Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Painting Update pic's

Here is the latest and greatest of the painting. I've added some lightness and books on the window ledge.

Middle Ear(th)

I went to the doc this morning after two solids days of hearing absolutely nothing out of my right ear. I got up this morning feeling really pretty good. I know I have an infection in my ear somewhere but I feel good. I worked out first thing and then got ready for the visit. I fluffed my hair, dabbed on a little makeup and was off in my little red car on this gorgeous morning.

The nurse came in and took my blood pressure and, uh oh, for the first time in my life, except for being 9 months pregnant, my blood pressure was on the high side. I have got to get it together and start the walking/jogging again, after I get well. I was doing so well until I quit Jazzercise, 5 days a week. Now I'm only doing 2 days with the personal trainer. The problem is that my food intake has stayed the same with less exercise. Somehow I knew that was not going to work so tomorrow morning it is back to oatmeal for breakfast, skinned, boneless chicken, salad and no dressing. I've got to get back on the losing weight thing again. Actually, I've put on about 12 pounds since The Hubby's accident.

Back to the doc visit. I have a middle ear infection. You know, about a month ago I had a really dizzy day where I was just spinning. BIG CLUE! He gave me a prescription for antibiotic and antibiotic ear drops. I go back in a couple of weeks and if it is not better then it is off to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. PRAY, please pray it gets better. I so want to get well. I've been dealing with this sick stuff for way, way too long and I was doing so well. I have to definitely get better before June as we are going (flying) to Ireland and then taking the QE2(I think) back from London to NY for 5 days. Oooo, have to get better.

I'm off today and what a beautiful day for it. I've stopped by the house for lunch, get my painting supplies then to my class. I'm doing a double class to make up for one I missed a couple of weeks ago. Four hours of painting, YIPEE!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Health issues AGAIN

I am again having some health issues. This time it is my ears. I've always had itcy ears and when young had numerous swimmers ear infections. I think I either have some sinus stuff or ear infections again. No pain, thank goodness but I can not hear out of my right ear. It is driving me crazy. I Googled ear stuff and just had to close the links because it was getting a little scary. So, I called my doctor's office and will go in tomorrow and see him. Hopefully, he can make it better, but I think I will AGAIN be on antibiotics. This stuff is getting the best of me, mentally.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday morning. It is 8:06 am and I'm up with The Hubby watching a tape of Leno with Prince performing. I really wanted to sleep in but my body just wouldn't do it this morning. Of course, we were in bed by 10 last night so I've had plenty of sleep. The sun is just streaming through the music room window bringing the meltdown.
Today is the 1 year anniversary of our oldest and her hubby, B&B2. Happy Anniversary you two!

I want to read my paper but it is on the sloping driveway that I'm not going to navigate for a bit, at least till the thaw starts today. Maybe The Hubby will get it for me if I bat my eyes. First thing I did this morning when we got up was to look out the back sliding door at the snow and my empty bird feeders. Poor little birds, I didn't fill them before the snow started. They keep sitting on the empty feeders looking for food. So, I decided to just scatter some feed on the porch. I opened the slider and all hell broke loose. I forgot that the alarm was still on. It was 7:30 am. I'm sure the neighbors really appreciated that. The Hubby turned it off and of course the alarm people called to make sure everything was okay. Oops!

I'm not sure what I want to do today. Yesterday I got all my laundry done. Notice I said my laundry. I don't do The Hubby's, he does his own! Can barely get mine done and that is the reason he does his own. I watched Twilight and last night we watched The Dark Knight. All the while I finished crocheting a baby afghan and started another one. This evening I'm going to a baby shower for one of the other blankets I've finished. It is a dinner shower and way out south Tulsa. A friend is picking me up but she may have her husband and mine take us while they go to dinner.

I'll shower today and get my hair all cutesy and my makeup done to a T. Hmmm, that'll fill up a couple of hours of my day. Maybe I'll work on my painting of Peaches the Cat, read a book, watch TV, or maybe I should put away all the clean laundry I have amassed. I'm bad about that too. One thing I know for sure is that I will not be out until this evening so I have all do to just piddle around here. The Hubby is going to the office to get some work done (means work for me tomorrow). It is going to be quiet here. I like!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weather Panic

I so wish the weather people would quit the weather panic. For days now they have been preaching doom and gloom about the snow that is coming...uh is here. I know other parts of the country and state are deep in the stuff but here it is not bad...so far. Hey, it's Saturday, it will be gone tomorrow with 56 degree temperature and then on with spring. I don't think I have ever seen snow-rain, literally. Quite beautiful. I don't plan on budging from this house today but the poor hubby had to drive to the cabin retreat for a board meeting. He will probably drive out of it, I hope. Between you and me I like having a news/weather show on Saturday and Sunday mornings but we only have one here in town on the air. The problem is that the weather guy, a truly nice guy, too nice, just drives me crazy. He talks to the camera like he is talking to a kindergarten class. He should be a teacher, preferably a teacher of kids under the age of 10 as that is how I feel when I watch him. Good Grief! Stay warm everyone and fix a big bowl of chili or beans, find a good book or movie...It is absolutely beautiful out there. I'm glad I'm inside but I keep going out to take pic's of the beauty. I am worried about The Hubby driving in this stuff but he is stubborn. Oh my, I just heard thunder. Snow showers!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dog that mothers kittens...and much much, more

Dog that mothers kittens and much, much more...enjoy

Also check out The Hubby from the party a few weeks ago. I told you he likes to dance!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Get ready for a rant!

