Sunday, September 30, 2007

I have a bone to pick!

The big birthday party for the MIL was a huge success. My BIL #2 supplied the FABULOUS spaghetti sauce and garlic bread and I did the salad and pies. Oh, and my peach cobbler and apple pies were the best I have ever made. We all sat at the super long table I set and had wonderful conversation...except for the other BIL that is really grating on me. I have a bone to pick with that one.

Let me clarify the characters of this story...

The BIL #1 - D
The BIL #1's wife - CH
All the characters of the day started assembling for the gathering to celebrate the MIL's 80th birthday. All of a sudden CH comes into the kitchen from the garage and asks if the side gate is open. I look at her and tilt my head like a confused dog and tell her I don't know. She runs out without explanation and I'm still tilting my head. I go to the sliding door and there is D walking around and CH is getting one of the lawn chairs for him to sit. I go out and they tell me that he is sick with some upper respiratory thing and doesn't want to get anybody sick. Hmmm, okay. So as the guests arrive they all take turns going out to the backyard as D holds court there.

Here is where I am miffed. EVERYTIME we have a function at this house of which we have been in almost 2 years D and Char spend nearly all their time here in that damn backyard. Most of the time they corral the one grandson Aiden because he is a tornado through my house. Aiden's parents walk in the door and D and CH grab him and off they go. We've had many family dinners here and they ALWAYS eat outside with Aiden and yesterday was not exception. I set a fabulous table for ALL to sit, squeezed together and there D and CH sat in the backyard eating off my good china while the rest of the family sat inside watching. I know he was sick but there is always an excuse for them not to be in my house. It ticks me off royally. When we finally moved into our house after the remodel and had our first big family deal they couldn't make it and then they started the backyard meals. To top off the day they left early because the mosquitoes were so bad and D couldn't stand it. Well, come in for goodness sake. I would rather get a germ from a family member.

Sorry I'm venting and I know it is silly but I've just about had it with them. It was a lovely day for the MIL and it was EVERYTHING she asked for.

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