Friday, July 31, 2009

Cabin Retreat

Here we go. It has been 3 weeks since I was last at the cabin and I am so homesick for it. Today, we get to go!!! I have stuff to do first before I can let it all go and enjoy the weekend. I have to do payroll first thing this morning with a little invoicing then it is trucking there. Wait, I will have to finish the list first: work, bank, post office, grocery store, liquor store, feed the last little birdie, pack, and a little laundry. I will definitely pack the laptop and hopefully tomorrow I will finally have time to sit and check out some of the new bloggy friends I met in Chicago at BlogHer'09. It's just all I can do to keep up with the ones I read now but I can't forsake my older bloggy friends :)

I spent yesterday morning and last evening drawing. I'm trying to work some of my free time in my art and yesterday I felt the need to draw. I have a lot of ideas for my next painting after I finish the autumn leaves but I need to get them into a form so I can get them on the canvas to paint. I'm getting pretty obsessive with it, sort of like The Hubby and his dancing. He went to class with B on Wednesday night then last night asked if I minded if he went to a ballroom class. I said sure, as long as I didn't have to go. This morning he informed me that there was a great class that are in 4 week stretches to focus on a particular dance style each 4 weeks, "But," he added, they are on Saturday nights. Hey, I'm NOT giving up my weekends at the cabin for a dance class! This is a real problem for us. He is now involved in a thing that is really for couples but I don't like to do it. I'm really getting to the point that I don't want to ever dance again. That is bad because I love to dance, disco and on my own terms. I know he would love it if I had this passion with him, but I don't! I'm finally doing what I WANT to do and I'm not going to be bullied into liking and doing something just for him. I've done and been there for him for the thirty-three years of our marriage and I'm finally figuring myself out and what I want. It is me time and I'm NOT giving that up right now. (Now here is where I backslide.) But, should I give in a little for him, to be a part of something he likes. We are partners you know but when do I get to shine. We've been through his love for collectibles for years and I mean years. Attending conventions, traveling through multi-states to find his collectibles, and even hosting conventions here in town. The house has been full of his collectibles and I will admit they are cool and very, very interesting but I am relegated to one room, in one corner. I occasionally spill out but I try not to cause too much contention. Hmmm, that is me isn't it. I don't rock the boat and lately I'm kind of causing a few waves. This is not like me but as I've said before, "THIS IS THE YEAR OF MWWWAAAA!!!!!."

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Old Grind

There is just nothing like getting back into the old grind, again. I so don't like a routine, yet I love it. I'm so torn by wanting to just do what I want, run on the spur of things, just everyday is a different plan, yet, I love to have the same-old, same-old thing happen. ICK! We're up at the same time everyday, in fact, on weekends I have a hard time sleeping in. The Hubby has the same oatmeal for his breakfast every single day, without fail, ICK! It is the same clink of the bowl, the same coughs and hacks, the same TV show, same, same, same. How boring my life has become, yet how comfortable it has become. Should I embrace it or should I run from it. Well, after 33 years of marriage and 53 years of life, I think I should embrace it, don't you think. I think I am embracing it but with a few changes in my life. My idea of responsibility has changed and I'm letting some of that stuff go, or at least relaxing a bit of it, like my high school class crap. I know we are to have a 35 class reunion, but I'm NOT doing it, I don't want to. I will not go to dance classes with The Hubby, because I don't want to! I have rejoined a bowling league. I am totally embracing my artistic side with my painting class. That is the one thing that has truly made me excited lately. I am almost giddy when I get to spend time painting and drawing. Truly amazing myself with it. I think I've finally developed the confidence in myself to let it out in my art. I was so introverted and scared of my own shadow that it kept itself bottled up inside. The art in me has finally be able to be exposed and I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh I Get It Now

Oh I get it now...I was not mistaken for Meg Ryan's Mom but I was mistaken for lookitsMegryansmom...funny.

Monday, July 27, 2009

BlogHer'09 Recap #2

Opening night

Ragu sponsored lunch that was very, very yummy!

