Monday, May 31, 2010

McLinky Monday: Why Do I Blog

The McLinky Monday question of the day from the RHOK is Why Do I Blog!  Interesting question and actually I am asked that a lot by people who have no idea what a blog is or even what a website is (scary.)   My first blog was June 28, 2006.  It was 3 months after my best friend passed away very suddenly, I turned 50, my mother was dying, we moved and became empty nesters.  I had a lot going on then and needed to vent somehow.  I have journaled for years and years and so blogging was the next step for me.  I like to write.  I'm not necessarily good at it but I like to write.  Writing gives me a good outlet to express and before it just stayed between me, myself and I.  Blogging is me, myself, I and the world!  I like that.  I like an audience, even though it is somewhat a hidden audience.  Back to June of '06, I was in deep depression and total sadness and the blogging helped me to vent and let out some of it, still does.  I blog to let the world know a little about me.  I blog for my health, my mental health.  I blog because I have found friends, never meet kind of friends sometimes but I like that too.  I have always been a big letter writer.  I even have a pen pal that I have written too since I was about 15 years old...I'm do the math.  I blog because in a way I feel not so lost in this world.  Blogging is fun and I encourage anyone to do it.  I blog!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Bacon Fat

Do I have your attention!!!

Yes that is bacon fat or grease. 
I love to use bacon grease to cook for other people and yesterday was one of those wonderful days to smell bacon grease.  It was the Memorial Day breakfast at the lake place and I was asked to cook an egg casserole, I offered two. 
I have lost the recipe that I use many years ago so it is just a feel when I put it together.  So here it goes: least a dozen if not more.

Scramble the eggs in a little bacon grease, no milk, just eggs.
When done, add sour cream to moist, probably 1/2 to 1 cup and crumble the bacon into it.  You could probably add sausage, chopped green onions, or even blanched chopped asparagus...yum.

Sprinkle sharp cheddar cheese on top, lots of it. 
Put it in the fridge overnight to set but on this occasion I didn't and it worked out just fine.
Anyway, then bake in a 350 degree preheated oven for about 20-50 minutes to melt cheese and get hot. 

Yummy stuff with a little picante or salsa.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hammock Time

'Tis the season.  Yes it is Hammock Time.  My season for lounging around in the hammock is upon me and I'm so very happy.  My favorite place to be when at the cabin is truly the hammock.  I bought this hammock while in Door County Wisconsin several years ago and I am very careful with taking care of it.  I never, NEVER leave it out in the rain and store it after every use.  I've spent many an hour laying in this hammock looking up at the sky and wondering.  I love watching the clouds, the trees, the birds flitting by.  It is truly my favorite thing to do at the cabin. 
I sleep.  I read.  I rest.  I regroup my thinking and I do no thinking.  Do you have a favorite place.  A place you can call your own.  This hammock is mine and I'm very territorial about it.  It is calling my name right now.  The weekend is upon us and I am ready, well, after I go to the grocery store and pack up the shorts and bathing suit.  Memorial Day here we come!  A book or two to read.  My drawing tablet and pencils.  I'm there.
(Side note:  My concern on the art show is unfounded.  If I just read the email a bit more carefully I would see that my framed pictures will be just fine.  I will have the info about the show at the Savage Gallery soon.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

4 a.m.

Last night was a night out with the RHOK girls (and others) for trivia and a bit of alcohol consumption.  We won the trivia.  It was only an hour out but it was a much needed hour out with friends.  This morning was yet another fun day as the old Jazzercise girls were meeting after their class for goodies and to celebrate a 40th birthday (I remember that age fondly). 

