Sunday, September 30, 2007

I have a bone to pick!

The big birthday party for the MIL was a huge success. My BIL #2 supplied the FABULOUS spaghetti sauce and garlic bread and I did the salad and pies. Oh, and my peach cobbler and apple pies were the best I have ever made. We all sat at the super long table I set and had wonderful conversation...except for the other BIL that is really grating on me. I have a bone to pick with that one.

Let me clarify the characters of this story...

The BIL #1 - D
The BIL #1's wife - CH
All the characters of the day started assembling for the gathering to celebrate the MIL's 80th birthday. All of a sudden CH comes into the kitchen from the garage and asks if the side gate is open. I look at her and tilt my head like a confused dog and tell her I don't know. She runs out without explanation and I'm still tilting my head. I go to the sliding door and there is D walking around and CH is getting one of the lawn chairs for him to sit. I go out and they tell me that he is sick with some upper respiratory thing and doesn't want to get anybody sick. Hmmm, okay. So as the guests arrive they all take turns going out to the backyard as D holds court there.

Here is where I am miffed. EVERYTIME we have a function at this house of which we have been in almost 2 years D and Char spend nearly all their time here in that damn backyard. Most of the time they corral the one grandson Aiden because he is a tornado through my house. Aiden's parents walk in the door and D and CH grab him and off they go. We've had many family dinners here and they ALWAYS eat outside with Aiden and yesterday was not exception. I set a fabulous table for ALL to sit, squeezed together and there D and CH sat in the backyard eating off my good china while the rest of the family sat inside watching. I know he was sick but there is always an excuse for them not to be in my house. It ticks me off royally. When we finally moved into our house after the remodel and had our first big family deal they couldn't make it and then they started the backyard meals. To top off the day they left early because the mosquitoes were so bad and D couldn't stand it. Well, come in for goodness sake. I would rather get a germ from a family member.

Sorry I'm venting and I know it is silly but I've just about had it with them. It was a lovely day for the MIL and it was EVERYTHING she asked for.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Getting Ready

I woke up this morning as usual at 4:45 am...Dammit, and it wasn't the alarm that woke me. I guess getting up that early for 10 years is habit. I rolled over and tried to sleep a little longer and wished I hadn't. I slept till about 6:15 and was awakened but a NIGHTMARE. I won't go into it but it was absolutely horrible.

I went ahead and got up. I traipsed out to find the newspaper and then back in to fix my coffee. I read the news and then attempted the crossword and Sudoku. I failed miserably at the crossword but was successful with the Sudoku. I knew I had to get going with clean up of the kitchen and set my table for 13...wait a minute...maybe 14. Do you count a 3 year old for a place setting. I don't think I can squeeze another one in but I might ought to try, I guess. ARGHHHH!!! I decided to pull out my very large dining table and then put the game table at the end so we can all eat together, since we are having spaghetti for the MIL. It should be great fun but I'm already tired and it's only 9 am. I have to shower and then go to Sam's Club for flowers for the table. Here's a picture of the table so far...

On another note...I'm not looking forward to the little 3 year old great nephew coming over. He's all over the place and the parents don't disipline very well. Last time I hollered at him when he proceeded to shake my canary cage and parakeet cage sending feathers flying and birds into a state of shock. (I don't think I'm very ready for grandkids and thank goodness there are none on the way.)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Rings and things

This week, as I have stated on Monday, has been very eventful for #1 girl and The Guy. The ring he presented to her was his mother's and they planned on getting another since the whole thing was symbolic anyway (she hates gold). Well, I had a major brainstorm this week. When my mother passed away Sis scarfed up her rings and Granny's rings and scavenged the diamonds out of the mountings and then handed the mountings over to me to have. I know it sounds crappy but I knew she was getting the rings, or should I say diamonds so I'm okay with it (maybe). Anyway, I remembered that I had Granny's platinum mounting, which was very old and perfect for the criteria #1 had in mind for a ring. I showed it to #1 and offered for her to have it. She was absolutely thrilled, especially since she, of the five grandkids was closet to her "Great" Granny. She and The Guy went out and looked for a stone to put in it. Since she does not like diamonds they found a synthetic emerald for it and will pick it up on Tuesday. It makes me feel really good for them.

