Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sorry round 2 of pictures...Good ones

Here are pictures of A when she attend 2008 NAMM convention in Hollywood...

A and Bonnie Raitt
A and Kip Winger

A and Hal Sparks

Snow, Snow, Snow

Snow what a beautiful sight. The white flakes drifting out of the winter sky. I'm actually enjoying the snow this time, probably because I know it will be gone tomorrow. I went to the office and got to leave early to not have my little car out on the slushy roads.

This post is full of several different subjects. First I will update "my room" situation as I have been working hard on it.

Second will be pics on the snow and also of the beautiful fire I made the weekend I was at the cabin all by myself.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Enjoy...this is a short story I wrote in a class a few years ago about milking with my Greatgranny.

The coldness crept under the covers as Greatgranny quietly and deliberately moved to extricate herself from the small featherbed so as not to arouse me. I lay comfortable and warm under the down blankets looking up at the tiny window close to the ceiling. A faint hint of dawn daylight was creeping through the plastic that covered the window to keep the cold out. Gradually I mustered up the courage to climb from the warm cocoon and pull a empty five pound coffee can from under the bed. This can was what was considered the toilet. It was definitely a challenge to see if you could perch yourself on the small rimmed coffee can to do your business. If you wanted to brave the snakes at night you could walk down to the two-seater outhouse with its bright red door. During the day you would have to contend with the wasps that nested in the small wooden building.

Looking through the curtain that pretended to be the door to the freezer room, I could see Greatgranny sitting at the dining room table sliding her shoes on. Aunt Marie called Greatgranny's bedroom the freezer room, I guess because along with the featherbed was a long slender freezer that contained a wide array of meats and vegetables. The vegetables came from Great-grandaddy=s garden and the meats came from Big Dan and his hunting escapades.

I went into the dining room that overwhelmed the large dining room table with four chairs of which none matched. The table was pushed up against a long wall, which they called the picture wall. The picture wall contained a multitude of pictures, some old and some new. In the middle of the wall was an old photograph of a man and a woman that as I was told were my great-great grandparents. The man in the picture had dark chin-length hair and a clean shaven face, but under his chin was a white curly beard that circled the bottom half of his face. The woman was gaunt and stern looking or maybe just tired. Pictures that surrounded the wall were various cousins at any stage of their lives, from infancy to adulthood. There were some photos that I didn't know and Aunt Marie always explained that they were some kids from a friend that she knew or were friends of a friend of a friend that had come to visit. On any given day it was not unusual to see a car turn in the gravel driveway to unload carfuls of visitors to Rattlesnake Hollow. There were never strangers.
The dining room table this early in the morning was covered with a large cotton cloth that protected whatever was left from the night before. Bread, jelly, sugar, salt and pepper and some things you didn't want to know.

The dark pitted wood floor was smooth from years of treading feet. We made our way through the wishbone doorway into the living room. The wishbone doorway was Greatgranny's collection of every bird she had either cooked, eaten, cleaned or disposed of in some way. There were wild turkey wishbones to robin wishbones. She even had people from other parts of the country and world that knew she collected that would send her new specimens for her wishbone collection, We tiptoed through the living room so as not to disturb Big Dan sleeping in his bedroom and walked out onto the front porch into the crisp spring morning air. Sandy, the Collie was sleeping on the top step and he slowly stretched and arouse to greet us. Greatgranny patted his head and cooed sweet words to him to make his tail wag.
We made our way down the three steps to the path to begin our journey to the barn. I still wore my long flannel gown as we walked through the dew covered grass, my hem becoming damp with the dew. Walking down the yard towards the gate Fatso, Greatgranny's long-haired white cat greeted us with his tail standing at attention. The path took us across a sturdy wooden slat bridge which groaned as we trudged our feet along the way. The bridge covered a small creek that rarely ever had water in it. As we crossed the dried up creek bed, Sandy pressed against my legs to protect me from the edge, stepping on my toes as we went.
As we grew closer to the barn we could hear Pet, the Jersey cow mooing from her stall, anxious for our arrival. Upon entering the double doorway of the ramshackle barn we were overwhelmed by the smells of the sweet hay. Pet had plenty of fresh hay, but while Greatgranny prepared to milk Pet I was to mix Pet's feed. The feed smelled of sweet molasses and caused my stomach to grumble and growl. I measured and poured the brown-colored meal according to Greatgranny's instructions into Pet's trough.

