Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Hats and Pumpkins

Oh goodness the past week or so has been rough and fun.  This STUPID head cold is taking its toll I can tell you.  I don't feel bad, just tired and absolutely no fever, but a LOT of coughing.  Plus it was pretty contagious I think because this little darling had it, her momma, her granddad, me and now her Aunt Biff and Snicklefritz.  Good GRIEF!!!  At least she is completely well now but the rest of us are still the snot factory galore and coughing up a lung or two.  
I watched this little one just about all day on Saturday and we had great fun.  I was making her Aunt Biff this hat for a Halloween costume and showed it to her.  She immediately wanted to wear it.  I would have bet she would not have wanted that.  She's definitely opinionated about all kinds of stuff, but she wanted to.  Goodness it was cute, big on her, but cute.  So I sat about making her one in her size.  It was a fast pattern and she loved the hat.  
I then watched her on Sunday morning till about 1:30 while her momma was singing in the church choir, her job.  We watched Little Bear, ate lunch, colored and just enjoyed our time together.  

I'm ready to be over this cold now and finally felt like going back to the studio yesterday.  Pumpkins were on my mind to paint so I sketched this out and began.
Thought I would go back today but the office beckons me back there since it's the end of the month and we've got to get invoicing out.  Maybe tomorrow to finish.
I like it so far but have a bit to do.  MAYBE it will be finished just in time for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


I'm still here.  Been a tad ill this week.  Last week The Hubby got a nasty head cold with a horrible cough.  Don't worry, he was tested and it wasn't Covid.  Wasn't too worried anyway because we are both vaccinated and boostered.  Yes I know we can still get it but it would not be as severe, but he was tested.  I thought, THOUGHT, I was bullet proof but think again.  Friday I walked by his fire of burning leaves at the cabin and got a lung full of nasty smoke and almost immediately my throat was irritated.  I thought, yes, thought again, it was an allergic reaction but by Saturday morning I knew in my gut it was not.  He was sick an entire week and I showed no symptoms, at all.  So by Monday morning my throat was still sore and my voice was gone. Absolutely no fever for either of us, which was good news.  He actually went to the minor emergency the last Monday and got a cough syrup and antibiotic.  Now nearly two weeks later and he is still coughing. He's better but this thing is very slow to shrug off.  I was so bummed, first because I haven't been sick in two or three years and second, Monday morning I was to have my first visit with yet another hip doctor, a new one.  I had found a female doctor and was excited to go and get this show on the road!  Well, I had to call and reschedule for tomorrow (Wednesday) because they did not want me in there being sick.  Still have not much of a voice.  I thought by Wednesday I would be better, NOT!  I don't feel bad, not at all, just sound horrible.  I would not be able to mask (LOL) my illness.  When I called to reschedule I was informed she was pregnant and this was her last week and then off till the first of December.  Hmmm, well, okay.  Today, as I was contemplating rescheduling yet again tomorrows appointment my phone rang.  It was her office.  She is having her baby tomorrow!!!!!  So December 6th I reschedule.  Yes I could go to one of the other doctors, the one who wanted me to lose 20 pounds but I really wanted to have a female doctor.  So I'm totally okay with this decision.  I'm still having a hard time getting around a bit but maybe I should take this time to lose more weight!!!  It is what it is and I'm good with that.  Soon hip, real soon now.

Still painting.  This is my latest.
"Season's Changing"
oil on linen panel


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

This and That Tales of My Life and Others

Good morning all.  It's a wet morning so I am not moving out of the house until a bit later in the day.  Monday I went to the office to make a deposit and was extremely concerned when I went to the drive thru at the bank to find it closed, hmmm.  I thought, well the bank is having a lot of construction going on in the main bank maybe that has something to do with it.  So I drove to the next location at Utica Square and drove up to find a lot of red closed lights.  WHAT!  Ahhh, the other bank you are faced towards the windows and I can't read the signs, but this location you drive up beside and for some reason I didn't realize it was a bank holiday.  Well, crap.  So home I went with the deposit to take to the bank yesterday but forgot I was keeping Snicklefritz over night and most of the day.  So, this morning it is to the bank, after the rains have passed.  

