Monday, September 29, 2008

The Hanging of the Bras

I'm back. I just did not have the desire last week to post, write, not a thing. I had a blockage with words. This morning I feel like I finally have the words to put to print but in this office I can't seem to find a quiet moment to type them. It is Monday morning here and it seems all the guys are still here at the office, not out in the field where they should be. I guess there are just too many things to gather up in the shop on their trucks and pipe to bend, etc. They need to get out and leave me to my thoughts please. While I was at the cabin with my girlfriends this weekend The Hubby caught up on some billing so my desk is knee deep in invoicing and I have to pay some bills.

Now back to the weekend, The Hanging of the Bras. What a wonderful weekend. The weather was AWESOME and the company was AWESOME. Friday afternoon I was able to get on the road about 1 pm with one of the girls following, Kat. We arrived, opened the cabin and then waited and waited. I really don't mind waiting, in fact if it is at the cabin that is just fine but that many hours with Kat is a little too much. Finding topics of conversation can be a little strained but we did okay. The other ladies finally started showing up about 6:30 and the party was on. There were 10 all together in attendance on Friday night with most of them leaving on Saturday afternoon leaving 3. I have all the ladies contribute $10 for food as I go by Olive Garden and get salad, lasagna and chicken scampi for our dinner with leftovers to eat on Saturday. I also made an fabulous egg casserole Friday morning for the next day. Then everyone else brings beverages (wine), snacks and sweets, there is not want for food. We ate dinner, laughed, cracked open about 6 bottles of wine and did the bus stop on the screened porch. Before we even had the first glass of wine the bras began coming off and were hanging on the string of party lights on the porch. Notice there are only seven bras, three of the ladies chose not to participate, party poopers. The laughter and dancing continued for me until I hit the sheets about 11:30. I just could not keep my eyes open after being up since 4:30. One of the ladies had a LOT to drink and they attempted to pour her into bed three times until she finally passed out about 2:30. What a party! It was great and I can't wait till next year. We've done it two years in a row, so far, with plans to continue. One of the ladies Desi, flies in from California to participate and it is her birthday. She used to be one of the Jazzercise ladies. The one downer for me was that I had to share a bed with Kat, my bed. Usually my cousin H shares with me but Kat wanted to get there early so she would have a bed and not the floor so it was my bed. Kat snores, not girl snores, guy snores. Oh my goodness, if I woke up at night it was non-stop snoring. She slept on her back the entire night and no amount of my jiggling the bed stopped her. PLEASE not next year, PLEASE!!! This probably explains the nap I took in the hammock and the nap I later took in my bed when she was gone. Good Grief!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My life on a Tuesday

My life on a Tuesday:

I was up as usual and out of the house at 5 am for Jazzercise. Our instructor Andrea gave us a bombshell though by letting us know that as of Thursday she will no longer be our 5:30 am instructor. She has taken a new job and has to be there at 6 so she can't. I am so not happy by this but I know that her life goes on and I would surely give it up for a higher salary too. Andrea became an instructor a few short months before I started at Jazzercise so I've been with her for about 11 years.

Moving on I rushed home for a quick breakfast and then back to the personal trainer and oh my goodness I won't be able to walk tomorrow. It was a good workout. It is so great to be back to sweating and sore muscles.

Again I was rushing home to take a shower and then have the gray disguised in my hair. I have toyed with the the idea of cutting my hair again but opted to keep growing it for a bit longer.

Now done with the running around I am home sitting in my favorite chair reading blogs and adding to mine while catching my soaps, As The World Turns and The Guiding Light. I plan on leaning back here in bit and drifting off for a quick nap. Man I love days off.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wonderful Saturday Morning

Good morning all! It is a most wonderful Saturday morning today. I'm here sitting on Harri's new deck using Grumps Internet connection and drinking in the morning air. It is cool, light jacket cool with a little fogginess in the air. The birds are singing the praises of the morning with a huge crow just overhead cawing, making my ears ring. Yesterday the trees were alive with the birds over Harri's deck fighting for dragonflies and mosquitoes getting ready for the winter cold. I'm here batching it this weekend as The Hubby is off to Ohio for a flashlight collectors show. It may end up being a mini girls weekend as Jimbo is golfing and Bare is not hear so Sin will be up with her best friend Ang, so mini girls weekend. Two girls weekends in a row! Next weekend is my Jazzy girls weekend here with 10 total counting myself. I have sleeping arrangements for 9 so one of the ladies will be sleeping on the floor, probably my cousin as she doesn't mind at all. One of the ladies is flying in from California for the happenin'.