This is just my observation but we have failed our children or someone has failed to teach consideration and courtesy. Time and time again I have been faced with inconsiderate people. In the grocery store people will stand in the middle of the aisle looking at the shelves oblivious of anyone waiting to get through. I've had to flat out turn around and go the other way or loudly say, "excuse me." They either move very nicely or they will move just barely enough for me to pass. I don't get it. Even when I pass in front of a shopper that is out of the way and is looking at the other side of the aisle I will say, "excuse me" as pass in between them and the aisle. It is called courtesy.

Yesterday I was faced with the inconsiderate way of hogging a space on an off ramp on the BA Expressway at the Sheridan exit. The lane is divided to go left or right, but this idiot guy in a Lexus was right in the middle of the two lanes. This was at the first of the off ramp and it was backing traffic up onto the expressway. No one could go around him and he continued almost to the light to stay in the middle of the lane. He had plenty of room to move but he didn't. Did he not look in his rear view mirror and see what a mess he was leaving. I mean really, what an idiot!

People, teach courtesy and manners please. Teach your children to say excuse me. Teach them to be aware of the people around them so that they can be courteous in the grocery store aisles. Teach them to re-hang the clothes they try on in the dressing rooms, zip the zippers and button the buttons. Teach them that it is not polite to run around or crawl under the table at the restaurant while other people are dining. Teach them that other people's credit cards on tables are not to be taken. Teach them not to hover over the tops of the booths, dribbling food or drool on neighboring diners. If they do not learn courtesy and consideration in their young ages then we are stuck with the inconsiderate boobs in the grocery store or the off ramps on the BA Expressway. If children butt in line at the drinking fountain in elementary school then they will butt in line at the movie theatre as adults, they don't think of others. Take control of your children. Teach them to say please and thank you and be aware of others as we all have to live on this earth together and it is getting a little too crowded to be nasty.

The television programming is not helping our society. Look what is on VH1 lately. Rock of Love, I Love Money, Charm School, or Tool Academy just to name a few. Fighting, cursing, name-calling, just nastiness. A lot of the shows on TV in general have moments of disgust but we are drawn to them, I'm no exception. America's Next Top Model, Celebrity Apprentice, Survivor, Hell's Kitchen, they all have cursing and name calling and disrespect for other people. Are these role models that we want our children to identify with? I say absolutely not. I have to admit I'm a reality show addict and watch these shows but they do go too far, I am an adult though and have been taught that these behaviors are not right. Young people are so impressionable and many are not taught that those behaviors are not acceptable. Spitting, cursing, hitting, disrespect, those are what our young impressionable children are learning on TV. A lot of the children in the US are not supervised and guided, they are left to learn about life and the world on TV. Take a stand people and teach your children consideration, love of people, courtesy.

I am stepping down off of my soap box now. I'm sorry for the rant. It has been building for a bit so I was on a roll.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bathroom Remodel Update

A quick update on the bathroom remodel:

Today The Hubby and I found an awesome old mirror for the new bathroom. I saw it and knew at once it was perfect. Of course I had to find the most expensive one in the store but when we hung it I knew it was the one! Now I have to find a corner wrought iron kind of small but tall corner thingy for knick-knacks and I don't know if I want to hang the cool BB King poster we had framed a few years ago (actually it's B's) back up. Now is the time to accessorize the room! Yeah. Oh and he still has to hang the towel rack but in essence it is done!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Blech!

Monday morning and I'm not ready. I'm not ready to go to work again. Yes, I went to the office for about 4 hours on Thursday but now I'm back to the old grind. I'm not ready. I want to not work anymore but you know that is not possible when you are self-employed like we are. Oh well, I'll just buck-it-up and keep on truckin'.

Tonight we are having dinner with the MIL at her retirement place. She informed us that we are eating in the upscale restaurant there so have to have pants or dress. WHAT! No jeans! That is outrageous. That is my mode of dress most of the time. I guess I had better get some pants out of the back of the closet and see if they fit because I will have to wear them when I do jury duty too. Ick!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, my day off I plan on going to visit my Daddy. I haven't been there for about 3 weeks and I know he get put out with me for not coming by more often. When I'm through visiting him I'll come back home and try to apply some more paint to my Peaches painting. I had to let the black dry so it wouldn't bleed. The problem with trying to paint at home lately is the constant movement of workers in my house. Kind of breaks the moment. I don't have a painting class because of "his" spring break so two weeks out of class.

Update on Sis...she goes back to work today. I hope all is well. I haven't talked with her since she has been home. Really, I know that is a bad sister but I just kind of forgot. I know, I know, bad sister. I figure that no news is good news!

Okay this is a nonsense kind of post but I had to write something, just had too. Toodles all! Have a good week...maybe I'll post later in the week with pic's of a complete bathroom and updated painting(s).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lots of stuff to talk about plus...(new sexual revolution?)

There is lots to post here today. Yesterday was a whirlwind of just stuff going on. The bathroom remodels and miscellaneous "To Do's" seems to be an endless thing. We were first just going to remodel the entry bath but it has now turned into replacing the floor in the garden bath, replacing all door knobs, hinges, locks and not doors throughout the house. The Hubby is wonderful but the littlest knit-picky things seem to bother him and eat at him until they have to be fixed. The problems of living with a perfectionist and "he's always right" kind of guy, but I'll take him any day over the "do nothing" kind of guy. Here are some recent pic's of the bathroom stuff and doors and etc...

