Saturday, October 31, 2015

Art Workshop

Yes I have been at yet another art workshop and it was SOOOOoooo well worth my time and effort.  We (my art buddies) and I, had the opportunity to attend a Daniel Keys workshop and I LOVE his work, so it was, YES!  He is young, so very young and talented.  I'm on a mission in my lifetime to own one of his paintings and a Jeffrey T Larson (I have 3 of his prints).  

We drove to Oklahoma City, six of us in three cars.  Three cars to accommodate all of our painting supplies and a little bit of clothing!  When he sat down at the easel I was a bit star-struck as he is big, really BIG in the art world and I was about to learn from him.  
He begins his demo...  
Each of the four mornings we sat and watched as he created.  It is an amazing time to see art appear on his canvas. 

From 9:30 to 12:30 we watched in awe and knew we would be up next to try and be as creative as he was. 

Stunning, absolutely stunning, and it would be up for sale, if your name was drawn out of the cup to purchase.  I wanted SOooooo bad but alas my name was not drawn. 

Our turn...
It is a little scary to know that as you apply paint, he is watching, others are watching, the pressure is truly on. 
My attempt at our set up.  
I was paired with a lady from OKC, Peggy, a sweet older lady.  We drew numbers from a cup to find our station in the room and most shared a set up.  Peggy set this still life up.  I was not fond of the purple corn husk.   I struggled a bit and he actually asked me if I have done the "color charts" which I replied, "YES!" I was a tad offended because color I can do and know.  RATS!

Day 2 and 3 was pumpkins and dry corn.  It's one of his favorites to paint. 
The lessons begin again. 
Amazing how he can make that stuff appear.  

Our turn.  This time I got to set up the still life and see the purple husk, I used it.  He loved the set up and what I created pleased me.  
I think I warmed it up a bit from what was there. 

Two days spent on this one and I'm not through, according to Daniel.  He wants me to do some more with the table which I hope to do today.  I hope I don't mess it up.

We were exhausted as creating is mentally exhausting.  The first night the six of us went to Macaroni Grill for a bit of bubbly (for me) and food then it was to bed to be fresh and ready.  The second evening was a treat at one of the ladies lovely homes that was filled to bursting with art from all kinds of people, including Daniel.  There was almost too much but she was very proud of everything and her house was beautiful.  The third evening four of our group found a wonderful authentic Chinese restaurant that we came back to the following night.  That last night we were so tired but we had wonderful food, lots of laughs with friends and the best time.  These four ladies (including me) are heading on a Mediterranean cruise next year, with hubbies in tow to take photographs to paint!

Finally, day four came and it was roses on the easel.  I paint flowers but not quite like his and I was wanting to learn.  Roses are probably the hardest flower to paint.  He makes it look easy, NOT!

Wow, wow, wow and we had to try THAT!

Our turn... 

Man, I struggled and struggled and in fact wiped it off a couple of times.  It was frustrating but I think I finally got it but of course he found the flaws but I like it! 

Day four, Friday afternoon 4:30 and we were packing up to head home to Tulsa in the pouring rain.  I guess we could have stayed but I knew the rain was about to end.  Not to worry too much about hydroplaning as we were at a standstill for half of the trip home from construction and a jack-knifed semi.  Nearly 3 hours later and we pulled up.  I was starved and tired and I had paint brain.  In fact most of my dreams for several nights are of painting and mixing paint.  It's over and I want to continue.  We were lucky enough to get him to commit to come to Tulsa in June and my friend Linda has already filled his class, and I AM ONE OF THEM, so I will get to continue to learn. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ommmmm, Ommmmm, Ommmmmm

Sorry I have been missing but my life is just the same old thing and not much has been happening.  Work, watch Snicklefritz, eat, sleep, paint, read....the same old stuff. 

Halloween is upon us and thankfully I will be tucked safe in my bed watching TV with my porch light off.  Actually, we usually don't get any treater's which is just fine with me.  I do NOT want candy in my house.  I think The Hubby has a dance to go to and I might possibly go with him and sit in the corner and read, not dance, but I will NOT dress up.  Hated it when I was a child and still do.  

Since Halloween is here that means next up is the Thanksgiving thing.  I have got to get the family email out for our bash.  I do the turkey and dressing and everyone else brings the sides.  Works great for me.  Thanksgiving is The Hubby's favorite holiday.  I don't know if it's family, turkey or because it is hunting season but he loves it.  Christmas is my time and I love it for the decorations and parties and hubbub that goes on with it.  It's even better with a little one to share the awe of Christmas.  There is nothing more magical than Santa and toys and the look in their eyes on Christmas morning.  LOVE IT!  

All this holiday stuff being said it also means I have to deal with my sister and I'm NOT a fan with her or her family right now, except for the nephew.  That boy is an absolute jewel.  He hugs my dad, tells him he loves him and when you call for him to help he is Johnny-on-the-spot.  The kid has a moral code, knows right from wrong.  I'm not sure where he got it considering his sister but I suspect he has seen her path and has decided to go the opposite way.  Yeah for him.  