Tomorrow we are hosting the family dinner for The Hubby's mother's 80th birthday. I'm having 14 over for spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and homemade peach cobbler and apple pie. It was all by request of the MIL and I was happy to oblige. I'm actually only making the spaghetti (pasta), salad and pies, the BIL is making the bread and spaghetti meat sauce. It's funny, my house is messy but I don't seem to be in a rush to pick up. I know it's clean just a little messy. It won't take long to pick up and since The Hubby will gone most of the day at the office. He won't be under my feet to get in the way. I'm sure I won't be able to sleep in anyway so probably will be up and get most of it done by 8 or 9 and then off to Sam's Club with #1 to get fresh flowers and maybe a little cake to put a candle on.

We're not going to go to the cabin for a couple of weeks and I'm going to be in absolute withdrawal. This weekend is the MIL party. Next weekend is a surprise 50th for one of my friends and something else I can't seem to remember (have to find that calendar). Then the next weekend is a girls weekend with some of my Jazzercise girls at the cabin....YEAH!!! Then we will have a free weekend there and then we will be off to Paris, Normandy and London for 11 days. I'm a little nervous as I have never been out of the country but I'm up for it.

Oh, and on the organization of my room (remember the pictures I posted), well it's still a pit just moved stuff around enough to walk through. I don't know if I'm ever going to get it together in there. I know it makes The Hubby crazy, Mr. Clean and all, but it is my room and I will take my sweet time if I want to. Humph!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Cat Lover

I am a true cat lover but my father's cat is the devil incarnate. Peaches was my mother's cat and she named the cat Peaches, but a peach she is not. The stupid cat turned out to be in love with my father. When my mother passed away my sister had to come home and tell Daddy she was gone, well of course my father broke down and sobbed and sobbed and Sis hugged and consoled Daddy but the stupid cat thought she was hurting Daddy and attacked her. Now the cat HATES Sis.

Today I took the day off (yeah) to run errands like the tag office, grocery, etc. My main objective was to stop by and see Daddy as he is leaving for his trip to Vegas on Monday. I used my key and opened the front door to the television blaring in the living room (he's very hard of hearing) and the television in the bedroom where his computer is blaring. It was deafening. I hollered HELLO but no answer. I stuck my head in the hallway thinking he was sitting at his computer and couldn't hear me and again HELLO. I put my purse and bag down and headed down the hallway and the first thing I saw was Peaches on his bed. I saw that Daddy was not in his chair. Hmmmm, must be outside. I said Hi to Peaches and walked in and petted her head, she usually likes me. She kind of bent her head down and laid her ears flat and I knew she was not to pleased to see me.

I went through the house and proceeded to the backyard where I was sure he was. Well, he was not there but the back door was open so I guessed he was across the alley or next door. I went back in the house and decided to check my emails and wanted to go back down the hall. Well, looky here, there is Peaches at the entry of the hallway. I took a step towards the hallway and the DAMN cat attacked me, and I don't mean jumped a little, she attacked my leg, grabbing and slapping and hissing and YIKES!!!! I hollered at her and she cowered back and hissed and slapped the ground and I tried to take a step again and was attacked again. Now I don't like to jump at animals but that stupid cat is crazy. I jumped back at her and she jumped at me. God, she scares me too death and I am a CAT PERSON. I love cats. I used to have four at one time with one sort of like her, but she is awful. I'm so glad she loves my Daddy and was essentially guarding him since I was an intruder but man-o-man. Damn Cat!

Monday, September 24, 2007


I have NEWS!!!!

I am going to be a Mother-in-Law! Yup, yesterday The Guy got down on one knee and held out his mother's ring (she passed away this spring) and asked #1 to marry him. She of course cried and said yes. It was also the eve of her 28th birthday. She is actually excited and anticipating planning the thing. I am so very excited and I cried when she told me. YEE HAW!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