There will be a border/edge around the wall of black marble and new crown molding at the top.

Now to the door stuff.Old doors...

New doors, still unpainted, which may take another 3 weeks to do and cost a fortune. This is costing a bunch right now but if we went with our old contractor it would probably be double or triple. We met again with the architect about our add-on bathroom-workout room-laundry-closets-deck-hot tub project and he had some projected costs. EGADS! We are talking about adding approximately 750 square feet with the cost about well, I won't say exactly but it will probably double the cost of our house. And keep in mind that the landscaping has not been done or the outdoor kitchen, front drive and, and, and...oh well, you know we have the house of our dreams and who are we saving it for. Cough, cough, cough, I say that but it still hurts.
Last night, like the night before was terrible for sleep. The night before I tossed and turned all night long. Last night I went to bed at 9:30 only to wake up a little before 1 a.m. and listen to the rain and thunder and watch the lightening through the uncovered window. I finally decided enough was enough at 2 and got up. I went to the living room and continued reading my book till about 3:30. I really wasn't get sleepy-eyed but opted to try yet again to find the elusive sleep. I drifted off about 4 only to wake up again at 7:30. Wow, what an awful night. I just could not get comfortable in the bed.

I'm writing this from the cabin in the upstairs bedroom that has no door. I guess you would call it a loft room but it is a bit more. I have a pretty good Internet connection her from the other neighbors and since it has been raining and a bit cool today, I didn't feel like sitting on Harri's deck in the damp and cold. They haven't made it up here yet as Sin and Bare hosted a bridal shower at their house in town and it was a big deal dinner for about 80 or so that they cooked for. I would imagine that Harri and Jimbo helped with it. They will definitely be here today because we are again having another birthday party, or should I say dinner for PH. Her hubby is cooking burgers at PO's cabin and we women all went in and bought a spa pamper package at my favorite spa in town for PH. When I went in to purchase the gift certificate I was so tempted to buy one myself but I still need to make sure I'm healthy before I do that. Oh and here are some pic's of the upstairs room that I'm utilizing today. I'm very tempted to set up a painting studio here until I get my room in town cleaned out (yeah and it has been three years and still messy). I just don't know if I want to have to wait till the weekend to do stuff but that's kind of how it has been lately, we'll see. I'm sitting on the bed taking these pics around the room ...

The next two are of the view sitting on the bed, where I am now, looking out into the yard.

Now on to the rest of the title of my post. Before I went to bed last night I took my new O Magazine and started flipping through. It is the one that has Michelle Obama and Oprah on the cover, a first that didn't have just Oprah on it. It was interesting, sort of. I don't pick one up often because I find it kind of a boring magazine most of the time but there was a very interesting article in this one that seemed to catch my eye. It was an article called, "She's So Fine", by Mary A. Fischer. It basically is an article about, well, this is the opening after the headline: "Cynthia Nixon did it. Lindsay Lohan's doing it. TV shows are based on it. Is it our imaginations, or are wives and girlfriends ditching their men and falling in love with other women? New science says that sexuality is more fluid than we thought." Caught my eye. The reason is that I have a friend that has had a change in her lifestyle recently so it hits close to home. It is an interesting article and makes you just think about it all. It may help some of my friends to understand it more and be more understanding of the whole situation. I hope so. I don't have a problem at all but some do. It has caused some rumor and innuendo to run rampant in my circle of friends. The article does talk a lot about some scientific stuff (I was getting sleepy during some of it) and I plan on reading it again to get it more. So is this a new sexual revolution, a fad or has it been always and just under the radar. Hmmm, makes you think doesn't it. Really check out the article if you dare!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back to the old grind.

I'm back to the old grind alright. I came home from five days at the cabin and some much needed down time. I started a painting, by myself, and that is a biggy. It's a pic of Daddy's cat, Peaches who passed a few months ago. I've written about her before, The Devil Cat. She loved Daddy though and that is what counts, didn't love anybody else, trust me. Anyway, A took this picture of her a few months before she died and I liked it so I'm attempting a painting by myself. It is a work in progress so bear with me. I started to add some detail but the black was still a touch too wet and I need to let it dry completely so as not to bleed but here it is, the photo and the painting, so far...

I didn't accomplish any writing except to blog. I have an idea for a story but just can't seem to get myself to sit and do it. I will, sometime. I did finish a book and start another one, The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. I did the hammock one afternoon and was glad the neighbors weren't there as I woke myself up snoring, loudly. I had lunch with some ladies I don't normally visit with. I spent the evening with another one that lives there full time, Ally. I taught her how to crochet and we shared a couple of glasses of wine and talk. I, thoroughly enjoyed myself I must say.