The Hubby is sick.  This little dumplin' is sick.   Her momma is sick.  Funny thing is I'm not sick, neither is her daddy.  All have been tested, multiple of times and it is not Covid but a very, VERY nasty head cold.  I certainly hope the contagious thing is not slow and I get hit next week or something.  Ugh.  
Snicklefritz and I had great fun watching TV, chatting, playing Connect-4, Old Maid and Uno.  Some good one-on-one time.  Plus homemade macaroni and cheese, which she devoured.

This hip thing.  I'm honestly at a point now that I am almost immobile most of the time.  If I have to get up to go to the restroom I really think hard if I really need to get up.  I make sure that if I have to walk around that I get a lot of stuff done while I'm up because it is painful just standing or sitting down.  I've had two initial meetings with two different hip doctors of both basically told me I'm too fat and I've taken that and lost 20 pounds.  So I decided it is time, time to get the damn thing replaced.  I put in a message to the 2nd doctor but honestly my heart was not happy about "him,"  I kind of want a woman.  Maybe a woman won't have the "manly" attitude about FAT women.  I waited and waited since last week for a response back from the portal, crickets, absolute crickets.  So I took the bull by the horns and starting looking for another, yet a third opinion and a woman.  I found at Tulsa Bone and Joint, two ladies that do hips.  I chose a younger one who I hope will be more in tune with the new ways of hip replacement, I put in a request and yesterday received a phone call and made the appointment for Monday.  I'm actually excited.  They even have their own little hospital and like to do them kind of like out patient.  That is very appealing to me.  And wouldn't you know the other doctors office called not more than 30 minutes AFTER I made that appointment.  Tell you what, I'm going to the appointment and if I am not happy or she shoos me away I will call "the guy" and make that appointment.  Gosh, I'm scared but in too much pain and limited movement to not do this now.  It is time and I will have to work out the logistics at work the best I can.

Monday, October 04, 2021

Birthdays and Vaccines

This is the face of a fully vaccinated and boostered person.  I also had my flu shot and the pneumonia shot for over 65.  I am a HUGE believer in any kind of vaccines.  I was raised in the early times when polio was abounding in this world and my mother took me to the school cafeteria where I was given the sugar cube, gladly.  I also had the smallpox vaccine and have the scar to show for it.  I was born before there were mumps and measles vaccines, hence I had all that.  I've had several versions of measles, mumps and chicken pox (still have scars from that.)  Yes I did survive but a lot did not and some had lifelong debilitating side effects from the diseases.  
I had my 1st and 2nd Covid vaccine and last week I quickly got in line for my booster.  I had absolutely no side effects as did The Hubby when he got his on Friday.  We are both good and I feel a sigh of relief.  Yes I know I can still get the virus, much like the flu that they tell you that you can still get even if you are vaccinated. There are different variants and that is what is happening to the Covid virus.  I suspect that every fall when we line up for the flu shot the Covid shot will be part of it too.  You cannot just eat healthy or have some other kind of alternative care and think you are bulletproof, that is just insane.  Too many have died with that kind of attitude. Stepping down now. 

The weekend was very quiet at the cabin.  We watched football (not my thing) and enjoyed a small gathering for dinners and a bit of birthday cake for my friend.  Yesterday morning was just awesome as the fog rolled in and all you could hear were the crows in the background calling out that fall was here. 

Friday and Saturday also ushered in another year for both the grandgirls.  This little munchkin turned 2!  It's so hard to believe how fast she is growing.
Snicklefritz turned 9...WHAT!!!  So grown up she is.
Since their birthdays are a day apart we celebrated together and then they did their own things on the weekend.  Min said, "I blow candles, eat cake and make wish."  Yes she did.
Happy Birthday my darling girls.  Granny loves you to the ends of the earth and back.


Friday, October 01, 2021

Happy Birthday's

September ended with a whole lot of celebration and October is beginning with even more.  The 30th my dear mother-in-law would have been 94 years old and we so miss her every day.  Here she is holding my oldest who on the 24th celebrated 42 years of life.  
I cannot believe I am old enough to have a 42 year old but I am and she is.
On to October where today our first granddaughter turns 9 years old.  Wow, oh wow!  What a joy she has brought to our lives.
Then tomorrow we celebrate #2 grandkid who turns 2 years old.  Life is great with grands, better than I can even imagine.  The innocence and love they bring to our lives is priceless.