Saturday, February 15, 2020

Art Pause

Springtime in Northeast Oklahoma
9x12 oil on linen panel
The past couple of weeks my local art world has given me pause.  You see, I recently said, "YES" to take on a position in the local organization as newsletter editor.  I like doing newsletters and have taken classes on writing them.  My skills at writing are a bit rusty but I will depend on my English major daughter to critique them!!!  Win on my part there.

There have been two board meetings since the first of the year and last week I sucessfully got out the first edition of the newsletter.  That all is not a problem at all and I think everyone was quite happy with the newsletter.  The issue are the board meetings, in particular the last one.  We had a discussion on a project that we've done for about three years now, the first one I was a part of.  It was a film project with students from a local high school where the students make films about artists and they're posted on YouTube. I loved mine but it's a film that I must promote myself from their YouTube channel.  Our organization funded the projects, well, not really funded but supported financially and it has gotten out of hand money wise, money we, as a group really don't have. Oh, we want to support the students and the program and want to do the films but one of our art members has facilitated the project, setting it up to where WE, the group actually pay the students and I have a problem with that.  The thing is a class project and should not be a "paid" project.  At the last board meeting, after lots of discussion I made a motion that we not support the project financially for the year 2021, but that if the students needed people to interview and make films then by all means we are there, just not monetarily.  But truly, the last year the person faciltating the project could NOT even get participants.  She had to beg and plead people to send in their applications so the teacher (if the teacher was even choosing) could choose the next subjects.

Everyone, EVERYONE in that meeting voted to accept my motion, there were NO nays, not a one. Since the board meeting one of the board members went back to the project creator and told her I WAS THE ONE who made the motion and that we were not going to back the project again.  The proverbial S**T hit the fan this week.  OH MY GOSH, now the person who went tattling is planning on coming back to the next meeting and having us RESCEND the vote and vote again, that she has more than 2/3 of the board on her side, all being prompted by the offended creator of the project.  I really doubt that is true but we will see.  The problem with that little scenario is that our president went to the teacher and told him everything, every email, that has taken place and guess what, he doesn't want the crazy either.  He told the president that he wouldn't take a million dollars to do the project with us anymore.  So, the rescend the motion, re-vote and all the hoopla is a moot point.  It is done, finished, over!

Then this morning I saw on Facebook that the creator of the project, a person of which I am in two groups with, has unfriended me.  Really, I don't care but GOOD GRIEF!  Let's be vindictive why don't we.  She is taking this all so personally and the bottom line is that WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY as a group to continue doing the project. There are accusations that the treasurer has stolen some of the donated money (we have donators for the project sometime) and that is going to go over like a lead balloon in the next meeting.  If that happened it is possible that it is just a coding mistake, easily fixed but truly, not that many people have donated money to the project.  We could possibly have the treasurer, president, vice president and me, newsletter editor walk out the door.  And, now that our organization is a 501C3 or 5013C organization we could have problems with all that.  It has taken a terrible turn and frankly I don't need it.  I am voluntering my time as is everyone on the board to make this 90 year old organization do what it is intended, bring art to the world, share art.  It is not a self-promoting group, we are not going to feed these egos that seem to prevail in the art world.

I am just going to paint and try to ignore the stupidity of all this crap.  Please enjoy my paintings and ignore my ramble that I had to get off my chest so I COULD paint!

Saturday, February 08, 2020

My Painting World

The weekend is here...YEAH!  Honestly the week just seemed to creep by and I'm not sure why, probably because of the nasty snow.  I am NOT a snow or winter person at all and that may explain my desire to paint green, lots and lots of green lately.
Red House in the Country

Fishin' Hole
It's funny that I felt stuck with my art stuff but I think it's evolving because look what I've been doing lately.  Of course, lots of green but look closely, it's kind of more impressionism than realism and it's landscapes.  I'm finding myself drawn to create them lately.   
Hay Time
My studio partner, Linda and I have a show coming up this September in Broken Arrow and I felt I needed some collections, sets, a focus.  It's always been flowers before and I know I'll do that but I think I've already got a collection going here!!!  I just realized that this morning when I was looking at what I've created lately, and I am going to continue, if I can find some more pictures to work on.   
Moss Mountain Farm
 Hoping this spring will give me tons of stuff to do and MAYBE I just might get outside and actually plein air paint!!!!
Remembering Charlotte
 I will continue the portrait stuff but I'm struggling on those and need to find a portrait class to take.  Actually, Linda is going to teach one and I told her I am first on her list!!!

Plus this spring we will take a workshop in Tulsa from a guy named Patrick Saunders.  I'm not sure who got him to come to Tulsa but I am VERY happy about that. 

Gotta run and PAINT!