Saturday began with a march down to breakfast after a little more shut-eye than the previous day. Filling our bellies with oatmeal, Kelly and I settled in to watch Dave Lieberman
do a very quick cooking demonstration. The night before at the Pepsico sponsored cocktail party he was supposed to do a demo but with what was going on...he couldn't compete. I saw him sitting and watching...what was going on and got Kelly to take our picture. Well, as you can see the pic is not here yet as it is on Kelly's camera. I'll post it later. What was going on was a karoke night. The funniest part was the Sobe gecko lizard and a Mrs. Potato Head dancing to "I Like Big Butts!" Absolutely hysterical...and again will have to wait for the pics. We laughed ourselves silly from the bad singing and Mrs. Potato Head shaking her "eyes".

Back to Saturday and more sessions. I actually bowed out of the morning sessions as they were geared to the Vaginally Challenged Bloggers, Blogging as a Homeschooling Tool, Business of You, Travel Bloggers and Mommy Blogging, to name a few. I just didn't find one to suit me and really, I'm not sure where I fit in. I am a personal blogger and as Kelly says, a storyteller. I do some cooking, some artwork, some very amateur photography so I'm kind of on the outside of it all. They also had Geek Lab stuff to help with the computer aspects of it all, and that is really not me. I'm very basic but I think that really helped a lot of bloggers. I did attend a last session called "Identity/Passions: Enough About You...Who's Reading You?" It was very interesting.

Lunch time I knew that Paula Deen was giving a cooking demo at the Walmart sponsor booth so I made sure I was seated right in the front row, ready for my closeup! The area of very few chairs filled quickly and the stacks of people behind started getting a little claustrophobic while we waited. We waited and waited to be told that her plane was late. Sweet Kelly who had come to sit with me when a lady got up, not to wait anymore, quickly went to the lunch area and filled two plates of food and we ate while we waited. Our chairs were right in front. I got to have my picture taken with her but her nervous travel planner guy of Paula's was taking the pic and moved so my picture was awful. I was not a happy camper at all.
I also got some far away snaps of Tim Gunn from Project Runway, another sponsor of the BowlHer that night.

Most of the evenings after the cocktail parties, sponsored by BlogHer and their sponsors, we went to the individual parties from fellow bloggers with their own little sponsors. The prizes from these parties for the first few, let's say 100 or so were what is called SWAG. I had no idea and Kelly warned me about the SWAG! Wow, Wow, and Wow!
And here is what the SWAG came in, grocery like bags for the Green in all of us.My bag was so stuffed full we had to leave a few things behind, recycled so to speak. The lady at the airport just knew my bag was over the limit but thankfully it was 45 pounds, absolutely stuffed and ready to pop open!

A little incident happened at just one of those parties. I only RSVP'd at one, which I didn't get SWAG but this one Kelly RSVP'd too and said it was a plus one so I was a shoe-in in the door. All the other parties were RSVP too but that was not honored, believe me. This one apparantly did honor the system. When Kelly checked in and proceeded through the door I followed to have the checker-in lady put her arm out and physically stop me. Hey, is this Hollywood or something. I was PISSED. Kelly came back and tried to explain that it was plus one but the lady would have none of it. I turned on my heal and marched away yelling, "NEVER MIND!", well, in my head I said that. I was so angry and embarassed. Kelly went in for just a sec but came back. I told her to go in for awhile and check it out but she said she would leave her friend. Awwwe...that's my friend! We went to Chibar, had dinner and lots of wine...oh my aching head at 3 am.

These were the only two things I actually purchased to bring home. The pullover for me and the Cubs cap for B2 (the son-in-law cause he loves the Cubs).