#2 girl

I've had phone calls two days in a row concerning #2 and her "health" and life. She is driving me absolutely crazy. She was concerned because she just got up and her eyes were fuzzy and she had a little ache in the back of her head so she thought that it was the end of her life. This phone call came while I was in the middle of the grocery store. I proceeded to tell her that she was fine. She does nothing but worry about her health. She has it in her mind that she is dying and that doctors know nothing, yet she wants to go to the doctor. She is driving me nuts. I told her she needs to get out of bed, get a job, find a group of people (women) to bond with. She needs to get connected with the outside world and quit thinking about herself and nothing else. I told her that her father doesn't know she's having these issues and that if he finds out he will want to come out there (Californina) and bring her home and she went off. Then get plugged in with your surroundings honey and be a part of the world. I'm at my wit end with her about this. She says she has looked for a job but I don't think so. I asked her what she wanted to do and then asked about her music. She told me she didn't know and that she wasn't good enough. She has always thought little about her talent and now she has hit bottom. I was afraid that this would happen. I think she has realized that having a college education was probably the better option but she is still not ready to do that and may never be but she has to do something with her life. She has her audio engineer certificate but is not using it. I just don't know what to do with her. She is talented but she is not driven, that is her downfall here. She has to want it bad enough and that may happen because there is only $138 in her checking account. Hmmm, we'll see.

Lots of stuff

Friday my brother-in-law, The Hubby and I and the boys mother paid the deposit for her to move into a retirement community, a really nice one. She is ready but very tentative about the move. Last night we met with the realtor to put her house on the market and boy was that fun and funny. She has come to the age of fretfulness and worry and just plain fear. She will be 80 at the end of the month but you would never really guess it. My MIL is a very classy lady who has it goin' on and I love her dearly. Even her handwriting is perfect still.

Well, last night while talking to the realtor and filling out the mountains of paperwork, when asked if she was in a flood plain we all said no. Then he asked if she had flood insurance (forms you know), she said, "Well yes!"

I thought The Hubby's face was going to fall off. He said, "Well, Mom why do you have flood insurance if you are not in the flood plain."

She turned to him and said, "I live so close to the river." OK, now mind you my MIL lives probably three to four miles from the river which has NEVER risen to her area of town. She has a terrible fear of flooding.

I had to turn and leave the room so I could laugh. I didn't mean to laugh at her but she sometimes can be so funny with her little idiosyncrasies that I can't help it, especially as she has gotten older.

Then she didn't want to put a sign in her yard, or have the realtor send out fliers to the neighbors or advertise anything like that. She doesn't want her friends or neighbors to know her business. We couldn't figure out the reasoning behind this but we told her that was the only way to push the sale ASAP.

We kind of think she is afraid of her stepson finding out she is selling or where she is moving. See, she is the trustee of her husbands estate/trust and the stepson will inherit only at her death. Get my meaning. She is a little afraid of him as well as the three boys and myself. He is not happy that a trust company is handling the thing and not doleing out any funds to him. He just doesn't get it that most of it goes to charity anyway. He's just greedy and that is the reason why we are very wary of him.

On another note. I mentioned that I love my MIL but sometimes I have to grit my teeth at what comes out of her mouth. I know she loves me dearly and means well but...while touring her new condo on Friday she was talking to the sales manager and told the lady about The Hubby working five days a week and look how trim he is and how I/me work(s) out five days a week and how different out bodies are...!!! Well, I knew perfectly well what she was getting at as she has made mention about my body type before over the years and even has sent me diets and newspaper clippings. I know she means well but sometimes I have to ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!@##$DU*UYUT#(**#&%^&@. Okay, now I'm done. I love her too. I'm a good daughter-in-law!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Day Off

After my grumbling yesterday about The Hubby and WORK it turned out OK. I ended up getting to leave when I wanted to and run my errands. I was even able to buy that elusive bowling bag I wanted. To top off the day I killed it at bowling which will just make my average go up, again.

Today is Thursday and I'm taking the day off. The Hubby is out of the office all day long so there won't be the urgent phone calls that he NEEDS me immediately, at least for the morning. #1 daughter is handling the office and phones and besides I have almost no voice today except for the 1-900 kind...Hey baby!

So far this morning I tried to workout at Jazzercise but this thing I am fighting off was aggravated by getting hot so I sat it out. I finished my crossword and Sudoku and came home to watch my usual two episodes of Charmed (I'm obsessed)and have my bowl of oatmeal. Then I did the dishes and took The Hubby's shirts (he ran them this morning)out of the drier. I don't do his laundry but will help him out occassionally. When he does the dishes he calls it foreplay (as he told my mother) and I guess doing his laundry is my form of it.