Now back to the 4 a.m. thing.  I was throughly enjoying dreamland at 4 this morning when The Hubby started nudging me and saying that the alarm didn't go off.  We're late.  I rolled over, looked at the clock and rather harshly and justifiably so growled at him that it was 4 not 5!  ARGHHHHH!  Don't know what was going on with him but I wanted that extra hour of sleep.  So far it has not affected me but we'll see.  I did go to workout early so I could meet with the girls and rushed home for a quick shower and then run to the office.  It was a quick stop as I had a massage and facial at 9 a.m.  Now I'm all scrubbed, rubbed and polished and ready to finish out the day at the office as B&B have gone camping. 

Sorry this is a ramble but I'm a bit too relaxed to make sense.  Later all. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is a picture from my car of the drive home from the cabin.  Isn't it nice.  I love the clouds and green and the curve of the road.  I may have to paint it.  I'm looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend and traveling their again.  Hope we have a nice weekend.  This morning I was reminded on Facebook from our local news channel, KTUL8 about the Memorial Day flood and when it was.  I remember it very well, 1984.  It was my 10th class reunion in Broken Arrow at Indian Springs Country Club.  We were living in north Tulsa at the time and could not make it back home, ending up spending the night at my parents.  It was a very tragic time and changed the way Tulsa handled flooding and Tulsa became a model city with dealing with flooding. 

Today I'm staying home, at least most of the day with Clayton.  We are having the front of the house landscaped and so yesterday was jackhammers and backhoes and tree removal.  It freaked poor Clayton out with the noise and he spent most of the day shivering and hiding in my closet.  Poor little guy.  Today they are pouring concrete and forming the new sidewalk and front porch.  I will have lots of pictures of the before and after later. 

I also plan on painting a bit today.  I have to get ready as there is a new gallery (actually I think it has been there a while and drive by it every day but never noticed it) called the Savage Art Gallery and the group I belong to has the opportunity to be the opening show in July.  We can put four paintings any size in, gallery wrapped(?).  I'm so new to this that I don't really know what that is exactly but will find out.  It's exciting and I hope it goes better than the 5x5 show.  My painting did not sell.  Boo Hoo.  Oh well.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Morning and Daylight Donuts

Good Monday morning to one and all.  This early morning I awoke when little Clayton decided to tromp on my bladder filled belly.   His was full too and it was time for his breakfast, before 5 am!  Finally, I moved my feet to the floor and the bathroom to empty and put on the work out clothes.  I really, really didn't want to workout but I must.  Sometimes it is such a struggle to make my mind do what I know is good for me.  Really, if I didn't work out like I have been for several years now I would still be nearly 300 pounds and unable to walk or breathe.  I know I don't look like I've lost much but trust me I have.  It is such a battle in myself, daily to not eat stuff I know is not good for me.  This morning as I was driving home after a 2 mile walk on the treadmill I passed the Daylight Donut shop and remembered fondly the taste and smell of a freshly baked Daylight Donut.  I also remember that I will probably never taste that again and really after sweating this morning I know I don't want to.  I must continue on my quest to be healthier.  I love food, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE FOOD!  I have changed my eating habits so much in the past few years but not enough that the rest of the weight is falling off but I will continue on the path I have chosen, slow may it be. 
At least I think I've put a big dent in the double chin! 
Don't get me wrong.  I may try to not eat the donuts but it will be a struggle.  A battle I will fight for the rest of my life.  I was tiny in high school, a size 1 or 3 but I also did not eat.  I lived on Dr. Pepper.  Not healthy.  Now I have given up diet pop, fried foods, chips, know the drill, but that is not to say that I don't have them occasionally.  It is just that I don't condemn myself if I do.  The donuts would be real easy if one of the salesmen that call at the office would not bring them in to tease me.  That is hard and I don't always win that battle.  Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk..... 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week in Review

This is a self portrait just before I left to go to my multi-class reunion last weekend.  I like it.  That was a fun day. 

