Thursday, December 26, 2019

My Year In Review...

What a huge year we've all had around here.  I guess first things first, the new granddaughter.  Oh my what a blessing.  I was there for the birth and that absolutely made my life.  It was truly magical.  And to be able to be there for the birth I had to conquer a fear and FLY BY MYSELF!  That was such a big thing for me but I knew I had to do it and I can't wait to go again.

The little miss is now 3 months old and I cannot believe how time flies.  She is growing like a weed. 
This weekend they will fly into town so everyone else in the family and friends will get to meet the new addition.  Plus I will be able to get a photo of both of my beautiful granddaughters, TOGETHER!  I'm truly blessed.  
It's been a busy year with work and my new profession, art.  I've taken a couple of workshops and continued to enter in some national shows.  One of my goals was to finally be juried into one and guess what, it happened twice!  

My "Morning Glories" juried into the Allied Artist show that was held in the Salmangundi Club!  THAT was a big deal.  Then... 
I found out that "Pink Is The New Black" juried into the Arkansas national show.   
Of course I didn't win anything but getting in was awesome and gets my name out there.  

I then started on a self-portrait path.  It's still there but my drive has slowed down on it.  I'm hoping to get them finished by September for a show in the Broken Arrow Historical Museum.  

On a sad note was the passing of one of our dear art friends, Charlotte.  It was sudden and a huge shock that rocked everyone's world, including mine.  She was a mother figure and a friend so it hit me on all sides, taking me to memories of Gail dying and my mother.  So to help with the saddness I again turned to my art that pulled me out out of the darkness once before.   

" Remembering Charlotte"

Now Christmas is here and the New Year is upon us, 2020.  Hard to believe it's going to be 2020.  Boggles the mind for sure.  It's been a really nice quiet Christmas season, although rushed and busy, yet calm.  The Hubby and I really didn't buy anything for each other, we never really do but I did get him a book and a sweater.  He got me a new fireplace built in the screened porch at the cabin that I've been wanting for years.  Plus I'm getting a new car this next week when it arrives.  He was concerned that I didn't have anything under the tree to unwrap but I told him that was okay, but I would like to have a new parakeet.  He went shopping and we now have Frenchie in our living room entertaining us.  Plus he did have a card under the tree for me.  OMG, I almost cried, it was truly beautiful and today I got flowers for no reason.  He is really a thoughtful guy, most of the time...LOL...
Next month we celebrate 44 years of marriage...WOW! 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

'Twas The Week Before Christmas...

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house...
OH, losing that week between Christmas and Thanksgiving I feel like I can't seem to catch up, but there's always time for a little Nutcracker.  I won four tickets in a charity auction and thought it would be perfect for a girls event.  Of course I had to take Snicklefritz and her momma and my dear 92 year old mother-in-law.   
It was a matinee performance so lunch before was the plan.  My MIL lives in an assisted living (actually hers is independent living) and recently gave up her car!  She was so excited to get out and see other people and other places.  We picked her up and took the long way downtown via Riverside Drive and by The Gathering Place.  She kept remembering so many places that are long gone.  Lunch was a different place for her too as Snicklefritz and her momma like to go to Yokozuna, a sushi place.  I wasn't worried but my MIL said she didn't want to eat anything raw.  I assured her there were plenty of options that weren't raw.  She had miso soup, pork spring roll (cough and sputtered with a huge dab of chili sauce), a piece of a veggie roll, edamame and banana split.  Didn't complain and ate right up.   

It was a fantastic day and I know that her being 92 there won't be that many opportunities to share with her and the generations.  

Last weekend Snicklefritz stayed all weekend and we went went out to dinner to the Celebrity Club for the third year in a row.  We wrapped presents, finished decorating the Christmas tree and made fruitcake.   I posted it on Facebook and my page blew up with interest and people wanting the recipe.  I even had people wanting to buy the cake (hmmmm, business opportunity!)  I gave the cake to many and the recipe too.  I even turned fruitcake haters into lovers to those who sampled it.  It will truly change your mind about fruitcake, guaranteed.

Since it was the end of the year and bonus time it was also time for sharing a little Christmas food (Olive Garden) with our faithful employees.  We have a fantastic crew that makes our business hum like a well oiled machine.  

Of course I can't close out the final post for the year...maybe final post...without sharing this sweet little dumpling.  Her father took this picture and it is without a doubt a beautiful Christmas card picture.  

"While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads..."

To all my bloggy friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 08, 2019

'Tis the Season...

It is that time yet again that Christmas is pulled out of the attic or closet.  I am so dragging my feet on doing it this year.  My kiddos are way ahead of me in that respect, but slowly, it will happen.  So today I did open that dreaded closet and drag it all out but that's as far as I got.  It sits in the front room and hopefully during the week I will start the decorating.  It will surely put me in a better mood when I see the sparkle and let the magic begin.  

On a really good note, these three will be here after Christmas!!!!  Can't wait to smooch on those baby cheeks.  Plus I can get a photo of both of my granddaughters in one photo!!!!

I haven't been idle at the easel the past few weeks.  After losing Charlotte, I took time to remember her and morn leaving this world.  I titled this one "Remembering Charlotte". 

These two I posted but hadn't signed them because I just didn't feel that they were done.  So I splish-splashed some more paint and fine tuned them.  I'm satisfied. 

Finished this one too.