On the remodel front: We have gotten to a point where we are stopped right now. The toilet is on back order so we wait. While we wait the other bathroom is getting a mini makeover and we are replacing all the cheap doors in the house and the hardware; door knobs, locks, etc. Kind of tired of not knowing who is going to be walking through the door at any time but it is all worth it. It will be a nightmare when we finally start the master bath add on. We meet with the architect today to finalize the plans. He's been getting bids and I think we just need to say "OK" and we start the process. It will be a long drawn out deal. They have to move part of the sewer, the gas line, the generator, deal with the water run-off then start tearing off part of the house. YIKES! It is going to be so very awesome. I will have a lot to show and write about when it begins so stay tuned.
(We're also replacing the floor of the other guest full bath and I will have pictures when it is all done.)
I've been torn about this jury duty thing. My main problem is I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to stuff like this and it takes me right back to standing up in front of a class and giving a speech. I always, always conveniently got sick and missed that day. Sometimes it worked. I was told that I could write on the back that I was the primary care-giver for my father, which essentially I am but as I was reading I would still have to show up. That is a problem. I think I'm just going to do it and if Daddy has a problem, well, I will have to leave then. We'll just play the cards as they were dealt. Whew! That is big for me.
Back to real life today. I worked out with the personal trainer, Wade this morning and now I need to shower and hit the road. I am first going to buy a birthday gift for the son-in-law. He mentioned last night that he's having a terrible time with the squirrels and his bird feeders so I'm going to get him a squirrel deterrent bird feeder at Wild Birds Unlimited and some seed. He'll love it. Then I'll drag myself to the office while B and The Hubby have their noon dance lesson. I'm sure I have a load of mail to open. Probably won't go in tomorrow. We head to the cabin again on Friday for a birthday party on Saturday. I think tomorrow I'll visit my Daddy and possibly Sis, if she is still at home recuperating. She may already be back at work I don't know as I've not talked to her since Friday. I know I'm bad but I didn't want the drama she was having with her physicians.

Later all.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Mini Vacation

This has been the most awesome mini vacation for me. Yesterday the day was just glorious as I sat on Harri and Jimbo's deck for nearly four hours reading blogs and posting one myself. I finally went in and spruced up the kitchen and put a few strokes on my painting. I decided that I would clean out the freezer part of the refrigerator, so the trash needed to be taken to the dumpsters. I still had my lounging pants and tank-T on and house shoes as I hopped on the golf cart and took a little ride with my camera in hand. I didn't want to miss an opportunity to capture a moment. A quick toss into the smelly dumpster as a ferrel cat jumped out of one behind me, scaring me too death then I was off to see who was here for the week and take in a most wonderful day. (Right now a Cardinal is going to make himself hoarse calling to the little lady Cardinals.) I went back through the gate and took the first turn to find MT sitting on her stone deck with another cabiniter E. They flagged me down for a glass of iced tea. Now, these ladies are not my normal gang to visit, in fact I/we've never been invited to one of their parties so I was honored. I sat down to a delicious glass of tea and delightful chatter when another lady, Miss Pat walked up. MT told me that she had invited the ladies for a bowl of beans at 2pm and I was going to eat with them. Again I was honored and had a most delicious bowl of beans, iced tea and great company. Too bad I was still greasy from not showering yet, but hey, that is the joy of this place; no makeup, no shower and no dressing up. It's casual all the way and I was fitting that bill to a tee. I spent a good two hours with the ladies, who are all about 15-20 years older than me. Finally, I was on my way with the camera taking the leisurely way home. I drove down to the waterfall, the wigwam and all the way to the rock barrier but didn't find too much pretty yet. The trees are still showing so much damage from the ice storm that until the leaves pop it's just plain ugly. I did get a nice picture of the bell and old fireplace that is the remnant from the old caretakers cabin some 40 years ago or so.
Today is not much different from yesterday except for the breeze but it's supposed to be a bit warmer. Tomorrow I will head for town and I'm not looking forward to it. I probably won't leave till later in the afternoon. I want to soak up as much alone time as I can. I really should be writing on my story but just not in the mood. Maybe this afternoon as most of the full-timers are gone today. Just have to contend with the tractor on the other road fixing a water leak. Can really do without that right now but I'll still enjoy the sun and the air and the birds and allergies...AAaaachoo!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Spring Break

Yes I am having my own spring break. I'm sitting on Harri and Jimbo's deck blogging right now. I look terrible but hey I'm on spring break and who the hell cares, I surely don't.

Saturday night was yet another 50th birthday party here at the retreat and so we again danced the night away. Wait, I didn't dance the night away but The Hubby surely did. I danced with him a few times but I was tired and full of a whole bottle of wine so I was heading home about 9:30 on S&J's golf cart to pour myself into bed. The Hubby on the other hand had a nice night and danced till about midnight. Good for him. I came up here on Friday afternoon with the plan to stay until Wednesday and hopefully that will happen. My little Miata was filled to the brim with writing stuff, paints, clothes, and food. Actually most of the food I brought was Lean Cuisine and milk. We went to a dinner at another cabin on Friday and I was responsible for olives. Yes, I said olives. I had some leftover from the weekend before party. They were from Whole Foods in the marinated olive section. I had a huge container and they were just delicious so that was my contribution for dinner. We had tortilla soup, salad and appetizers of cheese, crackers and olives. Very light and very good as we were all tired from the week. Nice chat, a little TV, wine and the company of good friends is just what the doctor ordered for me.

Saturday, The Hubby and both slept in till 9 and again on Sunday. We’re becoming a little lazy I guess, or we need it. I guarantee when the weather is better in the AM and we have the windows open I will be up to watch the sun come up. I love that. To hear the birds start to wake up the day and have the quiet morning darkness filled with the sounds of a crisp morning is just awesome. Saturday, The Hubby and I spent most of the day lounging on the couch in front of a roaring fire and the television. I recently signed us up for NetFlix and so I had a few movies to watch. We watched Iron Man and Into The Wild. We enjoyed just doing nothing all day long and even took naps to make it through the evening.