Greatgranny had a little three-legged stool to sit on while she snuggled her head into Pet's right side, and with each hand firmly grasped around a teat she would begin the steady downward squeezing motion that resulted in the milk flow into the metal bucket below, ringing as the first few squirts hit bottom. Pet's tail began to swish into Greatgranny's face and the cow shifted on her feet causing Greatgranny to give her a smart swat on her rump with a scolding to be still. As the bucket continued to fill, Fatso came out of his corner where he sat patiently waiting for the first tinkling sounds of milk in the bucket. Greatgranny noticed him sitting near, waiting for his daily reward of milk for his mousing quarry. He reared back on his haunches as she talked sweet talk to him as she aimed a teat in his direction. The warm milk squirted his fuzzy face as his mouth opened wide. The milk filled his gaping mouth, his pink tongue lapping constantly the warm liquid he loved so much. When the flow subsided he still sat up licking the milk off of his face, his tongue rounding his mouth to get all that was on his face and whiskers.
Greatgranny finished her task of milking and now came the walk back to the house with our escorts. The sun was beginning to break as Greatgranny carried the pail, sloshing the foamy white warm milk over the brim, back to the house to begin separating the milk from the cream.

When we returned to the dark brown painted house there were sounds of people moving about inside. Opening the door you could hear Aunt Marie in the kitchen grumbling and talking to herself, not quite awake. She was making coffee, and the smell of fresh brewing coffee urged my stomach to gurgle with anticipation of breakfast. Big Dan was still sleeping because he had come in late from fishing so we had to try to be quite although Aunt Marie, his wife, apparently did not agree with this arrangement with all the racket she was making, clanging skillets and silverware around in the kitchen.

Greatgranny carried the fresh milk into the kitchen and put it on the cabinet. She had some gallon glass jars already set up on the counter ready to have the milk poured into them. She placed what looked like white handkerchiefs across the mouths of the jars with rubber bands holding the handkerchiefs in place, with a little well in each of them. Slowly she poured the milk through the handkerchiefs catching the foam and thick cream. When through she would twist up the handkerchiefs and squeeze out the excess milk. Then she would put the milk into the refrigerator to cool.

The refrigerator was sometimes a little scary at Greatgranny's because you never knew what kind of creature would be waiting for cleaning. Opening the door you could find anything from a stringer of fresh caught crappie or catfish to squirrels, snapping turtles and even live bull frogs that would jump out sometimes if still alive.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Come Saturday Morning

I've been lacking in posting lately as my mind is as frozen as the season outside. I so HATE winter and seem to hibernate like a bear this time of year. I gain weight (which I'm trying to work on) and I get sullen and just want to stay inside and veg out. Luckily I have friends that can get me bowling and out for a glass of wine and laughs.

I've had troubling days as little A is very sad and unhappy in California and her life right now. I was of the thought before that she needed to be there but now it is time she said I was wrong and came home. She needs to be somewhat close to us to regroup on her plans for the future right now. I don't mean she move in with us again, GOD NO, her father and she would kill each other but close, maybe even Oklahoma City or Dallas, just closer. The Hubby and I are flying out there in February for 4 days to see her and see where she lives with her guy. The Hubby is not going with an open mind at all. She is 22 years old and he just keeps harping on her going to college. I have told him over and over again that is not an option for her right now. She is not in the right frame of mind and probably will never be until SHE decides it is right for her. I am not going to do high school all over again as it was ME who made sure she even graduated in the first place. It was a struggle to keep her in school as she hated it so very much.

