Thursday, February 26, 2015

Being Home?

Being home may not be all it's cracked up to be for Daddy.  He has been home since Monday with Home Health Care coming in every 24 hours to run his IV infusion but yesterday was a hiccup.  He developed a clogged in his pic line.  So off to the hospital my brother took him about 11 a.m.  to have it flushed.  I was watching Rio all day so I was not able to go.  I checked in later in the day about 4:30 to find out they were STILL in the ER waiting.  WHAT!  I decided I needed to spell brother so I canceled my plans and headed that way.  Bro took the brunt of that trip while I only had a couple hours of waiting.  They finally, FINALLY came in to clear Daddy's pic line about 7:15 p.m. He had not had his daily dose of antibiotic either so after a 45 minute wait while they searched for a pump he had his meds on board and we were out the door about 8:30.  So count the hours, 9-1/2 hours Daddy and us waited to be seen for a pic line flush.  That was totally ridiculous and as we were leaving the "head" nurse guy came in and apologized for the wait and asked that we call and lodge a complaint with his boss, the head honcho over all the nurses.  Said that it would have more impact from patients than employees.  I guess there is some terrible internal hospital crap going on there.  I so wish Daddy was with a different medical group because this hospital has had lots of issues for years.  I can't imagine that this is only the 3rd day for the pic line at home and he has weeks and weeks more of this.  We made sure that Daddy understood that this kind of wait for us would not be happening if he were in the skilled nursing care.  And if they doctor thinks he will be able to do this infusion thing on his own in a few weeks they are NUTS!  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stubborn, Stubborn, Stubborn

Those three words are how I describe my Daddy.  Stubborn!!!  He went home yesterday from the hospital against what we knew he needed.  It was all my brother could do to get the get the guy even in the hospital in the first place.  The plan was 3-4 days in the hospital with his antibiotic infusion, then to skilled nursing for 60-90 days.  Once the plan was made the battle began and continued until he came home yesterday.  My daddy can be a very, VERY angry man.  You will often see a waving finger pointing at you and more often his fist, which he has used.  That fist was waved at the lady doctor and we had to apologize.  And the look, oh the look will buckle my knees, it's the look of an angry parent.  I am nearly 59 years old and that look still makes me quake in my boots.  On Sunday Bro and I both got phone calls from the hospital social worker telling us that he was going to go home with the pic line and needed to have the infusion done every 12 hours and that it would take an hour or so each.  Asked if we could do it, that he said "Carla can swing by to do it!"  No Carla can not.  He had the nerve to tell Bro that we kids needed to "Step Up."  What in the world does he think we have been doing.  Daddy will be 80 in August and he pretty much has his mind, angry and all, and mostly his health.  He still goes and goes when he wants to.  He is now home with home health care coming every 24 hours because the doctor knuckled and changed the protocol of meds to allow him to go home.  The HHC will only be there for two weeks because of insurance but they will teach him how to change the bag of meds.  Okay, really.  I told Bro that the next time this happens Daddy probably won't tell us, I can guarantee it.  I told Daddy at the hospital yesterday that I was leaving on Sunday for Scottsdale Artist School and would be gone for a week.  His response was, "well, we'll see!" Like I'm NOT going.  He is home with two good siblings to fill in and I have planned this for 6 months.  I am going!!!!!!!  It's funny, Daddy tells all three of us kids different things.  He plays us on each other too.  Not cool Daddy.  Taking a page from his mother's playbook and that was nasty.  He told Sis that he didn't have long to live.  He tells Bro that he can live on his own, that Carla can take of it all.  When he sees me he starts saying he can live with me.  NO!  Not happening Daddy.  I grew up with that anger and not going to live with it again.  Daddy has been hanging around with his childhood best friend again and although I love the guy, Jay has a very nasty mouth on him, a bigoted nasty mouth.  Well, Daddy has started emulating that and it is not pretty.  I think even the anger is being enhanced by it.  

Oh gosh, I am rambling but it is good to vent here and let it go!  Thanks for reading.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow, Snow, Snow

I won't complain as this has been a pretty mild winter for us.  It snowed Sunday night into Monday morning and it is quite beautiful.  I haven't even tried to venture out as I knew there was nothing to do at the office.  The answering service could handle the phone and the post office and banks were closed, so there was no reason for me to get out.  I did a bit of painting, crocheting and catching up on General Hospital and The Young and the Restless soaps.  

Contemplating the journey that Daddy is getting ready to take and it will not be fun.  He has yet another infection or maybe it never went away after a couple of surgeries.  The last go around he would NOT let them do IV antibiotics and now he is paying the price.  The pill form was not effective.  Honestly I think it will never go away, that he will battle this stuff till the day he dies.  Bro has taken this most recent challenge on as I've been to busy at the office, watching Rio and the painting challenge.  I'm also gearing up for a week in Scottsdale, Arizona for a week of art workshops.  Daddy's infectious doctor wanted to put him in a long term care facility for awhile but the stupid insurance (and he has two - Medicare and his own) will not pay for his meds that will be between $4000-$8000.  He needs a pic-line.  I remember that one of the many times he has been in the hospital someone said that they would pay only if he funneled through the hospital to the long term care.  That sometimes doctors get around this by putting them in the hospital for a few days and then transition to the LTC.  As of yesterday Bro sent me a text that that is exactly what they plan on doing.  The issue now is that he has his sweet kitty, Susie, that may come to stay with us while he is there for a few months.  The Hubby is not crazy about it but it is what it is.  We had cats for years and he can handle one for a few months and if something happened that Daddy could not go home the cat would live with us and that is exactly what I told The Hubby!!!!!  We can't board the cat for 3 months when she is used to constant human love and contact.  There may be a reason I am painting cats lately!  

A few of my friends suggested that Daddy live with us but I just CANNOT do that.  I love my Daddy but I do love my marriage better.  Besides the infection he has is one I have had and I cannot be around it like that.  I cannot change his bandages, packing, and all ... YUCK!  Besides that is that I work a lot, we are gone a lot and we have our routine that I am not willing to give up.  It may sound selfish but I like my routine and I can control it.  I would not even, EVER expect to live with my children.  I would move to a retirement place like Montereau or Methodist Manor, willingly.  

"The 481"


"Here Birdie, Birdie"

Thursday, February 05, 2015

It Can Be Done

The 30 day painting challenge is done but I'm still painting  I took a couple of days off and I'm not rushing to complete anything but I still feel the draw to the easel.  On Monday's and Wednesday's I watch Rio at the office and I'm still able to paint, quite successfully.  This week she has literally been under my feet at the easel while I create, but I don't mind.  I enjoy her chatter and questions.  She does get in the game too at her easel and it's amazing to watch her get so quiet as she makes her little watercolor brush work the canvas.  

Look what the darling got last week!  Their sweet kitten Opal passed away and though it was rough an opportunity happened to bring ZeeBee into their life.  This kitten absolutely loves Rio and she is so gentle with him.  They will be pals forever.   May have to paint this!

Created these jewels this week with Snicklefritz under my feet! 
11x14 oil on senso linen canvas

11x14 oil on senso linen canvas
$ 175