This week I've taken several days off from the office as I will a good part of the summer.  B is not teaching this summer so will be in the office!  I have been planning to paint but that has just not happened, yet.  I spent most of this week running a lot of errands and visiting with my BFF who has been dealing with cancer.  I stopped by and ended up staying 3 hours just talking.  It was very nice.  I went to the greenhouse for climbing roses for the trellis at the cabin and tomatoes for B&B's garden...I expect some tomatoes. ;) 

This weekend The Hubby has gone to Minnesota for a flashlight show.  Several years ago, 1998, The Hubby and I hosted the first ever flashlight show in Tulsa and the paper even did an article on him.  In 2008, we hosted the 10th show here.  They have them every year and he loves to attend and feels an obligation to attend since he is the one who got the ball rolling.  I don't!  They're fun while they are here but I choose not to attend in other states.  We used to do lighter shows too, yes, cigarette lighters.  He has a collection of those too but has maxed out on it.  I prefer them as they are so beautiful, especially the trench art ones.  I have to say also that we do not smoke and never did but he collects them because it was an era, truly. 

Anyway, I opted to head to the cabin this weekend and enjoy the wonderful weather that the weather people are predicting.  Unfortunately, they are predicting 90 degree weather and the A/C unit is acting up!  It's really not too bad with a fan on me.  Last night, with the windows open the air was very nice but the neighbors were not cooperating with the peace and quiet.  There are some here for a wedding at the wigwam and their cabin is full of people, lots and lots of people who do not understand the peace and quiet of our little heaven on earth.  We come here for no motor boats, birds singing, and communing with nature.  Last night I hit the pillow about 10 pm, woke with a start at 10:30 from a bad dream, back asleep at about 11:15 when I was jolted out of that wonderful sleep by fireworks.  FIREWORKS!!!!!  These were not little poppy things but huge boom, rattle the window kind by my neighbors.  They were actually being set off in the meadow but it was 11:15 PM!!!!!  Very quickly my other neighbor, Jimbo hopped onto his golf cart and flew down there to stop the insanity!!!!!  Three boys from the wedding neighbors.  Where in the world were the presumed grownups to stop this.  Teach these kids respect for people please.  Stupid!!!!!  I then could not drift off to sleep till after 1:30 and then was up at 5 to feed the dog and potty.  RATS!!!!!

Nicer thoughts now...

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch drifting off for a quick nap with I noticed the little ceramic birdhouse that a friend gave me a few years ago.  I hung it on the porch but it has remained empty, till now.  I noticed a bird popping in and out with little twigs and stuff for a nest.  YEAH!  There were actually two of them building and I realized that they were a Prothonotary Warbler, a pair.  They were preparing a nest on my porch. 

Now my picture is not good as I did not want to disturb them....

So here is an Internet generated one...after reading the link
I find they quite fascinating and really lucky to have them on my porch.  Hope they stay!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This past weekend I went to a multi-class reunion from high school, 1970-1979.  I graduated in 1974.  So 35 years or longer since I have seen some of these people.  Don't really count the ones in my class as it turns out I was the only one in the group class picture!  There were two others there with me before the picture but they scooted out to go to the casino, and after the picture two more showed up.  It was weird and the old me would have walked out the door but the new me took the bull by the horns and headed to the front of the room, the stage, and had my picture taken with a smile on my face.  I was painfully shy in school but that is way behind me now. 