Funny little side note...while I was waiting for the session to be over, I was hand journaling and a lady yelled at me from across two escalators, "Are you Meg Ryan's mother." Now tell me do you see a resemblance...I don't think so!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 1 at BlogHer'09

We awoke early and rushed to shower and get our minds together for Day 1 at BlogHer'09. Finally, ready to hit the day with breakfast and the onslaught of fellow bloggers we have started our day with the Newbie breakfast and chit chat and the exchange of cards. Then we did the ring-around-the rosie kind of thing around the enormous room with more chit chat and exchange of cards. It was really very interesting exchange. Now we are in a breakout room about how much is too much to post on your blogs. Quite an array of subjects and really makes you think how much you truly want to share on your blogs. I've had these thoughts flying around my head about my children, The Hubby and family members. I know there are lines to draw but basically there is not much I won't share here because this is MY place and my FORUM to share anything I want. I OWN this spot, it is mine, it is my voice, but I do respect my family and friends. I've been known to go off but not often and I do pull back. What's the difference in writing a real tell all book and this, really. It is publishing. What do paper wise writers do about this stuff. I would imagine it is where they take it to the fiction area, but there you still are faced with where the real person sees themselves in the fictional person and still gets angry. You can't really win here can you. These discussions really, really thought provoking and I think could go on all day long.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


We're here finally. A very long van ride from the airport and we entered the doors of the Sheraton Chicago for BlogHer'09. What fun, what fun. I'm here with my friend Kellyology and we have toasted the beginning of a long weekend of fun with wine on empty stomachs, hmmm that could be a problem. The room wasn't quite ready so we did the only thing possible, drink. Walking into the hotel all you could here were giggling screams as one by one people were recognizing each other from their blogs. Finally in our room the most important thing to do was to set up our laptops. Online, blogging adn tweeting, we are ready to venture out to a few get togethers and some most important FOOD!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Addition to the family

Yesterday, July 21 we welcomed the new addition to the family. Andrew David, our new great nephew was born. He is just beautiful and joins his big brother Aiden.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Aching Toes

Last week as I was disposing of my poor little parakeet, carrying the cage out of the living room, I jammed my big toe of the left foot on the gargantuan scrapbook of Ireland I finished and left at the side of a chair. The cage went flying through the air, seed, water and a dead bird tumbling on the old rug in the living room. OWWWWEeeeeeeEE!!! Oh my goodness it turned kind of red and purple in the joint area of the toe. I walked so carefully for a few days that my calves were in pain on the left leg. Now, this morning, I tried to sleep in but once the alarm goes off I just can't sleep. I knew that it was trash day and there were a few things in the fridge that had to go out so up I got. Here I am, 5 am, cleaning out my refrigerator of nasty brown stuff and I drop a heavy green bowl on the other big toe, right on the edge of the nail bed. OWWWWWEEEeeeWWE!!!! Damn, Damn, Damn! I would post pictures but I know some readers have issues with feet, especially feet and toes that need a pedicure and are turning black and blue under the pink nail polish. I will probably lose that nail dammit! I can't believe it. Maybe it's time to invest in steel-toed house shoes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Sis turning 50. She, as most of us thought, did not think she would make it to 50 with her health issues. I've written about it somewhere but can't seem to find the post but she has had two open heart surgeries about 10 years ago, back to back, about 3 months after the birth of her miracle son (her tubes were tied.) This is just a short synopsis of her health history from her entire life of issues. Anyway, her hubby was good at getting everyone together and surprise her for her birthday last night. I was glad because I didn't have to do it. As I've said here before, this year is the year of ME....MWAAAAA! I'm not taking on any responsibility unless I just have too. Besides he needed to do it for "them". It was a success and even our Daddy showed up and his sisters and our cousins to join in the fun. I was only responsible for a slide show that I worked on this week. That was actually fun. In fact, yesterday while tweeking the whole thing I ran across a letter that our mother wrote to her mother and I was amazed. It was actually a nice letter and a kind of thank you to her mother (parents). That was a shock as there was a lot of anger there towards her mother (Granny). We had just moved to Arkansas, away from the families and away from the help and aid they gave. They were on their own, making their way with three small children. It was a big step for them and I could see it in the rest of the letter. Unfortunately, we only stayed for a year as our father became ill and had to have surgery. We were kind of forced back into the protective arms of the families again. I hope you can read this excerpt from that letter. I did a little research and found it was from the book "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran. My mother, even back then was an amazing insightful, very brilliant woman. This writing is basically how she wanted we three to be raised. It is the basis of everything she taught us and how I have taught my children. Amazing to find this and really see where she had her beliefs and knowledge. I hope you can read it because the last part is what hit me as a departure for her towards her mother...well here, "I hope you understand what I mean by this--in other words, thanks for being such stable bows, for without your guidance this arrow would never have made it."