Yesterday The Hubby left for town after spending most of the day with me. I took my shower and then headed over to the deck to check out the internet since it had warmed up nicely. Harri plied me with lots of good wine and were joined with PO and MT for lots of girl chat and laughter. I heated up part of the leftover hot artichoke dip from Saturday night and we chowed down. I gave the lovely ladies a short lesson about blogging, twitter and Amazon.com. Later MT went home and we three went inside for chili, salad and brownies and to watch the Amazing Race. After dinner PO left and Harri and I watched Celebrity Apprentice and couldn’t believe Trump didn’t send Rodman home too. What a mess. Poor Harri was falling asleep in her chair and I think was glad I finally left to go to my cabin. She left early this morning for work. It was so nice for PO and Harri to stay and keep me company last night.

Oh my gosh this day is just awesome. I slept till nine again but got up and painted a little on a new painting, read a bit and now I’m blogging and writing on Harri’s deck. I am leaving my woes at the gate of this place and not going to think about anything except me and my well-being this week. I found a blog called The Secret is in the Sauce and since then I've been getting so many visits from the ladies. It's wonderful and I also get to find other blogs to read which I love. Thanks ladies.

Some observations about being here during the week. It's really kind of quiet and peaceful, unlike the last time I tried to stay here during the week. There was all kinds of construction going on and it was horrible. Today in the little loop where our cabin and Harri's is located there are four familes that live here full time. It is nice that I don't feel totally isolated. There is one lady that I swear has been on the phone for 3 hours solid, explains a lot about her busy-body ways (some of you may know who I mean fellow cabinites).

Friday, March 13, 2009

First the man bra then ...

First we had the man bra as seen on Seinfield, then we had the murse, now we have... Mantyhose. What will they think of next. These pictures are just hilarious.

Now back to more serious stuff. I am finally here at the cabin on a Friday afternoon and plan on staying here until at least Wednesday, without The Hubby. Oh, he will be here for the weekend but will go back to town on Sunday leaving me to totally enjoy myself. I've brought 2 books, my paints, my laptop (duh) and I'm going to sleep, sleep, sleep. I know he really doesn't understand my need for a little vacation but I so need it. This past week has just been crazy.

This morning didn't help things out. I slept so hard last night that I didn't even hear the TV alarm go off. I was out. I finally pushed myself out of bed and realized that my legs were going to be a problem today. Yesterday, Wade, my trainer, had me doing tons of squats across the room. Then last night The Hubby wanted to go to the Home and Garden show at the QT Center. Man, walking on that hard concrete on iffy legs at that just took a toll on my lower half. I did get up and the first thing I did was to shuffle off to the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee and load the dishwasher. The sink was full and I didn't want to leave it for him this week. While I was in the shower the stupid 3 year old drawer dishwasher(s) started acting up. When I went into the kitchen they both were beeping to beat the band and I didn't even turn the bottom one on. I couldn't make it stop. So I called the electrician hubby and he wasn't a lot of help. He had me go to the breaker box in the garage and find the one marked dishwasher. Well, again I am married to the electrician and we have state of the art kind of electrical boxes and home automation stuff. I finally found a breaker that was listed "Spare Under Sink". Well, guess what that was the dishwasher, not a spare. Will have to fix that later. Just now The Hubby called and he was working on the stupid thing and the warning was that the flood alarm was going off. What now! Oh well, I'm gone for a few days and it is in his hands. I'm not going to worry about it. He's the gadget guru, not me, I'm on vacation.

Other news is that Sis is home from the hospital, but not on good terms with her doctor, AT ALL! She has been begging for days to go home but they wanted to wait and let the IV meds get her blood thinner, very slowly. She is not a good hospital person but she has been absolutely on her best behavior this time. The cardiologist, who is not her regular one was not going to let her go. She wanted to have an injection kind that they give in her belly that she has had many times before so she could go home. The assistant Dr. was in agreement with Sis and this morning when the assistant Dr. went to the cardiologist again to plead Sis's case the cardiologist burst into her room slamming the door open scaring Sis half to death. Uh, you don't do that to a cardio patient! He yelled, I said yelled, at her that she was giving his staff problems and that if she wanted to go home then she could go home and deal with it. Sis was in tears and shock. When she and her husband left they were handed a card for an appointment at his office in April and she told them NO WAY would she ever set eyes on him again. Then they went to her regular GP doctor and he was infuriated with the whole scene and they both are filing formal charges against the doctor. Can you imagine the nerve of the guy. I don't see Sis get upset, crying upset very often. This was just uncalled for. Anyway, she is home and that is a good thing.

Thanks everyone for the good wishes and prayers for Sis and me. I so appreciate it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I can't get a break

I posted yesterday that Sis is okay so far and going home in a few days. That is good. I also mentioned about the jury duty. I did call this morning and yes I have to serve yet again. So the first thing I had to do was reschedule my doctor appointment that has been on my calendar for 6 months. Now I need business casual dress attire and I don't think jeans will work. Too bad that is usually what I wear everyday.