Before the reunion I was at Daddy's visiting when the doorbell rang.  Daddy didn't hear it so I went to the door and there was a guy, Daryl, class of 1972.  He used to be in Daddy's Boy Scout troup and I dated him and double-dated with him many a year ago.  It was so good to see Daryl.  He stopped by when he saw my car out front and wanted to tell Daddy what an awesome person he was and scout leader and that the group of guys in the troop were wonderful, that Daddy was a great influence in his life. was so great for Daryl to do that.  We also got to talking about dating and I had to add that I really liked boy scouts too...wink, he said, "yes", that I was such a little cutie running around.  Uh oh, still a small crush?  Oh it was nice and he is a very, very nice guy.  We started talking also about spouses and his was in the car waiting.  Come to find out his wife went to junior high with The Hubby and graduated with our friend Gail (who passed away in '06) and in fact lived across the street from her.  Absolutely a small world.  All in all the day was nice.  Maybe next time more people from my class will show up. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Green!  Green is my favorite color.  Today as I was driving back home after workout with Mr. Wade I was totally enjoying the drive.  The sun was in full early morning glory at a few minutes before 7 am and making the trees and grass this glorious color of green.  That is exactly why green is my favorite color.  It is the color of the outside and I so love it.  Green is new and fresh, new beginnings, spring.  When winter is here and the trees are nothing but sticks poking up to the sky I am so depressed but look now at the fullness and freshness that are the trees now, green.  Green also has other meanings now.  Green can be envy.  Green can be young and inexerienced.  Green is ecology.  Green is recycling.  Green is renewal.  Green is natural.  Makes sense doesn't it.  In 1973, my Senior year of high school I took Ecology class.  My favorite class.  Ecology is not new.  It has been an idea for many years and it seems that I have kind of fallen down on the job with it.  I don't recycle.  Don't condemn me, I tried several years ago and failed miserably.  Now The Hubby is very reluctant to get on board with it even though in our own way we do the little things.  He, not me, showers with turning the water off and on during wash and rinse cycles of his scrubbing.  I do sometimes too.  My kitchen is littered with the half-sheet paper towels that he uses to dry his hands.  He drapes them to dry and reuse until they fall apart.  I think using a tea towel would be better.  I am saving the newspapers for B right now but glass and plastic I am failing on that part.  I think I will have to force The Hubby into it.  It is just a matter of time before the city will force us too anyway and I think that is a good thing.  Green, my favorite color and way of life, hopefully. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

McLinky Monday: What-do-you-do-now!

Today, Monday's question of the week from RHOK is What Do You Do Now...They are talking about what do you do when the kids are gone, when the house is void of the pitter-patter of little feet running around.  Well, I've been living that life for awhile now and I can say it is glorious.  The Hubby always said that when the kids are gone he would be able to run around naked.  When the youngest A moved to Phoenix about 2005 we were in the process of moving into the newly remodeled house we had purchased in the fall of '04.  It was kind of a whirlwind of movement that year.  I actually didn't have too much time to truly enjoy the empty nest concept because after the remodel and lots of workmen around I was thrown into the death of my best friend and the deterioration of my mother and her passing in that year.  I was in a tailspin of depression and then I turned 50 in the process.  It was not good for me but I sought a little life coach counseling to get me focused and onto the next part of my life, life with out kiddos, without mother and friend.  That is when we went to Paris and London and last year Ireland. 

I tried to decide whether I wanted to write or paint, and experimented with both.  I joined writing groups and took a couple of classes and at the same time enrolled in the art class.  I found my voice I feel.  The art has given me a new thrill in my life and I feel that it will carry me through the rest of my years.  I had not attempted anything like the stuff I'm doing now since I was about 14 and I think the brain has changed.  I am doing drawing like never before.  I amaze myself with it.  One thing I'm afraid of though is turning into one of those gray-headed old ladies that picks up art and paints landscapes and vases of flowers.  I would rather be a Georgia O'Keefe kind of gal and be innovative, I'm trying.  I belong to an art group that meets once a month and it is scary to sit in the meetings and see all the gray staring back at me.  I AM NOT OLD DAMMIT!  I still write, in my journal and here on the blog but the feel of spreading paint on the canvas and mixing the colors just moves me.  I have also discovered that I can draw fairly well when I thought I was not good in that area.  I'm not sure where all this will lead me but I am happy and I wasn't for a few years there.  It's kind of hard to become an empty nester, lose a parent and best friend all in the same time frame, takes a toll on the emotions but I'm here to say I'm well on my way to good.  The next phase I think will be grandkids sometime in the future. 

