Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day 6

Saturday, Day 6 without power. I'm writing this from the office as we have power (since yesterday) and now, today (YEAH) the Internet. We are still without power at home, so Day 6 there. It is a little like camping but I vowed to never camp again. It's not too bad but I'm having major TV withdrawl at this point.

I'm just glad the telephone at the office has settled down. I don't know if I could stand one more day of crying women and men and the temper tantrums of some of our customers. Some people (with a little money) and power at their houses are just oblivous to the trials and tribulations of the "common man" during all of this duress. "Can you send a guy out to finish putting the blank plates on my receptacles because we are having all these people over for Christmas and need it to look good." Oh My Goodness!!! What is wrong with people. We have our 10 guys out in the field working as hard as they can in the elements trying to get people ready for when the power comes back up. People are desparate for this and are frantic and here we have people calling who's heads are in the clouds. #1 girl and I have been taking phone calls non-stop since Monday and it is just exhausting. Today as I sit her the phone has stopped but the guys are still out there working even though they have damage at their own houses as do we. We have probably lost the two HUGE birch trees in front and the 80 year+ old oak in the back has been severely damaged. I guess I'll get the sun spot for a garden I've been wanting.

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