Sunday, December 23, 2007

Things Change

This year Christmas is so very messed up. B of course has her new guy and so they will be gone for Christmas Eve and morning (our usual family gathering). Christmas Eve we usually go to on of the nephews house and have his side of the family do-dah and it is still on but the other nephew is going to drive back to Olathe, KS that night so their little girl (1 year) can wake up to Christmas in her own house. Then The Hubby's brother and his wife are driving down to Ft. Worth so his wife can be a part of her kids and grandkids Christmas. So that makes the Christmas Eve shindig, which has been legendary cut quite short. So Christmas morning we wake up and look at presents and can't open. Then we get in the car at 2:45 and go to my Daddy's to have Christmas with my family. Then we again drive to the other Brother-in-law's at 6pm for dinner. I guess we will come back her after about 8 or 8:30 and finally have our own family Christmas. It is just so very messed up.

On top of all this mess A is home and the tension is a little thick. She has "issues" with her father and I'm really tired of hearing about them. Get over it and move on with your life. God, you could stagnate your life with the "issues" you can have with your parents. It doesn't help that he has been sick and a bear on top of he is usually a Grinch during Christmas time. It's not his favorite season but it is mine. He hasn't had time to go shopping for me so he sends out A with my list to do it for him. Uh no. So I shopped for myself. I got the IPOD adapter thingy for my car which is really a sucky attachment but that's OK I'll make due. Then my laptop crashed during all this ice storm stuff. It had been coughing and chugging along for a bit now and he kept telling me to get a new one so I did and he doesn't even know it yet. HaHa. I get if Thursday or Friday. I have to use his computer to do this stuff or the one at work but I need my laptop to write. The words move faster in my lap without him watching over my shoulder wondering when I'm going to be off of his computer. Whatever!

I did get some baking done yesterday. I made Aunt Rose's Cookie Bars (my Aunt Rose), pecan pralines (a mix) and my Momma's famous White Fruitcake (not your ordinary fruitcake). The fruitcake is sweet and lemony and white cake not bitter like some fruitcakes. You are guaranteed to like this one.

So today my laundry is done, presents are wrapped, baking is done, the kitchen is clean and I have time on my hands to read, cross stitch or whatever I want.

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LiveLee said... that is a fruitcake worth remembering! hope you had a merry Christmas, even if it wasn't like those Christmas past. enjoy the'll blink and the holidays will be gone as well as the 'family stresses'.
see you soon.