So to simply answer the question "What do you do now?"  Well, I work, still.  That will be until The Hubby decides he is ready to shut down the business.  I work, I am an artist, I am a wife, I am a mother-still, I am a daughter, I am!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Art In Training

Check out the art blog Artisit in Training.  I've been a busy girl with my idle time

Aww...Rainy Days and Friday also No Makeup Day

Back to Oklahoma and rain and wind and storms.  There's no place like home.  It was awesome to come home and see our little guy.  I have never wanted to get home as bad this time and it was to see little Clayton.  The Hubby was more anxious than I when he lost his cool at the airport parking garage when he couldn't find the elevator.  Whew, blew his top pretty quick but I could tell it was because he wanted to get home. 
We even had to make a pit stop at the grocery store to pick up some "treats" for the little guy.  Spoiled.

Today I have to go to work but that is okay.  The girl, Sheezkrafty is set up at Blue Dome and hopefully won't be too wet.  Just got an email from our lake house association telling us there was wind damage in the area and to check out our cabin.  Looks like we may be making a trip up there this weekend anyway.  I plan on staying in town for a multi-class reunion of the classes '70-'79...yup fit right in there somewhere. 

Today I'm going to participate in a McLinky at Mummy Mayhem of Bloggers Without Makeup Day.  I'm going to embrace that today as I have for the past week.  Sometimes it is just not worth it and with the smoke and yuck at the casinos in Vegas and the rain and dreariness of today I'm not into it.  So is truly me...warts and all........

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ready for Home!

Today was an interesting day, after two days of The Hubby attending classes at the Lightfair International convention today was my turn at the trade show.  It was the vendor day where we got to visit with tons, I mean TONS of vendors from all over the world in the Las Vegas Convention center.  This place makes the Quik Trip Center in Tulsa look like a shack...HUGE!!!!!   I have spent the past couple of days by myself and lots of slot machines and was pretty happy.  I was actually up $632 dollars the very first day and now only about $400.  Today I was the good wife and followed The Hubby around that monster building from about 10:30 to 1:30 and then I told him I was done!  Found a corner and waited another couple of hours for him to finish.  My poor aching feet.  It's a good thing I have been getting plenty of practice on the treadmill otherwise I would be in trouble.  While walking around though I found that this was truly an international trade show.  The accents were varied from Chinese, Japanese, Russian (lots), Australian, and even Italian.  Speaking of Italian there were three young men in Italian suits, longish, shaggy hair, bodies and faces, YUMMY!  I really wanted an opportunity to have my picture taken with these gorgeous young ones but that was not to happen!  Speaking of taking pictures, we were at one booth and there was a huge sign for you to take a picture, any picture of their booth and upload it to their Facebook, Twitter or even a YouTube website and you would have a chance for an IPad.  The sales people were urging it so I took a couple of snapshots and was standing there with my shutdown camera while The Hubby was checking out the booth when a burly block of a security guy came up to me and firmly said no pictures, no camera, "OKAY!"  Oh no I said, shaking.  You see if it is against the rules in any way and I break that rule, I ALWAYS, always get caught.  It never fails.  The girl helping us was shocked.  Oh well, I uploaded them.  :)  You have to know that if you are with me you will almost always have to wait in line that does not move, even if it is the shortest.  You will always have to walk to the last gate of the airport when you are with me.  I am just that lucky! 

The whole time here The Hubby and I have seen two Cirque du Solei shows, Zumanity and Ka and a dance thing called JABBAWOCKEEZ that won season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew.  The best thing was Ka...amazing, absolutely amazing. 

Lots of food, walking and noise, I'm ready for home.  Tomorrow we fly home and I can not wait.  It has been 15 years or so since I've been here and I really don't want to come back. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

McLinky Monday RHOK Style

First have to say this is being posted from Vegas as The Hubby and I are here for work and play.  I've had couple of days by myself and since the internet cost $14.99 for 24 hours this will be the only post for a few days...

The lovely ladies from RHOK are doing a McLinky Monday and yesterday's theme is:
A - Age: Egads...53...had to put it on a survey today for Sony TV and almost forgot how old I am....