This week also brought our 32nd wedding anniversary. I got dinner and a huge dozen red roses and unfortunately mother nature decided to make an appearance since it had been since October, RATS! This spring will also usher in the anniversary of meeting The Hubby, my fate and wonderful future 33 years ago, the first time he said I love you and our first "real" get together! I've lived with this man longer than I lived with my own family. Amazing.

We decided to stay in town this weekend to just do stuff at home and of course his new project, the garage. His garage we bought 2 days after Christmas and was an old working car mechanics shop. It is full of old engine blocks, oil, boxed new auto parts, old cars, riding lawnmowers, boats, and lots of greasy crap. He loves it! It's just a huge toy box to him. I stayed in town to do my mounds of laundry that I HATE to do and to work on my room. Yes I said my room. I have GOT to get it cleaned out since the rehearsal dinner is here in March and I need it to look great! Uh, yeah. It is 9:41 am and I'm still sitting her on the couch typing. I've had 2 cups of coffee, done the crossword and Sudoku and wrote in my journal. I guess I need to get up and WORK! It's just so gray and dreary outside. ICK! Enjoy the video/music Come Saturday Morning from my junior high era.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Books I've Read in 2007

Books I've read in 2007:
A Wedding in December by Anita Shreve
Body Surfing (book on IPOD) - Anita Shreve
Calamity and other Stories
Deal Breaker - Harlan Coben (book on IPOD)
Fresh Disasters - Stuart Woods
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer
Jesus Land: A Memoir by Julia Scheeres
Jonathon's Story by Julia London & Alina Adams (I know it's cheesy)
Lean Mean Thirteen - Janet Evanovich
Made From Scratch by Sandra Lee
Paula Dean, It Ain't All About the Cookin'
Pest Control - Bill Fitzhugh
Salt Dancers by Ursula Hegi
Shoot Him if He Runs - Stuart Woods
The Queen of the South - Arturo Perez-Reverte
True Evil - Greg Iles
Turning Angel - Greg Iles
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me...Yes today The Hubby and I celebrate 32 years of marriage. It just doesn't seem that long but it is. I have been with The Hubby longer than I lived with my family. When we married I was 19 and he was 20, mere babes. We've had fun and I look forward to many, many more years of laughter and love.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Alone Time

This weekend I had some very nice alone time. The Hubby wanted to stay in town so I was able to hit the road for the lake all by myself. Of course our neighbor was there so I ended up hanging with her quite a bit especially for dinner Friday and Saturday, but I also had the time to read and journal. I finished an entire book on Saturday and was halfway through a new one by the time I headed back to town.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm Ticked Off!!!

I'm really ticked off today. Wednesday is bowling day. I love bowling and look forward to it once a week. I am on a team that I did not know the people when I started but that is not a problem for me. I've enjoy it but today my teammates let me down. I rushed to the bowling alley cutting short my nail appointment and damaged a beautifully painted thumb nail in the process. I ran into the alley right at time to start and where was my team, nowhere to be seen. On top of the total embarrassment and let down, we were to bowl the best team there. Two guys and a girl that kick ass on the lanes. They bowl 200's nearly every week and I am nowhere near that. I put my shoes on and get my ball out. I bowl the first frame thinking my team members will show up. I finally call one of the ladies whose phone number I have and find out she had a family emergency. Okay, that will fly. I don't have the other girls number (she is the treasurer of the league) but find the president of the league and friend of mine. She said that the girl with the family emergency called her and asked her to find a sub, which she couldn't on short notice. Uh, why not call me, her teammate. She then said that the treasurer girl left a check to pay for the lanes and when she does that she usually is not coming. Okay. WHY THE HELL DO YOU NOT CALL YOUR TEAMMATE! Both girls have my phone number but never called. I had to take my shoes off, gather up my ball and leave. I was mortally embarrassed by this and so very let down. I was stood up and I thought I had left all that behind in high school (my dating years). So here I sit at home while all the teams are bowling, without our team. WAAAAaaaaa.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mondo's Great Adventure

This weekend we went to the cabin and B and fiance B came up on Saturday with the granddog, Mondo. This was his first overnight adventure and outing since they adopted him. He did quite well and seemed to have the time of his life. He loved running alongside the golf cart and his tongue seemed to get longer the more he ran.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The water she is arising again.