It is 9 am, the television is off and now I will attempt to tackle my room. I have always wanted my own room so when we moved into this house and did the remodel I got my own room. I shared a room and bed with my sister for 19 years and then I married and shared another room and bed with The Hubby. That has been 31 years now, so it was time for my own space. I don't sleep in it, except for the occassional nap in my chair, but I want to write, paint, read and just have my own space. Here are pictures of what I am facing today on my DAY OFF!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anger and Frustration

The story goes...The Hubby and I have been in business for 28 years now and sometimes he can really TICK ME OFF! There are days that there is absolutely NOTHING to do except blog, play Club POGO and wait for the phone to ring. Today is one of those days. #1 daughter is now working here 3 days a week which gives me someone to chat with in this windowless office. The girls are grown and gone and so we are empty nesters. I have dropped out of all of my volunteering stuff and now my book club is probably going to crater. I have a couple of other small group things but my social life is just about nil. As stated in a previous post, I joined a bowling league and I need to leave the office at 4 pm on Wednesdays to get there and am through at 6:30. (Just wait this gets better.)

Well, today as I sit and do NOTHING ALL DAY LONG and the time creeps up to 2:26 pm The Hubby comes in and says, "What time do you need to leave." Hold on, I know where this is going. I told him 3:45, because I was going to the bank and then to buy a new bowling bag. He made that awful face and explained that so-in-so needed an invoice TODAY and one of the guys is coming in early to give him the rest of the info to finish billing it, which would be 3:30. So, I told The Hubby I would need to leave at least by 4. That means the bank will have to wait till tomorrow and no new bowling bag today.

What is the deal. It seems that every time I try to get a social life or something fun to do he subconsciously sabotages it....hold on...updated info...

I had to stop and go with him to pick up on of the vans that had to have new tires on it. While driving there I asked him why the so-in-so contractor had to call at the end of the day and insist on having the invoice today. He informed me that the contractor didn't call that he told him we would get it to him this afternoon. SEE WHAT I MEAN. I just made an exasperated sound. I started to say why couldn't it wait till first thing in the morning but stopped myself because that was the first day I was going to actually take a day off WITHOUT feeling guilty since #1 was going to be here. Crap, Crap, Crap!!!!!


Cough, cough, wheeze. I'm sick, at least I think I am. I really don't feel bad and I don't even have a headache but cough, cough, wheeze. It's probably those damn allergies that happen to us here Okies. I'm even on prescription Allegra but you never know. #1 daughter started work for us in the office last Tuesday and by Friday she was feeling horrible and coughing and sniffling. Stuck in a windowless office next to a sick person, who knows maybe that is it too. I take vitamins EVERYDAY and eat right and excercise, maybe I'm just having an abbreviated version of the contaigin. The customers should enjoy my deep sexy voice today, as this "thing" has settled in my chest and throat. Cough, cough, wheeze!

Last night The Hubby and I attended an auction to try to find some old rugs for our new house. (That sounded funny didn't it.) Anyway, he loves old middle eastern rugs. It's a place called Brandon's Auction and I think every week or so or every week they have auctions. There can be some really cool antiques there but last night was filled with tons of new furniture, some still with new tags on them. Dining room sets including hutches, bedroom furniture sets, living room chairs and couches, you name it it was there and the prices were dirt cheap, so was probably the quality of the stuff but I wouldn't know for sure because I didn't look too closely. We were able to bid on 3 of 4 rugs, a very old brass lamp and of all things a ukelele in a case for $20. Don't quite understand the meaning of that one. In all we spent around $650 on the stuff.

After the auction we hurried home and arrived around 10:15. I was anxious because our DVR was messed up earlier and I didn't want to miss Big Brother. Whew, it worked and we stayed up to watch it and The Hubby watched me scream at the television at Evil Dick.....his name is so appropriate. I so detest that man.

