Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm Sad

I'm sad this morning. Yes A is leaving today to fly back to California and I'm sad. It has been fun having her here and I will truly miss her just jabbering away while here. I forget that she talks non-stop sometimes, so much my ears actually hurt, but I love her and will miss her. Last night B came over and we grilled T-bone steaks, baked huge potatoes and steamed fresh brocolli and I had to have blackeye peas a couple of days early. It was delicious and we had a nice time together. While sitting down to dinner it occurred to me that it had been a very long time since it was just the four of us at the dinner table sharing a meal. Brought back tons of memories. I'm really sad today and feel on the edge of tears. This has been such a rough holiday season with all the ice storm stuff and Christmas and her here and him sick and "sob, sob, sob". I'm just tired and want to forge ahead to the new year. I don't really do New Years resolutions anymore because I always break them, especially when it has to do with weight and diet stuff. But I will try to list some I think I might accomplish.

  1. Read more than 20 books in 2008 (21 in 2007)

  2. Finally clean up "my room"

  3. Organize the office with the help of B

  4. Plant a vegetable garden

  5. Clean out the guest room closet

  6. Clean out the pantry

  7. Start that novel

There that should work for a starter. Some fun things, some things that might not get done, and some work stuff.

We are going to the cabin after we drop A at the airport. There is a big New Year's potluck dinner with a few of the people, actually 30 of them. I don't know how a little 4 couple potluck turned into 30 people at my house for the main course but it has. At least all I have to cook is a turkey and have paper plates and cups. Man! Happy New Year!

On a side note: A got me the neatest book for Christmas. It is "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die". Very cool and I will try to use this as a semi-basis for my list of reading material for the year 2008.

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