Last night was a stormy night in Oklahoma and the lake place was in the path of the torrential rains. Here are some pictures that some of the people that live there took this morning.

Christmas is finally in a box!

Today I took the day off to put Christmas in a box. I have just not had time to even think about putting it all away. It has been staring at me for a couple of weeks now but today I did the deed. I went my usual workout - ouch - and then home to tackle the task. It took me about 2 hours to get up off the couch and begin but I did. I packed 10 boxes of ornaments and crap that you set around the house and dismantled the tree. This year I found a tree bag to store it in and that was just wonderful. When the last lid was on the box I started dragging it all to the garage for The Hubby to put in the attic. I sat down and watched Guiding Light and talked myself into lugging the stuff up the ladder into the attic. I pushed and pulled every last one of those stupid boxes up that stupid ladder. Then when I got them in the attic I had to put them in their little spot up there so I tentatively walked on the decking to stack it all. The only thing I didn't get up the ladder was the tree because it is too heavy for me to lift so The Hubby will have to drag it up there. Tomorrow I will be so sore as today we started an intense muscle class focusing on the butt and quads, OUCH!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Work, Work, Work and Wedding Stuff

It has been a typical Monday at the office today. Last week we finally did the first billing on all the storm damage and I was just exhausted from typing. Today was the second round of billing but was mostly regular billing. The Hubby was behind with his paperwork before the ice storm hit so I was billing from stuff from November still. Pretty sad, but it is done. Now we have to try to get caught up on the work that needs to be done. We were behind there too. It's good we are busy but I hate hearing him grumble in the office when another call comes in. Funny guy.

Not only did I type, type, type today but B and I worked on wedding stuff. Saturday we attended The Wedding Show and go a lot of cards, cake samples and very sore feet. We also picked up her dress and it now hangs in our guest room (we were afraid her dog Mondo would chew it up.) B is such an organization freak that she has a binder with pictures, notes, and lists out the wazoo. Dress (check), bridesmaids dresses (check), ring (check), place (check), photographer (check), invitations (check), registered (check), wedding showers planned (check), honeymoon (check), limo (check), officiant (check), flowers ( ), cake ( ), food/caterer ( ), music ( )...just a few BIG things to go but I dare not offer my suggestions as she does not want me to get into it. It's hard because I LOVE to plan parties and to not have much of a hand in it except for writing the checks SUCKS, but I'll survive.

I've realized I have GOT to lose a few pounds before I buy the Mother-of-Bride dress. I just can't buy another outfit like this so today I'm getting down and dirty. I'm hungry!!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Saturday night on Sunday morning

Today The Hubby and I are revisiting the events of last night. We set up our friend Kelly (widower) with one of their high school friends, Beverly. I have fought this for awhile, I think because I wasn't ready. The Hubby was a nervous wreck waiting for them to arrive at the house for drinks before we went to dinner. You would think that he was having the date. He really likes Beverly and of course Kelly is his best friend (since they were 5 years old). They arrived and we had a glass of wine, nice conversation and then we piled into The Hubby's Avalanche to our destination, Lucky's on Cherry Street. Kelly opened the car door for Beverly each and every time she entered the car, very nice. We had a really nice dinner and it was interesting to watch them have their own conversation, actually leaving us out of it. At the end of dinner when the check was brought, Kelly picked the whole thing up. Nice. I was really impressed with how well Kelly held conversation with Beverly. Kelly and his wife were junior high sweethearts and so he really never dated but I think he did well. It helped that all three of them, Kelly, Beverly and The Hubby all lived in the same neighborhood as children and graduated together so there was a huge commonality of stories and history to work off of. After dinner The Hubby wanted to show his new building, yuck. He then wanted to show off Beverly's new room remodel (we did the lighting). I was not sure he should have invited us all over to her house but she is single and the house is always immaculate. The evening was getting really late but we still had to come back to our house to look at our Europe scrapbook and then Kelly's Russia pictures. All in all the evening finally ended at midnight. We saw them to the door and The Hubby peeked out the window about 10 minutes later and they were still by their cars talking. Thumbs up I hope.