This morning I opted to stay in bed and not go to Jazzercise. I could have because I really felt OK but that extra 30 minutes sleep was heaven. I'll get some exercise tonight bowling.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm so torn

This weekend I left for the cabin early as I now have office help and can get away. I arrived at the cabin and planned on spending the night by myself as The Hubby was not due till Saturday. Of course, it was raining but I didn't mind as I spent the afternoon reading on my glorious back porch. I was soon joined by a sweet golden retriever. She was around last weekend and now her companions are two huskies, all a very young. Sadly the trio have dumped. Dumped by idiot people who just assume that since there are people here we will take care of them. Hold on people, do the right thing and either find a home, find a rescue or last resorts the pound but DON'T DUMP THE POUR DEFENSLESS ANIMALS. I don't want another dog but the golden is absolutely so sweet and gentle it just breaks my heart. In fact she still has a collor on, but no tag. She bacame my friend this weekend not leaving my side while I was outside. It helps I guess that I fed her. I couldn't help it. Unfortunatly I found out she is quite talented and smart. I went inside to take a shower on Saturday and left her on the covered front porch waiting for me. When I got out she was gone. Well, I went back out into the screened porch and there she was asleep by the inside door waiting for me. How did she get in there. I took her outside and went back in and watched from the kitchen. She went up to the screen door and stuck her claw in the fairly new screen and pulled it open wide enough to get her head in and slowly she slid her skinny body through the door. WHAT! I went out the front door to see if she could get out and she just pushes the door open and runs out slamming the door behind her. I don't know what will happen as we are home now and she is there. I don't want a dog, especially a large dog but I'm so torn and very sad by the stupidity of people doing that to a precious innocent animal. Oh and as I was leaving the grounds I passed the trash area and there were the two huskies munching on leftovers. So very, very sad. Know anyone in the market for some good dogs.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Last week I began a new bowling league. I have not bowled in about 5 years so I was so very excited to be asked to join the league. If you are wandering what a kegler is it is a bowler. I took a bowling class several years ago to finish part of my degree so there you have it. Anyway, I will keep a running total of my bowling games to show my progress or downfall in trying to help my team, 2 C's and a K. My purple ball will now be rolling down the alleys once a week as I hope my knees and back hold up.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Beautiful Wedding

Oh, what a beautiful wedding we attended last night. It was an outside wedding at the Dresser Mansion ( ). Luckily the temperature was nice and the evening beautiful as our daughters dear friends tied the knot. They had non traditional music like DePeche Mode and ambient music that was just perfect for them. They had four bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen which translates that they have TONS of friends. The flowers were beautiful calla lillies with yellowy-orange centers and the bridesmaids dresses a wonderful muted grass green. To top off the evening the officiant was the girls old youth minister Ginger. Her husband was there too. I cried as I hugged her and Anthony so glad to see them after 9 years. The sweet couple are now off on their honeymoon but might have to change their plans as they are apparantely planning to spend it with Hurricane Felix!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Glorious Weekend

What A glorious weekend this is. The weather has been beautiful. I spent the whole day yesterday floating in my hammock under a crystal blue sky. The air was perfect, with a tiny breeze that allowed me to doze and read in my green and white checkered swing. Once while I dozed, my book laying in my lap, I was aroused by a low hum above my stomach where my book lay. I had taken the dust jacket off and so exposed the red binding. The low hum just above the book was tiny beautiful hummingbird checking out the red. When I opened my eyes he took off in a split second. Wow, what an incredible sight. My day was often marred during the drifting in and out of sleep by the incessant barking of dogs and people screaming at the barking dogs. That is the one downfall of our little slice of heaven at the lake is is the holiday weekends brings out everyone and their dogs and dogs there are aplenty. Still it was quite perfect.

I finished the Paula Deen biography and really enjoyed it and this morning I started one called Salt Dancers by Ursula Hegi. Wow, I think I will finish it today, maybe. It is about a 41 year old woman, pregnant, single going home to confront her father about her childhood. I will leave it at that cause I think it should be read. I believe it would be a good book club read (hint). It is written going back and forth between the present and the past but Hegi does it quite nicely and the read is written poetically for a nice read.

We had to come back from the lake and my hammock today for a wedding at 7 tonight. I wouldn't bother but it is a friend of #1's from church and we've known April since she was about 7 years old. And, the officiant is their old youth minister, Ginger, who now lives in Washington D.C. with her husband. I can't wait to see them as we just love them to death. It should be a grand time.

Tuesday will begin with #1 daughter starting work for us and I'm very excited as it will eventually give me some time off. YEAH!!! Also, The Hubby has offered her guy a job to learn a trade and possibly, if they get hitched, they can take over the business, but we'll just have to wait and see.