Sunday, November 27, 2022

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

Yesterday was a full day of kiddos.  I was bound and determined to get my Christmas tree up and the house decorated yesterday.  Every year I TRY to have the girls, their babies, sometimes the bro-in-law and hubby come and help and I feed them, but this year everyone was going 20-thousand different places and it was not to happen.  BUT, I was going to get it done with the help I had and what wonderful help.  Honestly it was quite fun.  The sparkle in their eyes as they put the ornaments on is priceless.
Snicklefritz is so wonderful with Min.  We had a mini-meltdown when it came time to put the star on.  I honestly won't have any of it but little Snicklefritz is, as her mother says, the Min Whisperer.  She is magical in how she gets her sidetracked or just quieted down.  It was nice to have her helping with all of it yesterday.  Min's parents were in the middle of painting a bedroom and having a 3 year old in the midst of it was a No-GO, so Granny's it was, and she had way more fun.

It has been an exhausting kind of few days but most rewarding for everyone.  She'll be back on Monday as her parents head to OKC for the weekly doctor's appointment.  Sadly Snicklefritz won't be around to help as she is back in school.  I'm sure we will have a lot more of these days when school is out for Christmas break and baby Max arrives.

Think I will have some issues if both girls ever spend the night together as they BOTH like that bed in the pink bedroom!!!  Going to have to figure out a plan if that happens.  I don't want to disappoint either one of them...


Friday, November 25, 2022

Thanksgiving 2022

Well, I will just start off with the best part, DESSERTS!!!
I know you think it's turkey, but in reality it's the pie!!!

It was wonderful to have the family and it also included the bro-in-law's hubby and father.  Usually E goes home but this year delighted us with his daddy, who was an absolute delight.  He seemed to have such a good time.
GOSH, we stuffed ourselves and everyone proclaimed it was the best feast ever.  

This little one had a great time too and stayed to watch Home Alone.
Sure was tired by the end of the day, but a good tired.  The Hubby took care of all the clean up, washing every single dish.  Today it's my turn to put stuff away that he has no clue about.  I'm good with that.  I will also put the fall decor away and ready the front room for Christmas.  I bought a new tree and it's been sitting in the garage in it's box for 2 weeks now.  I bought it on Amazon and hope it's not a bust.  I was going to have everyone over tomorrow to decorate and I would do pizza but think I'll just do it myself with the help of Snicklefritz.  She is to come sometime this weekend to spend the night.  

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

Is everyone ready?  It is 8:40 a.m. and my turkey is in the oven and smelling wonderful.  I have made lists upon lists upon lists this week trying to get my time table perfect to pull of this day.  
I've added, changed and created all kinds of things to do.

Yesterday I spent the morning chopping celery, onion and cleaning brussel sprouts.  I went out to the small herb bed and cut tons of fresh sage.  I made an apple pie and a blackberry (for the bro-in-law's birthday.)  
I'm going to roast half of the sprouts and the other half will make a casserole, much like the green bean casserole. 
Lovely sage and rosemary.

Monday was yet another day of watching little Min but before she got there I decided to sketch a bit, trying to work on next years Christmas card.  The tree I did last year I had made into lovely cards for this year.  Think a snowman will be next years, a Mr. & Mrs.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Painting, The Vote is In and Fire

I have been missing in action as of late mostly because of watching kiddos and a bit of painting.  Also prepping for Thanksgiving that has just snuck up on me.  

Last week I finished this landscape and I love it and The Hubby loves it.  In fact he said not to sell it and lets hang it at the cabin!!!!  He NEVER says that.
"Fall Skies"  
16x20 oil

I also finished this commission for a friend and she will pick it up the week after Thanksgiving.
I actually started it several times and they just didn't make me happy.  In fact, this one below here is not great but Snicklefritz LOVES it so I finished it and will give it to her for Christmas.  Like all little girls she loves horses.

I did get a vote in, not that it did any good but I did it.

We've also a lot of time at the cabin and this past weekend was our first fire of the season.  I love that concrete skull in the fireplace.  LOL!

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Dinner Party, Halloween, Baby Shower...We've Been Busy

All week long I've been prepping for company.  The Hubby has a group of guys he hangs with a couple times during the year for a weekend or few days.  They shoot, drink, tell jokes, guy things.  They were brought together several years ago by a mutual friend, one The Hubby went to high school with and the others worked with.  He has since passed a couple of years ago.  We wives have become good friends now too.  
Back to the gathering...I spent the week in preparation, menu planning, grocery lists, timeline of prep...

The table I thought of a lot of decor ideas and drifting off to sleep one night I thought of the tiny antique salt cellars I have from my great grandmother and great-great granny.  They are just gathering dust in my china cabinet so the idea was simple, snip off flower and place.  GOODNESS, they were so cute and will be part of the Thanksgiving table in a few weeks.  
The apple pie...oh the apple pie...I have not made an apple pie in probably over 20 years and I used to be pretty good at them.  Unfortunately I only had enough flour for 2 crusts and I totally MESSED up and ended up with only one pie.  I think I know my mistake, the crust was way too short and I needed more liquid, but, the biggest mistake was the oven too hot.  So I burned the top of it.  I was so mad, and here's another but, it was so flakey that it was delicious, despite the burned top.  Honestly it was really good.  Also, since I had extra apples I had already sugar and cinnamoned I decided, just in case the pie was not edible, to cook them.  I tossed them in a saucepan, added a glob of butter and real maple syrup and cooked till bubbly.  I served over vanilla bean ice cream.  YUMMY!  

I also served tossed salad, the pesto roasted potatoes and green beans, like my momma used to make with bacon and onion!
The main course was a jalapeno-cream cheese stuffed pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon.  Oh Yes I did!  I get them at our local grocer, Reasors in the frozen meat section.  The one in the photo is cajun, stuffed with shrimp and andoule sausage, haven't tried it yet.
The entire evening was a huge success.  

The next day was a baby shower for our baby Maximilian, coming in January.  Trying to keep everything as normal as possible because we DO have a grandson arriving.  It was so wonderful to see old friends and family, new friends and family for the occasion.  I was THRILLED beyond thrilled to finally get to meet my new great niece.  She is I think 14 months old and a cutie pie.  

Good grief I almost forgot Halloween...