B - Bed size: King

C - Chore you hate: Mostly laundry, absolutely hate all parts of it.

D - Dog(s') name: Clayton

E - Essential start your day item: Definitely my coffee and an hour workout.

F - Favorite color: Lots of fav's but probably green then pink and yellow.  Love the three together!

G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: Gold
H - Height: 5'3" and 1/2"....have to throw that in as you shrink with age you know...probably 5'3" now though...drat!

I - Instruments you play(ed): piano but for my own listening consumption thank you.

J - Job title: Jill of All Trades!

K - Kid(s): 2 girls...30 and 24...both turning one year older this summer...I'M OLD

L - Living arrangements: house with a lake house to run too

M - Mom's name: Julia Carol but always went by Carol

N - Nicknames: Moma, Momma, Hey, Come 'mere a minute

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Breast reduction...yes I said reduction otherwise they would have been dragging the ground by now...been 15+ years ago and the best thing I have ever done.

P - Pet Peeve: Oh my goodness, I have absolutely no tolerence for cheating, NONE!  Take it as you may but cheating in any way, marriage or a game, it's all the same.

Q - Quote from a movie/show: ???? Can't even remember what is in my checking account most of the time much less a quote.

R - Right handed or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: 1 brother and 1 sister.  I'm the oldest with brother sandwiched in the middle.  There is 18 months between each of us so by the time Sis was on the way Momma ended up in the hospital with walking pnemonia.

T - Time you wake up: 5 am during the week and I try to sleep in on the weekends but doesn't usually happen.  May get to 7 if lucky.

U- Underwear: Uh, a necessity...big girl kind of stuff but got to actually by some at Victoria Secret that FIT!

V - Vegetable you dislike: none

W - Why you run late: Most usually I don't run late and more likely I'm early but if I have to depend on The Hubby, well, either I am waiting for him or I'm late or both.

X - X-rays you've had: leg, breasts, toes, hands (wrists)

Y - Yummy food you make: I'm a good cook so most of the time it is yummy unless I try to experiment a little.  Can run into trouble.

Z - Zoo favorite: Lions, Tigers and Bears OH MY!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Travel Time

The next few days may be a bit sporadic as we are leaving for a short trip to VEGAS!!!!!  It is work for The Hubby but a bit of play for me.  We are attending a thing called Light Fair where vendors go to show off new lighting from all over the world I believe.  He hasn't been in several years and suggested we go last week.  I was on board!  We will be flying into Vegas as A and the Tears For Fears guys will be flying back into California.  She's been gone for a month now.  (I'll elaborate more in a bit).

Today I had to take little Clayton to a boarder while we are gone.  B wanted to keep him but "he" doesn't know how to control himself in a house where there are more animals.  He's a typical male dog.  Taking him to a very highly recommended place was a bit difficult for me.  This is the first time since Clayton came to live with us that we've been apart, since Labor Day Weekend.  I almost had tears as the boarding guy took him from me.  Very hard.  We so love that little guy so very much.  He has enriched our lives so very much and these next few days are going to be hard. 

Tonight we also had to make a visit to The Hubby's mother for Mother's Day.  We ate at the cafe at the retirement center and had some nice chit-chat while she constantly introduced us to her friends who passed by.  After dinner we walked by the little lounge where Luigi was entertaining some of the people who live there and the MIL insisted on sitting down to enjoy the show.  Now, the show was from 5 to 7pm and the bar only open those two hours.  On my goodness Luigi really got into the singing and getting the residents to sing along.  The Hubby was really enjoying it and got his mother up to dance a little swing.  EVERYONE totally loved it.  I saw my future and I wanted to RUN, run as fast as I could!!!!!

Back to A and her world traveling.  She said it was an awesome trip and a couple of days ago she got to sing, in Hong Kong with Michael Wainwright.  Wainwright opens and does backup for Tears for Fears.  She said that she even got to sign autographs along side Curt Smith.  How exciting is that!!!!!  I'm sure I will have more info and pictures to share, maybe her blog. 