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Saturday

Another Saturday in town. I miss the cabin but what can you do. We went to The Hubby's junior high reunion last weekend, this weekend is my Sis's 50th birthday party and we're granddog sitting and next weekend is BlogHer! I don't mind too much, but today is just a stunning day and will miss sitting on Harri's deck chatting and drinking coffee.

B&B2 are in Las Vegas to meet up with A. Tears for Fears will be performing somewhere there tonight. It should be great fun and B2 had never been so they're treating it as a belated mini honeymoon.

I thought I was through with the DVD slide show of old pics and music for Sis tonight but the music runs just a smidge too long so I need to find some more pics, or may not. I'm tempted to just leave it alone and call it done so I can possibly paint today. I have the time and the light is just perfect. Last night we had B&K over for dinner to see the pictures of their Alaskan cruise and share our Ireland/QM2 trip. It was a nice evening and this morning I was still feeling the effects of a whole bottle of Rosso wine. Yummy! While shopping at Whole Foods for dinner fixin's yesterday I had to walk past the flowers and I must say that Whole Foods has the most AWESOME flowers in town sometimes, for the spur of the moment thing. I had to buy some Gerber daisies for the table and this morning with the sun streaming through the windows I had to get the camera out. I am trying to get some interesting shots for some more paintings.

The well-worn bride and groom was from my Momma & Daddy's wedding cake. I love it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Proud Momma

Yes, I'm a proud Momma. Our youngest is on tour with Tears For Fears and got to do a duet with the opening act, Michael Wainwright.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another one bites the dust.

Another bites the dust. What that means is I have lost yet another bird. My parakeet, Pat, has passed. I came home today and she was in the bottom of the cage, dead. So now I am left with Trinity, the canary that I thought was a boy because she sings but, she/he lays eggs. The bugger may not be around much longer either if she does not quit laying eggs. I had to take 4 out of her grit cup yesterday. She has laid probably 20-25 eggs since February. She should be a chicken with that kind of production. She has laid so many that her feathers have fallen out on her bottom and back. I don't know what to do with her. She seems happy and will stop the constant egg laying habit occasionally. Oh well, it may be an pet-free household pretty soon.

Monday, July 13, 2009

List of stuff accomplished

This weekend I accomplished a lot for me. We didn't go to the cabin but stayed in town, as I previously posted, to go to The Hubby's junior high reunion. Saturday we got up and milled around the house reading the paper, checking emails and just moving around slowly. My plan for the day was pretty simple, visit Daddy and go through old pictures, wash my car and shop for birthday presents at one of my new places to shop, Canterbury Lane Gifts. They were having a huge sale so I took full advantage and spent close to $300 and got several birthday gifts. I accomplished my plans for the day. The day was also spent at my Daddy's going through old pictures. You see, my Sis will turn 50 on Saturday, July 18 and her hubby is planning a party. I've been asked to make a PowerPoint of pictures with music, sure... "Calling B, I need help!" This is kind of monumental thing because she never expected to make it to 50. Poor Sis was born with a few heart defects. They always told her that she may have to have a valve replaced and the holes in her heart fixed (she developed more as she aged.) She had one child, a beautiful girl and then tried to get pregnant again, having a miscarriage early. They told her that she was getting worse and probably should not get pregnant again. So she had her tubes tied. About a year later I got a call from her..."Hey, guess what? I'm pregnant!" I was stunned and just could not wrap my head around it. Apparently when her OB/GYN did the surgery there was a lot of scar tissue and she had the nerve to say that she was afraid of that. What Sis was not supposed to have another child. It was supposed to be though because we got the most wonderful little boy ever out of the deal. He is the only grandson for my parents and an absolute jewel. A few months after he was born Sis had her first open heart surgery then about 3 months later was life-flighted to the hospital because of a clot and opened up again. So you see, turning 50 is a huge thing for her. Long story short, I spent 5 hours with Daddy going through old pictures and ended up taking tons home to scan. I even took home the wedding album, hmmm, may not return that for quite a while....