This post is a little disjointed as I'm trying to write in-between yaking with Harri. I can't seem to get a sentence written the way I would like it to be but it is what it is. Today I'll probably spend most of my time talking here and then trying to read more on my book Edgar Sawtelle.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pamper Day

Today was a partial pamper day. I worked out and realized I'm still not 100% yet as I nearly passed out with the personal trainer. I will definitely be sore tomorrow morning as I roll out of bed at 4:45 a.m. I accomplished cleaning out the birds cages which were nasty and as I was trying to leave the house The Hubby popped in for leftovers and a quick dance step or two. We have a lesson tomorrow ARGHHHHH! I told him it would have to be a quick dance then I was off to meet B for lunch at Wild Fork for crab cakes. After a nice lunch with my daughter then it was to the office for an hour or so to deposit some checks then run to my manicure and pedicure! While sitting in the chair The Hubby called and reminded me that tonight and tomorrow night he and the other electrical journeymen have continuing education classes and they will be fed so I'm on my own. No cooking. Probably will order pizza tonight because I don't want to miss the Big Brother Finale! I'm really kind of boring today.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Monday

Here we are another Monday. The same old thing, day in and day out. I'm up and off to workout before 5 am, back home for breakfast and to ready to head off to the office. Now it is almost noon and I've opened the little bit of mail today, answered a few phone calls, played ClubPOGO and now I'm taking time out of my busy schedule to read a few blogs and to add to my blog. BORING! Yes it is a boring morning here today. I've got my cameras up on the screen so I can see outside in my windowless office and I so want to be out. I stepped out for a brief moment and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and cool air. It is truly turning fall outside and I'm stuck behind this stupid desk. Now, don't get me wrong, I do love being part of our business but sometimes, like today I yearn for being out in the world. Especially after a rainy weekend of staying indoors most of the time at the cabin. I just have to tell myself that I will have tomorrow since B will be here all day and I have the weekend. The Hubby is traveling to Ohio on Thursday for a flashlight collectors show and so I will be off to the cabin. The weather forecast is predicting beautiful weather and I am going to partake of it. I plan on walking/running and drinking an itsy-bit of wine!

(If this post is a little disjointed it is because the phone keeps ringing in and messing with my train of thought.)

I have TV on my computer too so now I'm watching the news and later my soaps, As The World Turns and Guiding Light. The headlines are of course the banking stuff, Lehman Bros and Merrill Lynch. It is a little scary and does make me edgy but I'll just not watch. Things will be okay.

The Hubby has been on his cell phone and the office phone since I walked in the door this morning a little after eight. Most of the calls are of generator sales. We have branched off into that field for sometime now and for some reason the calls have been heavy again the past couple of weeks. These are stand-by permanent generators, not a cheap thing but people are willing to purchase them after the winter we have had. He even had a call from his cousin that lives north of Houston about a generator. They already have a portable but The Hubby talked to him all about the advantages of the permanent and what he would need for his house and so forth. It's really pretty interesting to listen to the phone calls and I really do learn a lot but will NEVER to the sales talk.

Friday evening when The Hubby and I finally left for the cabin my cell phone rang and I was expecting one of the girls but it was one of B's best guy friends. He has been having really rough time since he and his partner broke up. They were a week before a commitment ceremony and his partner decided to break it off. J has been just beside himself with sorrow and anger and depression. He decided to call me to talk on Friday and seek out my comfort and support. I hoped I was a help to him but we both agreed to not let B find out because she is very territorial when it comes to her friends and me. For some odd reason she won' allow me to be friends with her friends and I really don't understand it. It's like she is jealous or something. I'm a good friend and since I have lost Mom and Gail I'm down a couple of friends so it is nice to add to my friend circle. I don't like being secretive with B but I don't like her wrath that she can turn on me. You would think being almost 29 years old she would get over that stuff.

Well, I guess I had better get back to manning the phone. I have barely had time to type this entry with it ringing here at lunch time. That is a good thing though!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Fishing Weekend

The weekend got started off late as The Hubby had a Monday on a Friday. He didn't even roll into the house to pick me up to go to the cabin until 6pm. I had decided to ride with him this weekend so I sat and waited, and waited. That was okay as we had a nice drive up there. We arrived just before dark and he wanted to rush down to the dam and try to wet a line, as he calls it. I unloaded the car, turned on the water and began to prepare our easy dinner of a prepared chicken, microwaved baked potatoes and broccoli when I heard the door to the basement/garage swing open and The Hubby hollering at me to hurry and come here. I didn't know what was up but I ran out the front door and he was in the driveway with a fish basket and he yelled to get the camera. He had a huge wide mouth bass in the basket and he was like a little kid grinning and jumping up and down. I ran inside and got my camera while he got his out of his truck and we took these pictures of his catch. After the picture taking he grabbed the fish and ran next door to Harri and Jimbo's to show it off. I ran after him and when Harri opened the door he just went inside to show it off to Jimbo and Grumps who was also there. Needless to say this poor little fishy didn't make it back into the waters again. He usually throws them back but tonight, he is dinner.
4-1/2 pounds of wide mouth bass and Dinner
One Big Fish