Later all.  We are taking my laptop and hope to keep posted here. 

P.S.  Kind of sad that this is yet another Mother's Day without my momma...Here's to you Momma!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Gallary Show don't know what is the matter with me today but I'm definitely down in the dumps.  Feeling kind of lonely again and really shouldn't but can't help it.  This too shall pass, as my Momma used to say!
Last night B and I went to the 5x5 show at the Tulsa Art Coalition gallary.  We both had pieces in the show.  Mine was the one I called Shadows...We got there about 5 minutes before the doors opened and joined the line and when the doors opened it was a crush to get to the favorites.  The backup was three to five deep with people on one side just to try and get glimpses of the pieces.  I found mine pretty quick and B's was close by.  To support the show we both found ones to purchase which took another 15 minutes of waiting in line.  B was a little closed in so she waited outside and then went to Lola's to get us a table and order me a Cosmo!  After a quick burger and drink we went back after the crowd thinned out to see if our paintings had been snatched up yet.  Alas, they weren't but while standing there and chatting with a few people and having another look-see B's collage was purchased, right under our noses.  I was so very happy for her but I was definitely hurt that mine still hung without a home.  Actually, there were several still homeless and since the sale will continue for a couple more weeks I'm sure it will find a nice cozy wall to accent.  I won't lie...I was jealeous and depressed that mine was not loved immediately but I will get over it.  Probably why I'm down in the dumps this morning. 

I have to let all know that I will be out of pocket for a few days.  Something exciting is happening but I will need to share at a later date.  I will have pictures and words to share then but know that I may not be here for a few so don't forget about me. 

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Weekend fun and baseball!

The weekend was actually very pleasant despite the rain.  Actually, it was very nice to sleep with the windows open and the soft drizzle rain sound made for really good sleeping.  Too bad Clayton, the first night, has a hard time drifting off.  He is so excited at being at the cabin that he just can't relax.  It took him a bit to settle down.  We also got to enjoy a party at a newly renovated cabin for a Kentucky Derby Party.  The hats were awesome but bad me forgot the camera.  When we first pulled up on Friday at the cabin we were greeted with a beautiful sight...
Stunning, don't you think!  I was very pleased.

Last night we met with a group that we belong to called Associated Builders & Contractors for a tour of the new Drillers Baseball stadium and dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse.  I LOVE baseball but we don't go to any games, not sure why, so I was so stoked for the tour.
We even got to see the inside batting cages where they practice before, during and after the games.
The locker rooms!!!!!

I surely had a good time walking the entire stadium around and up and down several flights of stairs.  There was a reason I missed my cardio yesterday morning!

Monday, May 03, 2010

How Did He Propose?!

Over at Real Housewives of Oklahoma..RHOK...the Monday morning question for McLinky Monday is How Did He Propose?!   I have thought about that and after 34 years of marriage my memory of that time is a bit fuzzy.  Actually, I don't think he really asked, could be wrong.  We spent a lot of time (my girls-don't read this part) parking, necking, just plain getting overheated a bunch at that time and I think during one of those make-out sessions he proposed. 

We met one night when he was supposed to go back to an ex-girlfriend but his friends were very against that.  They had been down that road with him and new it was not a good relationship.  They hooked us up without even meeting me but knew I had to be better for him.  When he walked through the back door of the house I was out back playing volleyball in a halter-top and no bra, as was the dress of the decade and I was, well largely endowed.  He forgot about the other woman and the rest was history.  We were inseparable after that day in March and were married the next January.  We didn't really talk about getting married we just did it, it just evolved to the alter.  I know he asked for my hand in marrige from my Daddy and that was cool.  I am choosing to share with you the anniversary of 25 years and the HUGE surprise The Hubby sprang on me.  It makes up for the slight on the proposal I can assure you.  Enjoy and be jealeous!

