Friday, October 19, 2007


I received in the mail today my results from my blood work from my yearly physical and can I just say YEE HAW! When I went in my blood pressure, the doctor said, was perfect. Now the blood work is fabulous. I may not being losing weight but I'm in good shape inside.

We leave on Monday. Yes, we fly to Paris on Monday afternoon and my stomach is a little wonky today. I'm excited but anxious because I have not packed a single thing yet. I'm just amassing piles of stuff on the guest bed and will attempt to pack a lot of it tomorrow and Sunday and fill in if I need more. So much to do to be gone for 11 days. Being self-employed it is very hard for The Hubby and I to take off for that long a time and especially together. I did payroll a week in advance and all the tax stuff and The Hubby lined out the guys and our head guy to hold down the fort. Unfortunately, I/we will have to go into the office on Sunday to do some invoicing. I will try to post some from overseas but not sure. Toodles all and will definitely post after with pictures.

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LiveLee said...

awesome!! i can feel the excitement in your post!!!
be safe, be careful, have fun!!!