot.  Plus, we both have our separate rooms.  

Honestly, I've been practicing this sort of isolation thing for at least a couple of years, especially with the flu stuff.  

But, for now, I've got food, lots of books to read and will go to the studio to paint or bring it home if I need.  I've canceled a lot of my usual stuff, dental cleaning, book club, luncheons...

I'm good with being home but at some point life will have to go on as people will need to make money to eat, pay their bills, take care of life as we know it.  We need to put the remote down for a bit and only watch like the morning news or evening and then stop, STOP!  Just do what you need and this will pass.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I've been gone, yes I know.  I just didn't feel I had anything to say here.  
 I start off this post with a cutie-pie...Little Miss M is now 5 months old and she just makes my heart sing.  Last weekend I had Snicklefritz for the night and what a smart fun little girl.  I tell you being a Granny is what life's all about.  
"Repose"  16x20 oil on panel
The painting thing is going, slowly.  
"Patsy" 18x24 oil on panel
There are a few shows coming up but because I was on the landscape thing I'm a few ahead, I hope.  I really need to get back to the portrait paintings.
This one I hope to get back to but for some reason a recent update on my IPad has hidden the reference photo. 

So much has been going on nationally, voting in the primary and this dang coronavirus thing.  I really don't feel at risk with it as I don't get out to see many people, I order and pick up groceries, and not in contact with peeps that have traveled outside the country.  I think with the warmer temps coming it will fade away.  

I just keep my nose busy with painting, a bit of work, and reading at the cabin.  I'm actually way, WAY ahead on my reading goal this year.  I've already read 21 books this year to my goal of 50!  One I recently read (in the photo) I highly recommend.  It's "The Flight Girls" by Noelle Salazar.  OMG, that was an awesome book and I absolutely inhaled it in one day.  

Also spent a bit of time yesterday organizing my pantry.  My copy of  Pioneer Woman magazine came and she showed her organizied pantry with links to baskets, both wire and wicker and I was totally inspired.  My pantry just gets out of hand so quickly and trust me it was a horrible mess.  You know those wheat bug moths, well I found the source of a ton of  (thankfully) dead ones...blech!  Vacumn, dust, organize, toss, TOSS and TOSS, I filled three full trash bags.  I also found that I have an over abundance of vinegars, various kinds of vinegars.  That top picture, the basket not only has those three bottles of vinegar but the ENTIRE basket is vinegar.  I also have four containers of black pepper and four of table salt.  GOOD GRIEF!  I don't use that much salt, pepper yes.   
And the cookbooks, well don't get me started on those.  That's just a few of the cookbooks I own.  I absolutely LOVE cookbooks, love to read them, but in reality I rarely use one.  I might use them as a guide, for reference but really don't use them.  I need to cul the collection but can't seem to make myself do it.  I am thinking of having a garage sale and purge a ton of my dishes, cookbooks, regular books and maybe some clothes.  

Almost forgot that on Instagram last Thursday one of my favorite authors, Elin Hilderbrand had a quick contest where you answered in once sentence what was your favorite summer inbetween I believe 1993 and 201? something and at random she would pick I believe 10 and give away an advance copy of her new book "28 Summers."  Well, less than 5 minutes after I answered that I couldn't pick a favorite summer as all summers are my favorite I see someone congratulate me and I see I have a direct message (DM) from ELIN HILDERBRAND saying I indeed won of the books to send her my address.  I did that and she FOLLOWED me back on Instagram.  WOW, WOW, WOW!  Then we went to the cabin for the weekend and I totally forgot about it when on Sunday I get back and there is a package with an autographed copy of her advance copy book!  So very exciting.  I actually now have three autographed books from her.