Yesterday I did the laundry, we watched a couple of movies, scanned pictures and did a little drawing...what do you think.....................

This is Sis. Isn't she a doll, literally.

Here we are with Daddy. He built the white fence. I have tons of memories in this house.
Check out the multi-layered bell bottoms that Mother made for us! We were stylin'!

You may get tired of seeing my art stuff but I am amazing myself. I knew I had a little talent, and I mean a little but the stuff that is coming out is just amazing me. I guess it sometimes takes a little maturity to refine. This is an old pic of my 2nd cousin Danny who passed away a few years back.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Last night I went with The Hubby to his junior high school reunion. Yes I said junior high. It was really fun and after being married to him for 33 years I knew a few people. It was at one of the classmates very nice ranch very high up on a hill, outside. HOT! There were about 35 or 37 people there, some spouses, mwaaaa. There were a lot of year books floating around and stories much like I have heard at my reunions. The Hubby had a great time seeing some people that he had not seen in 38 years. Some of the classmates went to different high schools so they had not been a part of the high school reunions. Kind of makes me yearn for my junior high but those years were horrible for me. I remember being in tears most of the time and hating the whole experience. Mother Nature came into my life then. I had my first love, first kiss and first breakup. A lot of tears were shed from my 7th grade to 9th grade. I also had the two of the most embarrassing moments in my life in those years.

The first was the very first day of 7th grade. In those early years you could only wear matching pantsuits or dresses to school. The dresses had to be 3 inches from the middle of the knee to the hem, they measured. You had to wear hose back then but pantyhose had not been invented yet. It was garter belts and nylons that ran at the touch of a finger. That first day I walked to school in my new dress all the way down Main Street. We lived on Main Street about 4 blocks away from the school. I entered the doors of the junior high my father attended and was ushered into the gym, girls on the left and guys on the right. The rickety wooden bleachers were pulled out and filled with kids. The only place left to sit was close to the top of the bleachers. I nervously but my foot on the bleacher seat and climbed to the top in my new dress and sat, waiting for the beginning bell. It was a cacophony of children voices laughing and yelling and nervously talking. The bell finally rang and the students started filing out of the gym. I stood, looked down and took my first couple of careful steps to the gym floor. Next to the last step down I slipped and slid down to the floor, landing with my legs spread out, my dress pulled up facing the gym full of 13-15 year old boys across the room. Laughter erupted and I was mortally embarrassed. That was my first day of 3 years of HELL!

The second incident was just as public. I was in my 7th grade art class, the last class of the day in my very nice white dress when I felt a little strange but just attributed it to the heat and no air conditioning. The school bell rang for the end of the day and I was ready to make the walk, down Main Street to home. My textbooks in my arms, I proceeded to walk the 4 blocks uneventfully, I thought. I reached the front door, went inside and hurriedly took off my school clothes to discover that Mother Nature had visited me for the very first time and left her imprint on the backside of my beautiful white dress. The realization hit me, I had walked all the way down Main Street with that on my backside and NO ONE TOLD ME! I was in tears and so embarrassed that I didn't want to go to school again.

The point of these two tales is that I'm not sure I want to revisit those junior high years again, can you blame me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What time is it?