Last night was a nice relaxing evening of television, going back and forth between Biggest Loser and American Idol. I hit the bed about 9 to watch Law & Order: SVU and part of the news then I was in dreamland. The telephone rang about 11:30 when we were both just getting into deep sleep. It was the alarm company about the shop. The Hubby took the phone in his den to check out the security cameras and asked the lady if it was the cleaning crew, which it was. He saw on the cameras that the usual white truck was not there but a police car. When he came back to the bedroom to get his cell phone to call the cleaning crew lady then back to the computer the cameras showed a black car and there were 4 people inside the shop and one was checking out the inside of one of the vans. He called the cleaning lady's cell and she told him that her truck was just stolen from in front of the shop and she had filed a report with the police. He told (I was listening from the bedroom) her that he would review the tapes on the security system when he got to the shop in the morning. When The Hubby came to bed I told him it sounded like a Repo-Man job.

Well, this morning he reviewed the cameras and saw a big tow truck pull up to her truck, stick a long bar out, (the driver never exited the tow truck), and load the truck in less than 3 seconds. Then it took off like a rocket. Our shop guy who knows about car stuff said it was a repo. The Hubby called her to tell her what he saw and asked her if she had a loan on the truck and if she had late payments. She said yes, she was a couple of months late. Well, there you are! My problem is that there were odd people here in our shop. I don't like that and The Hubby told her he didn't like it either.

After all that happened on the phone last night I of course had my adrenaline up and so it was around 2:30 before I could drift off to sleep. So I did not rise out of bed till 8 am and the carpenter usually is on the job by 8:20. Oops, I had to get a move on. I did pretty good leaving the house and got the office a little after 9. I've been invoicing, paying bills, answering the phone, changing doctor's appointments, and general stuff. I even had time to go to the bank and have lunch with my friend. Oh and I forgot, I woke up with a crick in my neck so had to call and tell my team I couldn't be there today. I'm opting for a glass of wine or two with another friend tonight. I need it.

Since spring break starts for the junior college next week I'm taking full advantage of B being here. I'm leaving for the cabin on Friday and I'm not coming back until Wednesday, late in the afternoon because I have a hair appointment on Thursday and I might get a painting class since I'm going to miss on Tuesday. I so need to GET AWAY. I'm feeling a lot overwhelmed right now. Almost want to run away.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update, update!

The news is in on Sis. She passed the stress test and can go home, just not for a few days while they get her coumodin leveled out right. She was in tears and begging to go home but it is best that she stay in the hospital. We DO NOT want another episode again. Thank you so very much EVERYONE for the well wishes for me and Sis. It meant so much to me. Thanks again.

To top off the day, I got yet another jury duty summons today. It has been 10 months since I was last called for municipal court. This summons is for district court. I know they can't call you again for a time period, but that may be for the one I already served on and not the district. You know I really don't mind at all serving but right now I just don't need it. I've got too many irons in the fire to squeeze it in. I'll call tomorrow and see what they say but if I have too I guess I have too.

Just a little note...ENOUGH Entertainment Tonight...I've had enough of the nightly stories about the octoplets and their mother. Yadda, yadda, yadda! I thought that show was the "entertainment" industry. Apparently not. They are perpetuating the story and keeping it in the limelight which is exactly what she wants. She's a nut. I feel for the babies and her other children being brought into the forefront of the world like that. Okay, I'm stepping down off the soapbox.

Painting and Sis update

Well here are some pics of my painting I worked on today but as of nearly 5pm we don't know anything from the test they ran on Sis today.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Sis Update

I went to the hospital to Sis yesterday afternoon and she was in a fairly nice mood but scared. She is really not the best patient and I usually have to tell the nurses and doctors sorry for having to take care of her. To have had two open heart surgeries, two c-sections, a hysterectomy, and tonsilectomy you would think she could be a little more understanding but most of the time she is not. Today she had her heart-cath test and was really, really scared. I didn't know what time it was to be but assumed it would be afternoon so I hit the office to get some work out of the way. I took off to be there about 2 pm and arrived to find her hubby in the surgery waiting room about 2:30, he had been there since 7:30 this morning. He said they took her down hours ago but that her blood was too thin and were waiting for it to thicken a bit. Thirty minutes later they called and she was done. We find out after the doctor came in to talk to us that she did indeed raise cain and this time she was right. They had her laying there waiting for hours and she asked why they were waiting, and they told her. She asked when they took her blood because they had not done so all day long. They told her 2:45 AM. Well, she went ballistic and told them that was 12 hours ago and insisted they take it again. They did and immediately did the procedure. Imagine.

The test revealed that she did not have a heart attack but she does have blockage. It has nothing to do with the previous valve replacement and hole(s) repair and replacement something else (can't remember), but with her previous smoking habit and diet. She was upset and told the doctor that she had quit smoking three years ago (yes that is 7 years after the first open heart surgery) and is working out and eating oatmeal (still uses salt like a fiend) and so forth. The doctor told her that it was the diet before and the smoking that has left the plaque build-up and caused her problems. The very strange and sort of funny thing is that I am overweight, don't smoke (never have), eat well (and have for years), exercise (you can't tell but I do), and have great cholestrol, triglycerides, etc. It's crazy that both my siblings smoked and still smoke (brother). They both have been thin all of their lives but they have lung issues (imagine) and back issues and now her heart issue. I'm healthy, except for the MRSA thing but I'm beating that.

My Daddy is very scared but he still hasn't visited the hospital. His excuse is that his hip won't let him walk but I know he worked in his garden all day yesterday. My guess is that he just can't handle it. Besides all that...today would be my Momma's 73rd birthday. Thank you everyone for the care and good thoughts. It absolutely means the world to me.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

We Be Dancing Fools!