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Day of Shopping

Today I had to go to the office for a bit to run a few credit cards then it was off to the mall. My main objective was to go to Victoria's Secret for new bras. Do you know how long it has been since I have been able to get a regular bra, especially at VS. The last time I tried to buy a bra there over 20 years ago the girl looked at me and told me there was probably not anything in the store to fit me. I will say it was before I had the breast reduction and before I had lost close to 70 pounds. Today it was great fun and I bought five new bras, and they are the smallest size I have worn since I was in junior high. What a real thrill. I still can't get my big caboose in the underwear but in time I will. After the VS trip I wondered into Coldwater Creek and found a couple of blouses, a size 16 jean and slacks. 16!!!!!!! So very cool. A few years ago I was a size 26 so I've come a long way. I still do 18's occasionally and just depends on the jean/pant. I also had some time to kill waiting for a meeting this evening and wondered into Stein Mart and found a couple of purses and another really darling blouse. My poor little credit cards are screaming today but it was worth it. When I put the new acquisitions in the closet I took out just as many that I haven't worn in over a year. So has ended my day of shopping!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Ramble

I had a wonderful workout at Jazzercise this morning. This the first full workout without leaving because of nauseousness or lightheadedness or no energy since I got the "virus" in July. I feel great. The antibiotic I'm on now I think is finally working.
I had to be at the office earlier than usual because B is back to teaching at TCC, her ESL classes on Monday and Wednesday. I have used all of my free time at home while she was out for the summer. She is teaching and taking classes and on Saturday she takes her "Comps" for her master's. She is very stressed but I so admire her doing all she is doing. She had better before they "possibly" decide to have children someday. Now she is talking about going for her PhD. WOW!
The weekend was very nice and quiet at the lake. I really didn't get too much reading done. Sometimes I just lose interest and that is not good with the huge book I'm reading now, "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle". I spent most of Saturday knitting and watching "The Bucket List" with The Hubby. Loved the movie.
Friday night high school football games started and I was oh so very happy that Broken Arrow stomped the daylights out of Union Friday, 24-9 ending a 22 game losing streak! YEE HAW! (Can you guess I'm a BA fan and alumni! So was my Daddy.)
Guess I will get to work today. Kind of lonely here today, Monday's usually are. I have a couple of invoices to type up and a quote, pay a few bills then NOTHING. Guess I'll spend the day playing ClubPOGO and reading blogs!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Feeling Better

The weekend was awesome. We had a most pleasant time at the cabin with friends. It was very low key and peaceful, just what I needed. Harri and I sat on her newly constructed most of the weekend and just talked and bird-watched, while I knitted. Friday night another couple and us (that includes Jimbo and Harri) to join our foods for dinner. We again did it on Saturday without the other couple. That is what I like about the lake is the ease of the evenings and dinner arrangements. We ate, drank a little wine and just vegged. I'm also feeling so much better today. The new antibiotic is working wonders so far. That's all just an update.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hillbilly Sandwiches

When I was a child we lived on Main Street and on the next block to the south was the Humpty Dumpty grocery store which we walked to many times a week. A couple of times a year a traveling sandwich wagon would set up and sell sandwiches called Hillbilly Sandwiches. They were made from a wonderful BBQ sauce, Hillbilly BBQ Sauce, made in the state and of which I haven't been able to find for a few years. We used to get a sack full of the sandwiches for dinner whenever they were at the store. My mother found out how they made them and they have been a staple of my food intake for years. Yesterday I was so hungry for them I decided to have them for dinner tonight. Since I was not able to find Hillbilly BBQ Sauce I was forced to find another so I found one called John's that is also made in the state. The secret is to find a sweet BBQ sauce.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back in the swing!

This morning is the first day back to Jazzercise. They have changed the class time to 5:30 am and that is okay with me. It means I'll be done 15 minutes earlier. I am so ready to get back into the swing of things with my workouts and weight loss. Since I've been sick I feel just stagnant with it all but TODAY it is back to normal. I've finished workout and them home to my usual breakfast:

Monday, September 01, 2008

Sept 1, 2008

Labor Day! Yup, that is today. Last night was a weird night sleep wise. Both of us woke up about 2:35 am to tinkle but The Hubby quickly fell back to sleep, as for me, not the case. I laid in bed with the fan less than 3 feet away, no covers, no clothes and sweated. I tossed and turned because I just couldn't get back to sleep. Rats! I hate nights like that. Finally, the last time I looked at the clock it was about 3:30 and then next thing I remember it was about 7:30. I had planned on hanging around all day and just read but I just wasn't in the mood today. I decided to pack it up and head to the house in town. I left The Hubby working on a project knowing he would be back a little later and then at the office for a little work while it was quiet. I have just enjoyed hanging out at the house with no television, blogging, doing my laundry, taking a shower and eating a little cup of chocolate ice cream. What a day. I think I like Labor Day, not the baby labor day although this month does bring that to mind. 29 years ago this month I was doing just that as B will be 29 on the 24th. I was exactly 3 weeks late with that little girl as I was with A and they were just perfect. My body knew what it was doing when then stayed in the little...huge oven for the extra days. With both girls my water broke and with B the labor was 6 hours and 9 with A. Really not bad even pain wise, but of course that was 29 years ago (23 with A) so memory does get a little hazy. Amazing what your mind goes to when you are bored and have absolutely NOTHING TO DO!

The drive home this morning was nice. I left the cabin about 9:30 am with my top down to enjoy the early morning air and it was a wonderful drive.