After a nice dinner with The Hubby last night of In The Raw sushi and 2 cosmos I was ready for bed last night. I actually made it to the last 5 minutes of The Fashion Show, just in time to see who was leaving then it was off to sand land for me. The next thing I knew the television was off but the one in the living room was still blaring and the lights were on. I thought The Hubby was nice getting this morning and didn't wake me. I laid in bed looking at the glow in the hallway and made myself wake up to get on with the day. I got up, walked to the bathroom by the clock and then ... WAIT... what time is it...2:22 a.m. What the HELL! I went on to the bathroom then trodded into the living room to find The Hubby snoring away on the couch with the television, on an infomercial. I turned the TV down, cranked the lights to very low and went back to bed. The bad thing was that I had worked to wake myself up so it was over an hour before I could drop off again. Man, when the TV/alarm went off I was not ready. Yet, here I am up and running. B is out of town this weekend, left yesterday. She and her friend are set up at the Woody Guthrie Festival to sell their wares of Sheezkrafty. This is a special time for her as four years ago she met B2 or as she calls the man, The Mister. I have worked a bunch this week but that is okay as it is the first of the month and there is a lot to do.

I took the entire day off Wednesday to work on my next painting. I had to decide what I wanted to do. I drew for nearly 3 hours and think I've got it, I hope. What do you think.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My finished painting...#2


Sunday, July 05, 2009

July 5...the day after

We have survived yet another 4th of July, but it was not without injury. The weekend was spent at the cabin with B&B2 bringing a couple of friends to join the fun. B's friend VS came in from Washington DC while R was in from here. Love both of them. I had my world kind of widened when R arrived because he shared some of his new piercings he recently received. Let's just say it is a good thing I think of the guy as my son because one was down south! I'm glad I'm a very open-minded person and not easily shocked.

After last years horrible trip to the ER I told everyone that I would help with security and somehow it turned into me sitting at the entrance gate for hours making sure everyone that came in was supposed to be there. Well, I just said I would help not man the gate, I was a wuss and backed out but The Hubby felt he needed to do something since he wasn't doing the fireworks anymore so he did it. He was Safety Man!We had an awesome day yesterday with fun in the sun, after a downpour for several hours. I spent most of my day reading a book on my Kindle while the crew spent time at the creek. I fixed a fantastic dinner of grilled chicken, a couple of salads and fresh fruit. It soon began time for one of the highly anticipated events of the day (for B), Best Costumed Dog. B&B2 of course brought the granddog, Mondo, and dolled him up as a lady. The little fellow won, blue ribbon and all. They had a girly hat, a mumu and sunglasses that he kept on the whole time he sat there.

The evening was moving on and the four friends decided to take a ride on one of the golf carts. Yes, they were also full of a lot of liquid stuff so it didn't help what was about to happen. R was driving when B2 told him to turn left urgently. Well, four on the golf cart turning that rapidly is not a good combination and over they went onto the asphalt and gravel. B2 and VS were on the side that hit the road, and the golf cart actually was on B2's foot. He was in so much shock and pain that he just took off walking while B and R helped VS off the ground. She sustained a road burn on her shoulder and elbow while B2's elbow and his foot were cut, smashed and road burned. I don't know how he walked off except he was in shock. Luckily the paramedics are always on hand so both got immediate help and aid. B2's foot was still in bad shape this morning but the paramedics did not seem to think it was broken and today he had it x-rayed with the same result. The chaos after the accident was horrible as R was just distraught that he hurt his friends that he feels as close to as siblings. It didn't help that alcohol was playing a huge part in the tears and self-blame. If I did not hide his keys he was going to drive home and that was not going to happen. It was just horrible with drama. We finally got him settled down but I don't think he got the point about drinking until this morning because he drank more and was worse. He felt bad because the golf cart was damaged and he knew The Hubby would be pissed, he was. A statue light also got knocked over and then this morning a piece of summer sausage was found on the floor when The Hubby took a spill on it. R was eating it when we went to bed. It was a tragic night but after a short talk with him this morning he may get it, I hope. I plan on giving him a call as a friend and pseudo-mom and try to talk to him about his behavior and his drinking and choices. I think he's a little lost right. I don't want him to use this as a pitiful me ploy, I'm a f...up...I want him to learn from this and be responsible. Just scary stuff you know.