Yes this weekend we be dancing fools. Last night at the cabin habitat we went to a 50th birthday bash for Sin at the wigwam (the community gathering place). They had booked the group G-Note and we just about danced our feet off. We did the West Coast Swing, line dancing, disco (my fav) and some oldies like the twist. It was a great party with lots of food, music, laughter and friends. I think we danced for hours and my feet today are killing me, but it was totally worth it. The gala finally wrapped up around midnight and we headed to the barn to rest our weary bodies. I thought it best to check any phone messages just in case and I must have known something was wrong. My brother had left a message that our sister was in the hospital with her heart. She had two open heart surgeries about 10 years+ ago to replace a valve and close some holes. She's been fine but Saturday she had intense chest pains, numbness in both of her hands and couldn't keep any kind of food down. They're not real sure what's going on so tomorrow she will have a heart-cath test, which she hates, to see if there is a blockage. I think that is what the doc's think is going on. She hopes they are able to do a balloon thingy and all will be alright. I hope so too. It's very scary and she is only 49 years old.

Back to the party night. After calling my brother at 12:30 and getting him out of bed to hear what was going on with sis we poured our weary bodies in the soft comfy bed. The air was so nice that we slept with our windows open both Friday and Saturday night. I had just about got my head to calm down so I could drift to sleep when a truck stopped in front of our cabin and a lovers quarrel could be heard going on in the truck. I won't elaborate on who because some parties read this but let's just say it was bad, very, very, bad. The F word was used a lot with kicking and hitting the truck. This went on for 45 minutes until I decided to make a phone call to a party that could stop it. I have yet to find out what all happened after they took off and the other party got involved but sleep was not to be found until about 2:30 last night. We slept in till nearly 9 this morning, which hasn't happened in many years.

Back in town I immediately took a trip to the hospital to check on sis. Talked to my Daddy who is upset that he can't get there to see her. His hip is so sore he can hardly walk. Our brother popped in to check on her also and probably will be back this evening. I'll be at the office early in the morning to get the Monday morning crap done then I'll head out to be with her and see how the tests go. I don't know if she can handle surgery again. I don't know if I can after cratering just thinking about my Daddy and surgery. Hmmm, trip to the therapist I think.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Happy Birthday

This weekend we are celebrating a 50th birthday for my friend Sin. Last night we had a faux party for her on Harri and Jimbo's deck. The poor thing was kept at her cabin until we all had arrived on the deck then she was brought over on the golf cart. She arrived and was immediately brought to tears. You see her brother had left the day before for a new job opportunity in California and she was just beside herself and turning 50 to top off the week. Little does she know that tonight is the big party with over 110 people that have RSVP'd for the event. They will have band, G-Note, her favorite and lots of food. It should be a great time for Sin yet I can see the conflict she is feeling. Her best friend from college even drove down from Amarillo last night with two other friends and she was again crying. It was a good cry for her though and I think it helps that they are here. You know, her birthday is actually March 9, same as my Momma.

Yesterday the wallpaper was put up in the guest bathroom and it is AWESOME. I'm very glad The Hubby really likes it and it looks so good. We will have to wait a couple of weeks to get the toilet because the kind we like TOTO is out of stock. Yes I know it is a little weird that we have a favorite toilet but we do and we get the high ones used for handicap access. We're getting ready. Hey, there's not so much splatter that the guys tend to leave as they are closer to the bowl when they give it a good shake! Okay, now a few more pics. Also, they started the tear-out of the guest bathroom, my green garden bathroom that is by "my" room. I love it because I had it painted spring green with the cream trim and I accessorize it with pink, green, white and yellow towels, my garden bathroom. Makes my eyes very happy. We're just replacing the floor as it had a huge crack in the tile running across it and it drove The Hubby crazy. I just threw a rug over it but it bugged him. He's a touch OCD. All good for me as I get a new floor.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm a winner

Yes, I'm a winner. I am remiss in not announcing this sooner but just got wrapped up in travel, doctor appointments and stuff. I'm a bad, bad girl.

Thank you so much LAgirl at Sweet Tea. I am the proud recipient of the audio book Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews. It arrived today and I'm very excited to listen to it. There was an added bonus of some adorable Mary Englebreit note cards. Wow! Thank you again.

Today I'm taking the entire day off. Yes, the entire day. I am not moving out of this house, oh well, except to go to the personal trainer this morning. I don't even have the writing class tonight as it was canceled due to low enrollment. But that is okay too. So far I've watched 2 hours of Charmed as usual, watched the DVR of America's Next Top Model and American Idol, cleaned out three bird cages, eaten an omelet and an avocado, the dishes, taken my shower (with all the cleansers I have to use now) and well, that is about it. I need to do my laundry but I'm not going to kill myself over it. I'm enjoying just being here and the phone hasn't been ringing either which is very weird. Usually The Hubby or B or A are calling me. I like this quiet. I even have the TV on mute as it is so calm here today. I need this alone time occasionally. I probably should write but I'm just not feeling wordy inspiration right now. I'm feeling, well, LAZY and I'm very good at that. I have a real talent for it. Hey wait, that's my calling, lazy! Okay, now I'm just being silly but I know of a few family members who would agree with me.