Before the evening started my sister called to let me know that she has a new puppy. Great, not really. They've had two large dogs and didn't handle that well. The first one who was a wonderful kid dog got out and they NEVER looked for it. The second one, a German Shepard never was played with and they finally gave it away. They have two cats inside and one of them has a urinary infection or something that makes it wet everywhere except the litter box. It is so scared of everybody (except Sis) that it never makes an appearance. She needs to give it back to Street Cats but talks of just "getting rid of it". As a pet owner Sis is not the greatest. She has had one little dog that was fabulous but ended up living at my parents and my Momma loved that little dog. The other irksome thing is that Sis has a problem with naming animals after relatives. Her other dog was named Cleo after our grandmother. Now she wants to name this little puppy after our mother, Julia Carol. The dog is a boy. I suggested Jules and she loved it but I don't think the kids did. I can't wait to hear today of their first night with a new puppy. I bet it cried and screamed all night long.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm feeling better today.

I woke this morning at 6:30 am (I can't seem to sleep past 7) and put my comfy's on in the dark and tip-toed to the living room. The idea that today is going to be warmer is making me very happy. I hate the cold. I hate winter. I hate not having green everywhere. Let's face it I should have been born in Florida or California or someplace year round green.

Today is the day we help Kelly starting dating again. Deep breath. Today I will go to the wedding show with B to get ideas for her wedding. Today is today. I need to go see my Daddy sometime this weekend, probably not today.

I've been doing some deep thinking about my weight lately. I have been exercising (Jazzercise) five days a week for nearly 11 years now. I really eat very well: oatmeal w/raisins every morning; no fast food; grilled this and that; small portions; the usual. The weight is high but I've dropped from size 28 to 20 in those 11 years. I have a physical every year and this year were the best results. My cholesterol and triglycerides and blood pressure were perfect. In fact the doctor wrote excellent and perfect on my results sheet. But I still feel the pressure to lose weight. I would like to lose more and be a size 14 or 16. Those stupid commericals with Valerie and Genie crying and looking so good and talking about how easy it is. It is driving me crazy and I know The Hubby is watching. Many years ago I hated New Years to come around because he would start on me, "Well, have you made your New Years Resolution! Do you have plans on losing weight." (He's very slim and muscular.) I knew the fight would ensue with "his" issues with my weight. He doesn't say anything anymore because I do work out and I do watch what I eat now but the results are just not working fast enough. I know I will never be that itsy-bitsy little thing anymore. I can't be a size 1 ever again. I'll just have to remember how tinsy I used to be. Oh wait, those days in 1974 were probably not healthy or wise. I think I could have been borderline eating disorder if I didn't like food so much. I didn't eat in high school. Breakfast was non-existent. Lunch consisted of a Dr. Pepper. Dinner was maybe a hunk of Colby cheese and carrots or celery or a piece of chicken. If Mom cooked it was good food though so I at least had dinner. My cousin and I had a contest on how flat our tummy's would be. I did 100 sit ups every single night. In the morning as I would wake up my hand would feel my flat tummy and if there was little bulge I would not eat all day long. It was not a good thing. My downfall was actually the best thing in my life. I met my future. In my small town fast food was not in abundance but with dating we usually went to Tulsa where he was from and fast food places were our hangouts. It was delicious and I ate when he ate. Not good. That is when I started the upswing. Of course, as in most marriages come pregnancies. I lost all the weight in between children but after A I just kept going up and up and up and here I am today. I really like myself and I think I'm okay but if you watch the television and get sucked into the New Years ads you can feel defeated. I've often thought about getting a personal trainer but not sure I want the abuse. We'll just see.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday night