Sister, well let me tell you the latest on her.  She had her hip replaced in July but is still on temporary disability from work but now has applied for social security disability.  She says she is now diabetic, sleep apnea, has emphysema and arthritis in her lower back and of course the heart thing which she had FIXED!  That has been her whole excuse her whole life is the heart but it was fixed!  Since she is home playing on her computer, sleeping and watching TV I asked her if she could possibly go by and help Daddy with his medicare thing (she works in the insurance industry).  Her reply was "I thought sister-in-law was going to do that.  I don't know much about it." Really, SIL has her own worries with her father and IT'S NOT HER RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!  Good grief, one little thing to help and no she can't.  

Okay, off my soapbox and breathe...
Ommmm, Ommmmm, OmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMM.....

Sunday, October 11, 2015

First Home-Memories

Going through some old photos the other day on my computer and saw these.  Took me back, waaaay back to our very first house.  Mind you we are now in our 4th home and nearly 40 years of marriage.  This sweet little cottage was 900 square feet of joy.  We were married for nearly one year when an old friend called to tell us that the little old man who lived here, first and only owner, had passed away.  Mr. Penrose was his name and The Hubby used to mow the guys yard.  It was all original and old but to us it was a mansion and we loved it.  At the time my grandfather was in real estate and helped us to negotiate and put us in touch with a banker for a loan.  The house actually went through probate as he was alone with no will.  I think we had to bid on it, but with Granddaddy's help we got it.  A mere $15,000 and the thing was ours.  We were scared to go into debt being only 20 years old and married one year but we wanted our money to go to something permanent instead of throwing it away on rent (even though we loved our apartment.)

See, original drapes, floors, paint...all old but we soon were able to afford to redecorate.  Here we are all dressed up for our dear friends wedding, Mark and Cathy!

A VERY young me in a tiny bathroom.

When we remodeled my favorite color was chocolate brown.  I even had a chocolate brown 1969 Chevy Malibu.  LOVED IT!  So our colors, which were very popular at that time were browns.  YUCK!

It was great fun to buy brand new furniture.  We worked, scrimped and saved to buy new carpet, drapes, and furniture to go in our new home.  We loved it.
We also spent 10 happy years there with many family functions.  This one was for my parents 25th wedding anniversary.  They went on to celebrate 51 years before momma was gone.  Now, in January we celebrate 40!
Don't you love the wallpaper.  I was crazy to go with that but it was pretty, at the time.

Not only did our family begin here with two beautiful girls but we had numerous kitties here.  This sweet little guy was Bilbo Baggins!  His momma was a feral cat who abandoned him in a mud puddle during a torrential rain storm.  We rescued him before he drowned.  He wasn't even weaned and used to suckle my t-shirts until we had our first daughter.  Finally he weaned himself from his adopted mother, me.
After he passed we added McAlester (the yellow and white) and Frodo, who The Hubby found beside a dumpster at a Quik-Trip, skin and bones.  He disappeared one day and never saw him again.
A couple of the ferals we fed off and on.  I called the calico, Pirate.  Can't remember the black and white ones name.  

Friday, October 09, 2015

Not What I Thought This Would Be

 Good Friday Morning!

This will be  ramble as it has been awhile since I have shared.  Just going to spill....WAIT........

OH MY GOSH....It is 7:09 a.m. and I am sitting at my office desk.  I started writing this post at home and The Hubby came into my sanctuary room to let me know that "he forgot" to tell me last night that one of our guys needed panel schedules for a job that had an inspection today.  Our guy, Ben, is leaving the office to get to the jobsite by 7 each morning!!!!!  That means I HAD to be at the office and typing before 7.  Thanks a lot The Hubby.  So I rushed into the bedroom, threw clothes on, tossed hair into a ponytail, or Snicklefritz calls it,  a "Pony-Pony", wash face, brush teeth and flew out the door.  I also had an 8 am appointment with the yard people (it got rescheduled at 7:30 this morning) and then to the grocery store before I get Snicklefritz for the weekend.  I did NOT want to drag her through the store with me.  I'm having some hip-hip-flexor issues that make walking almost impossible sometimes.  The thought of just walking through the store makes me wince.  I am TERRIFIED that it's my hip and a hip replacement is what I'm might be looking at.  Vowed to not have that done after all that Daddy has gone through.

I started water aerobics last week and not sure if they are helping or hindering right now because of the hip...we'll see.

I have been at least painting up a storm lately.  One of my "fans" sent me this picture of her bird wall, the paintings I have painted, she has purchased....WOW!  How very exciting to see my art hanging and being loved.

Been working on these little jewels this week...
What's cool is that the cars have spurred an old friend to contact me to commission a car photo for her husband!  SCORE!

"Robbie's Ride" 9x12 oil on canvas panel

"Three Stooges"  11x14 oil on canvas 

"Rob's Work Truck 1976" 9x12 oil on canvas panel