Friday, November 23, 2007

Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is over. The dishes are running in the dishwasher and bellies are very full. Leftover turkey is chilling in the fridge waiting a place on a sandwich.

Yesterday we traveled a few miles to my brother and his wife's house for dinner and visiting. We ate at 1pm. After snoozing on the couch and letting the food rest a bit we piled back into my little red car to go to The Hubby's mommas house to eat again at 5pm. WHEW! I kind of picked at some salad and sweet potatoes but that was about it.

The main part of Turkey day for me is family. I love to get together with all the family and that was accomplished except for #2 girl who is still in California. She called and was very sad not to be with us but that was her choice. Now we have to find her a ticket to get back home for Christmas. Anyway, back to yesterday. After dinner at the MIL's we sat in the living room in a circle and the MIL wanted to go around the room and say what we were thankful for and it could not include family, friends, your life, etc. You had to go outside the box. It was pretty cool all the stuff, until it got around to my SIL sitting next to me and her husband (The Hubby's Bro). She started going off about being thankful for The Lord and blah, blah, blah and then started crying and then the BIL had his turn and he started on it. OH MY GOODNESS! I have been in this family for nearly 32 years and for the past 10 years or so, after the BIL remarried to the "new" SIL they started to go to church and get involved. In fact last spring the BIL announced to all that God spoke to him and told him to build 3 churches. Huh. This stuff has caused a little rift in The Hubby and my relationship. We raised our children in church as I was raised. My mother believed that children needed to be exposed to religion and then let them make their own decisions at the right age and we did. I did the same for my girls. I also have seen people as they get older and closer to death all of a sudden get totally wrapped up in a church and the "religion thing" and going off the deep end. I think this is what is happening to the BIL. I saw it in my bigoted, mean grandfather who, when close to his death started to go to church and donated nearly ALL his money to church in an effort to save his soul. That is not how it works and it was disgusting to watch. I'm bitter, can you tell. I've done all the churchy stuff as a child, and with my children. I/we were involved with all the committees, mission trips, youth groups, all of it. I've done the time but just don't get the stuff the BIL is into. It perturbs The Hubby when I get on my high-horse but I just am not into the church or religious scene. I feel that it is ALL really cultish stuff. I enjoyed the service aspect of being involved in church because it was fun doing for people, and some of my best friends were made in the church idea of "church" now is communing with nature on my screened porch at the lake, listening to the birds and squirrels every Sunday morning at the break of dawn. Now that is church, that is what I'm Thankful for.

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