It is Friday night, 8:33 pm and I'm sitting on the couch in my robe and warm pants watching some show about match making on Lifetime. I would change channels but The Hubby took the controls and I would have to get up. The Hubby is already snoring on the other couch and I know I could change the channel now but if I get up I will just go straight to the bedroom and it is just too early to go to bed, so here I sit watching a show I don't want to see. DAMMIT, I guess I have to get up. BRB........

I don't know why I'm having trouble putting my feelings down here in print but I am. Last night I sort of started to attempt to write about friendship but I'm in absolute fear that I'm going to offend someone I really like. I guess I can just journal by hand since no one would read that, at least until I'm dead. I'm feeling sad I think because tomorrow night The Hubby has set up a "double date" with his best friend and their friend from high school. I'm having a problem with it because for over 30 years we were a foursome with Kelly and his wife Gail and she is now gone. I'm not sure I want to muddy that memory but I know that Kelly needs to move on and so do I. GOD....I miss Gail. She was the only friend that I could TRULY talk to about anything and everything. There is such a void in my life and to lose my mother right after that I'm just not dealing with it well lately. Maybe it's the holidays. I hope it passes when Spring comes around. I HATE, HATE, HATE winter. I get depressed and sad and I can't lose an ounce and I need to because of B's wedding March 29.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Don't Drink and Blog

Tonight dinner is late because The Hubby wasn't home yet and I fell asleep on the couch. When he got home I quickly fixed chicken and noodles (Bisquik style) and he opened a nice bottle of Cakebread Chardonnay. I've had half a bottle and he the other half. Whew. After dinner we sat and watched TV, in particular Celebrity Apprentice and then my sis called. She ticked me off right off the bat and I was a little terse with her but I held back what I wanted to say. She called mainly to brag on having her kitchen re-done and I'm very glad for her but she really called to make me feel guilty. She wanted to let me know that Daddy was upset that A left for California and didn't go by and see him again. I'm sorry but she had a lot of family to see and a lot of friends to see and I wanted to spend time with her. I know he sit in his house and is lonely but for God sakes get out and see people. Do not rely on us three kids to keep you company and entertained. ARGHHHHHH! She made me really mad.

What's a friend? A friend calls to say Merry Christmas. A friend comes by and has a cup of coffee at least once a week. A friend is like Lucy and Ethel at least in my idea of a friend! I've had too much wine and so my mind is ......there is so much more to say but I'm getting very sleepy. Night, night.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year - 2008

Happy New Year to all.

December 30 we said our goodbyes to A at the airport as it was time for her to fly back to California to her other life, as she puts it. It was hard to say goodbye but I know we will see her in February, hopefully as The Hubby and I will drive to see her. We dropped her off and then piled into The Hubby's truck then we drove to the cabin to ring in the new year with a few of the people there and it was fun, really it was. Anyway, we had a progressive dinner going from cabin to cabin for appetizer, soup, main course (our cabin), dessert then finally Champagne and party favors. There were a few that had a little too much but that's OK. Some were dancing fools and some were in tears with sad memories of the year past. I just got sleepy. It was way past my bedtime and I was ready to just stay at our cabin at 9 and go to bed but I had to party on. We had a total of 24 guests dining at our cabin. We even had a no-show guest that sent food but didn't come to any of the festivities. His excuse was that his 93 year old mother was not well in Tulsa and he was staying close to the phone. Okay, on one level I will believe that but I know from his grumblings to other cabin owners that he had problems on how the event was planned, the amount of people and how or what we were to bring to when and where. Whatever! I can choose to believe his believable excuse or option 2. I'm not sure yet what I choose to believe.