Tuesday, June 27, 2023

And The Hits Just Keep Coming

I SWEAR TO GOD this family, and I mean ALL OF US, can't catch a break...ARGHHHHHH
Sunday afternoon Min and her Daddy took my car to OKC to hopefully bring Max and his Momma home, today.   So I am the one carless now.
It was just what the doctor ordered for all of us, Min to see her Momma and little brother and me getting some much needed rest as I'm still hacking and not feeling my best.  They got to see Cousins Jack & DeeDee, who they stayed with so much this past year during all this.  Min was so excited to see them, they are like another set of grandparents for her.  Then she and her Momma went for a mani/pedi, her first.  Suddenly Min's eye started swelling and not feeling great.  
Off to the ER as they were in the vicinity (LOL).
This little girl has pink eye.  Hmmm, her granddad has had an eye infection too.  They didn't classify his as pink eye but I bet it was from his cold.  I think it was basically a cold in the eye, now she has it.  What this might cause is a delay in letting them come home, riding in the same car together...ARGHHHHHH!  

On a good note, this little guy is MORE than ready to come home.  Max is just doing wonderfully well, his infection is gone and they've even scheduled him for the next surgery, the Glenn, August 3!  Then we get to start the childcare thing all over again.  I NEED this next month to be childcare free for me to rest and get healed.  I NEED them to be able to get another car so I have mine back.  We NEED to get this stupid limb off our house, Thursday is the target date, again.  I NEED to have everything start moving again, forward.  I NEED to get back to my studio and my oil paints.  I NEED this family to start getting some good news.  

(Oh, yesterday Bri's car has started having issues so it's in the shop and The Hubby is her driver today, taking her to work and bringing Snicklefritz here for me to watch.  Snicklefritz doesn't have camp this week so she is my sidekick with no car.  Tonight she is having a friend stay the night with us too! Should be fun, giggling 10 year olds!!!) 

Life is really full.
Look at that face and sitting up and all.  Can't wait to snuggle him.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Still Reeling

My eyes popped open about 5 this morning and I was immediately thinking about Dana.  Tomorrow will be day 7 since she left this earth and goodness I do miss her.  It's funny that as much as I was always angry with her, when we were children I loved he wholeheartedly and feel like a hole has been opened in my heart.  My brother texted me on Friday just to check in, he's feeling it too.  I told him it felt like we had amputated an arm.  It's a weird feeling to know you can't call her or text her anymore.  You won't hear her awful rants you hated anymore, now I miss.  Dana was who she was unapologetically.  She really was an open book, no holds bar kind of person.  I feel like crying at any second and when I see my brother on Sunday the dam may break open.  We are having a small family get together at their house Sunday afternoon to just be family and remember.  I look forward to seeing family, yet dread seeing family.  It's weird.  

We are still in a bit of a holding pattern with our family drama.  Still have a huge tree limb on our house, hopefully to be removed on Thursday.  They are still without cars, sort of, and are driving my car to OKC because it is reliable.  Luckily they have friends that have lent them two cars for town driving.  We didn't want them to drive them to OKC as we don't know the cars and transporting babies, just want them all safe.  Supposedly, Max is to be released tomorrow (Tuesday) but we've heard that before.  He is doing great, giggles, laughing out loud, trying to roll over and even attempting the crawling stance.  He needs to come home, NOW!  They need to get some semblance of normalcy back into their lives, so do we.  

We escaped to the cabin this weekend, a much needed escape.  We have both been so very sick that we were in great need of peace and quiet to heal.  Last night is the first night I did not cough all through the night.  We have been sick for 3 solid weeks, I think catching a couple of different bugs or what had been floating around in our house that was filled to the brim people.  
Today I have a brighter outlook as the house was empty and quiet.  Baby Max is hopefully coming home.  Lives are getting back to a sort of normal.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2023


 Dana Martinna Blissit Boyle July 18, 1959-June 20, 2023

Monday, June 19, 2023


Oklahoma Hurricane 2023
That is what some are calling it because there were winds in excess of 100 mph on Saturday night.  (Forgive if I repeat.)  Our dear little Max is still in OKC Children's Hospital, now day I think 13 and he was on track to come home today.  Saturday his daddy, Nick, came back to town for a gig and to accept delivery of their new couch.  Saturday evening he pulled into the driveway and started to get his vibes out of his red Rave 4 when he said the wind nearly took him out, so he thought the vibes can wait, they will be okay, not him if he was hit with debris.  So inside he went and he had been in the house a few minutes when this happened.  
The neighbors tree pulled out of the ground and crushed both of their cars, absolutely crushed.  Honestly, it is one horrible thing but would have been a lot worse if he had continued on to get the vibes.  He would have been crushed too.  There are small miracles.
It was terrifying for Nick to be at home all alone, to have this happen, no power, in the dark, and he had never been in any of this kind of weather before, traumatizing.  I would not be surprised if he has PTSD from it all.

THANKFULLY the house received no damage, but poor little Min's backyard swing-play center is toast.
She was so upset to see her chalk all over the place.

Now, back at the "ole' homestead" we suffered our own damage.  Our massive oak tree in the backyard decided it was done with one of it's limbs.
It snapped and landed on the corner of our lovely back porch/patio.  This damage will push the need to replace the roof, which we had been putting off.

Luckily, the neighbor next to us is having a pool installed, roof, room addition and had immediate access to a tree guy.  We hired him on the spot but had him first to go to the daughters house to uncover the cars.  Our clearing will happen sometime.  It was most important to try to uncover the cars to see if they can find the car seat for Max to come home.  

Because both girls homes are without power we have a houseful staying with us.  Nick is staying in town to navigate the insurance system and see if he can get a rental because if not my car will be going to OKC and I will have Min.  Even if they get to come home they will have to stay with us because of no power.  There may be a lot of pallets on the floor and we may go to the cabin!!!  Although the generator is running there full time too and here.  Thank GOD we have a generator.  The heat index is supposed to be horrible today so staying in a house without A/C will be miserable and so we may also be housing B's dogs!  Hopefully we can get a small generator going at their house to work some fans.  

On the home note, little Max, who was to come home today, yesterday developed something.  They did not know what was going on with him.  The doctors suspected a brain bleed or infection or something else.  Poor Af was absolutely beside herself with fear for her baby.  She didn't know what was going on and since her car is here in Tulsa, and CRUSHED, she was stuck all by herself at the hospital dealing with whatever it was.  At a bit after 3 am this morning she sent a text saying that it's an infection and he was put on heavy doses of antibiotics.  Thank GOD!  It was so scary to think something else.  Hopefully now the infection will be kicked and he will be home next week if not sooner and that their power will be on soon.  
Another good thing is that is a go for the next surgery, the Glenn in 4-6 weeks when we start the Min sleep-over again.

Also, on the Dana front is that I did get to see her one last time on Friday.  She was coherent that day but I understand from her daughter and my daughter who went to see her yesterday that she is no more.  They've stopped all her medications that she has been on forever and she's only on pain meds.  She is not eating anymore.  This reminds me of Momma at the end.  Momma wasn't even on pain meds, she was on nothing.  The not eating will shut down all her organs so it won't be long.  So sad.