Our anniversary falls January 25 so for over two months The Hubby had been telling me to "Be Brave and Wear Pants." This scared me and my mind went to the worst case scenario. I just knew he was renting a hot air balloon. (I'm terrified of heights). The day came, a Saturday, and our youngest daughter and I were at a small classical concert at the Performing Arts Center during the afternoon. We arrived home to see The Hubby sitting in the kitchen in a suit and our oldest daughter B, home from college at the time, standing in her robe. The very first thing I noticed in the dimly lit kitchen was The Hubby's shiny gold wedding ring which he had not worn for several years. He doesn't wear it for safety reasons at work and then he just couldn't get it on. I walked up to him and noticed a white limo pull up outside. It was not your ordinary limo, but one of those "truck" limo's. We went out and the girls took our picture and then I realized the meaning of "wear pants" for I had to hike myself up into the darn thing. Then it was on to the restaurant and on the way The Hubby presented me with my old "Add-A-Pearl" necklace that had only 13 pearls on. There were now 25 pearls.

We then drove to the restaurant, one which I had never eaten at before, The French Hen, and had a fabulous dinner, although I can't even remember what we ate exactly right now. The thing I noticed most was The Hubby's constant preoccupation with his watch. He even left the table several times and I knew he was on the phone. After dinner The Hubby suggested we drive to our first apartment and have a kiss by the front door. We lived in this apartment that was located in the Swan Lake area for exactly one year and it was the best year. We loved the apartment and the area. I said sure. We drank champagne on the way there and then he presented me with a brand new pearl necklace, a full one. (The first one he had given me years before was  hard to match because the pearls were such an odd hue, it was an add-a-pearl.  He later had it filled with 25 pearls.)

We pulled up in front of the apartment building and it looked so sweet. It only had 6 apartments in it and we had #1. We went into the little alcove and with my back to the door he leaned in and kissed me. Then as he pulled back he said, "I wonder if anyone's home," and before I could stop him he proceeded to knock on the door. I was paniced. All of a sudden a violin began to play and the door was opened by our daughters. I was in shock. There inside the candlelit apartment were our beautiful girls, the violinist, my best friend C and her husband H and our minister David. The mantle was covered with candles and in the middle was a beautiful canary. I had mentioned that I wanted one and it was mine. I walked into the familar room with a huge smile on my face and tears. It was so very beautiful.

After the initial shock had somewhat worn off The Hubby turned to me and asked me to marry him again. I of course said yes and then David began. What was really neat was that my wedding ring is the second one. I had totally worn the first one in two and had it made into a necklace and we purchased a new one. We were able to use the new rings which made them special and not just something you go to the jewelry store, buy and put on. The Hubby and I renewed our vows in front of our girls and C and H. After the vows the violinist played and The Hubby and I danced while they all looked on. Wow, I was totally speechless, my face hurt from smiling.

We finally gathered ourselves up and headed back to the house. The girls rode in our limo with us and shared champagne while C&H drove the girls car back. When we arrived home the house was full of friends and family and there was a cake and refreshments that The Hubby had put together. Greeting everyone and visiting and sharing cake like newlyweds, the evening was a huge success but, The Hubby was not finished. We all gathered in the den around the VCR and The Hubby started a tape that was full of 25 years of pictures and music and then at the end The Hubby came on the screen and said some wonderful words directed at our guests, family, the girls and then to me. There was not a dry eye in the house.

Setting up this elaborate event The Hubby made contact with the guy that was living in our old apartment months in advance and as luck would have it the place was freshly painted white and the kid had sparse furniture. He had no living room furniture so it was easy to have the ceremony and dance. The Hubby and the oldest daughter, B went over earlier in the day and put dimmer switches in so we could dim the lights for the event. The kid didn't want anything for the trouble but we left him him champagne and money for his kindness. The be brave part of this thing is obvious isn't it?