This morning everyone was a little on edge, tired, sore and angry. I fixed a great breakfast of Creekbank (eggs, potatoes, bell peppers, onions), bacon, sausage, biscuits, juice....we were stuffed. It was definitely a rather quiet breakfast with soft chatter. The Hubby is angry but surprisingly not as much as I thought he would be. I think he sees a very troubled young man.

The golf carts battery was upended so battery acid spilled and burned a hole somewhere and damaged the starter but they were things that can be fixed which The Hubby has half done already. Things will be okay.

I really hate this holiday. Fireworks, masses of people and drink are just not ever a good combination.

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Weekend is HERE!

The Hubby and I decided to close the office today, Friday and so headed to the cabin last night. We arrived and were quickly invited to a sunset Booze Cruise on Sin & Bare's pontoon boat. 19 people aboard and we were off. The day had finally cooled off so we didn't bake on the boat. There was lots of food, music, country music (yuck) and DRINK. Lots of DRINK. We left about 8 and when we finally rolled into the ramp it hit midnight. It was quite an experience being in the middle of the river with a lot of drinking and needing to pee. Bare would stop the boat and the guys would hang it off the front of the boat while we ladies would climb down a ladder on the back of the boat, drop our drawers, squat with our shining buttocks close to the lapping water and AWWWwwwww. Thank God for squats with my personal trainer. It was an experience. This may offend the country music lovers but I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC and four hours of it, well, I'm done. I'm just not a fan. To me it is like fingernails on a chalkboard. That is why we have so many different kinds of music for the listening pleasure of different ears. Don't get me wrong I do like some country music but not much.

Oh well, I'm back to the weekend fun, or not fun. It is not even noon on Friday and the fireworks have been popping all morning. I'm so done with that. Next year I'm staying in town, inside, away from it all. After last year I'm so done with it all. The next door cabin neighbors are up. They live in Houston so usually don't make it up but a couple of times a year. This year they have 3 dogs in tow so early this morning all I heard was them yelling at one of the dogs, ROXIE, ROXIE, ROXIE! The neighbors on the other side also have multiple dogs and they all are running free, contrary to the by-laws of the place. Next I hear ROXIE, ROXIE, ROXIE, NOOOOooo, the dogs barking then fighting. Now some of them are on leads and some are captured inside cabins. Good Grief! A lot of the people here have dogs and some let them run free. It is not good, especially when so many more people are going to be here for the weekend. I can't wait for the weekend to be over and back to the peace and quiet.

Ohhhh...I took the most AWESOME picture last night of the pink light in the trees and the reflections on the water...but, alas it was not with my camera which was in my bag at the cabin but with Bare's. Hopefully, I will be able to download it today. I want to paint it.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bang, Bang, Bang on the Door Baby...

Bang, bang, bang. That is what I've listened to for 3 days now. We are doing our part in keeping the economy going here. Since we moved into this house and had it remodeled one of the projects took a turn for the worse. The outside eave/upper sides of the house were scraped and patched and painted and we hoped that the red cedar wood would hold out but we were wrong. The paint bubbled, puckered, chipped and peeled and looked horrible. We got a bid and this week they began the process of pulling the boards off and putting up hardy-board. The next step will be to repaint it all again. I guess we are slowing leading up the huge add-on/remodel of the master bath. The quotes on what we wanted to do came in and I suggested we have a new house built for the same amount of money. OH MY GOD! I couldn't believe it but it was extensive. We would have to move plumbing, gas lines and the sewer lines. So we told the architect to take out a few of the amenities that The Hubby wanted, scale back and get new bids. Hopefully it will be a little more reasonable. It's not that we would overbuild for the neighborhood, I don't think that really is an issue but it is a bunch of money. I told The Hubby that I don't plan on moving and would just leave it up to the girls to sell the house when we die. I'm ready to get it going and we would again be helping the economy in employing some workforce. I want to get what we want, finally.