I've also thought about washing my car today but that would mean crawling into the azalea hedge and grapple with the hose to hook it up to the spigot and I'm not feeling that right now. Speaking of my car, the carpenter dropped by the house to get some of his tools for a job at our shop and noticed something leaking out of the back of my car. It was water. Where in the world did that come from. Oh my God, that car! I love it but it has already seen better days with a hailstorm, a shopping cart crammed into the side of it, numerous nails in my tires and it doesn't even have 20,000 miles on it yet. The Hubby wants me to test drive some different kinds of cars, that are more sturdy and substance. He's afraid of me driving my itt-bitty car, I do love it. I kind of like some of the Jeeps (I used to have one) and mentioned it. He suggested I test drive. Okay, maybe I will. Hey another NEW car and the Miata is only 2 years old itself. I might like that. Even though I love my car I am limited to people who can ride with me and the amount of stuff I can tote around. There are some good and bad points here.

On the BlogHer note: my friend purchased our plane tickets. I'm so amped for this girl trip. It ought to be awesome. Thanks for the nudge K. I'm glad we're going.

Done rambling, think I had better be productive today....

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dance Class

I agreed to join The Hubby at his group dance class tonight and he was overjoyed. I have to admit it was fun but I'm not in love with it like he is. We danced for an hour in the beginners West Coast Swing and my memory was taxed trying to remember the moves. I was actually sweaty by the end of the hour. The Hubby warned me that it was actually 2 hours of classes so I knew I was in for it. While the first class was ending a couple entered the room for the next class. They sat on the bleachers in the gym watching and I told The Hubby that the guy looked really, REALLY familiar. I went to the restroom and when I came back in they had name tags on. I walked over to The Hubby who was standing close to them. The guy turned and I saw the first two letters of his name Cl...OH MY GOSH...I did know him. I walked up to him and said, "Cl... I know you." He looked curiously at me and I continued, "I'm ****** (my maiden name)." He was shocked. The guy goes back over 35 years since I have seen him. He is about 4 years older than me and used to work for my father. He used to have a crush on me too but didn't dare follow through as my father knew he was a kind of bad boy and that my daddy would not be pleased. I got to dance with him too as we had to change partners a lot. Actually, that was the yucky thing of the evening. One old geezer had his face not more than 6 inches from my face and had this creepy grin and arched eyebrow staring at me.....OOooo....so creepy.

On a sad note. Today is the third anniversary of the loss of my best friend Gail. Miss you my dear.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Painting update

The first one is the original photograph and the other two are today's additional layers of paint. The last pic is of a painting I started in another class probably 6 years ago and it was never finished. I'm hoping the instructor can help me get it going and finished. It's not my favorite one but I need to finish it.

Dermatologist Saga - Part II

To see Part I of my incident at the Dermatologist read this then you can go on to read this post. I wrote a letter to my dermatologist about what happened with his PA and the assistant. Last night after I had turned my phone off my dermatologist called and left me a message to call him back which I did at 8 am this morning. Thank goodness he was very upset about what happened to me and vowed to get to the bottom of the incident. I am very glad and will, from now on only book an appointment to see him instead of the PA, unless I'm very desperate. The rest of the conversation left me absolutely scared out of my wits and very anxious. He was more concerned with the problem with the MRSA and wants me to see an ear, nose and throat guy and possibly an infectious disease doctor. YIPES! I really don't want to do that and it scares the bejeezes out of me. My gut is in knots right now. He will call back tonight and wants his office to order me up a antibiotic ointment for my nose and ears, yuck. There might be another round of different antibiotics eventually if I have another outbreak and possibly a stay in the hospital and IV antibiotics. OH MY GOD!!!!! Yeah, I'm pretty scared about it all but we'll see if I can keep this stuff at bay on my own with my probiotics, vitamins, Omega 3-6-9, vitamin C, etc. I just don't want to go that route if I can help it. My God I'm really in a little bit of a panic.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Too Tired to Write

I'm almost too tired to write today. What a busy day. The Hubby had jury duty this week so I knew I would have to be full tilt at the office today. Here it is nearly 5 o'clock and I haven't heard from him since lunch. That is not a good sign. Means he probably has a huge case or at least one that is going to last a bit. Wow, I'm sitting here with my fingers on the keys and nodding off. I told you I'm almost too tired to write. Being the first of the month I had loads and loads of bills both personal and business to pay. Plus The Hubby spent the afternoon yesterday doing a few invoices so yes I worked pretty hard today. I also finished getting the personal taxes together so now I have to drop them off at the accountant. Just a lot to do the first three months of the year.

When I pulled into the driveway I saw that the carpenter was gone but when I opened the door I found he is not gone for long. The music is still blaring, and my kitchen has been partially dismantled. When we remodeled the house three years ago there were some neat soft close drawers in the kitchen and one of them broke almost immediately. The Hubby talked to Rick, the carpenter about fixing it so my silverware is all over the kitchen floor and cabinets. The flashlight was left on and overhead lights too. He'll be back soon to finish. The smell of paint will hang here for days until we are through. The Hubby was going to hang the wallpaper himself but he talked to Rick about someone else to hang it instead. I say yes. Rick also built a sink/cabinet and it is sitting in the middle of the entry way with the first coat of tung oil, waiting for the wax part. It will be very similar to the kitchen cabinets of knotty alder. The Hubby also talked to Rick about getting the cracked floor out of the guest bathroom and replacing so that will be another go around of construction and very dusty. This is just the beginning to the add on that is coming in the next month or two. I do not look forward to cleaning out my closet and bathroom area and sleeping in a full size bed with a 6'2" hubby. Oh well, it's all good. Oh I think the music has stopped.