Thursday, December 20, 2007

The phones are quiet

The big rush since the horrible ice storm has finally died down. Today the phone has only rung 3 or 4 times and the calls are not for broken weatherheads, downed services, broken meters, or generators. It is peacefully quiet. I thought The Hubby, myself and B were going to lose our minds. The phones were non-stop and we really couldn't help too many people. Now The Hubby has to return a whole lot of calls about permanent stand-by natural gas generators. That takes a lot of smoozing and knowhow from The Hubby to sell one of those. The Hubby worked himself so hard and long that now he is very sick. I thought he might have pnemonia and even the minor emergency doc thought so too. He did an x-ray and said no but he feels and looks like crap. His mood or ability to deal with people (including close family) sucks.

Today A will arrive for a 10 day stay and I'm a little apprenhensive. The Hubby and A have a tenious and rather antagonistic relationship. We haven't set eyes on her since July and last night The Hubby got an automated call on his cell phone from her car insurance company and she has let her policy lapse and she was supposed to take care of it, which she didn't. Well, he called her and started on her about responsibility and yada, yada, yada. I know, I know she needs to be responsibile but he also needs to quit paying for it and let her suffer the consequences. His voice was almost to the point of screaming with frustration at her and when he got off the phone he remembered he needed to talk to her again. He asked to use my phone (closer proximity) and I told him that if he was going to yell at her again I would call her. He was like "what do ya mean". I told him that if at 22 years of age my father yelled at me like that I would NEVER speak to him again. I just cannot tolerate that kind of non-respect he gives to her. I know she messes up but she has to learn and she is taking the bumpy road not the easy road to life and she needs to learn without him yelling and saying "I told you so." That does absolutely no good, and he should know as it doesn't work for either one of us. He of course spouted off that I was much more mature at 22 than she is and that is true in some ways but it was a total different era, our kids are raised much different that we were raised, and we have done it ourselves. It's absolutely our fault and the society we live in. I have a problem with parents still messing in their kids lives even at college, calling their professors and taking care of all their needs. When they get out in the real world they have no idea how to take care of themselves. They don't know they need car insurance, renters insurance, house insurance, medical insurance, paying income taxes at the end of the year and what's this about saving receipts. We have totally neglected our kids and the little tiny things in life they need to know. That is where I think they need to teach some of that stuff in school. I learned a lot about it in school myself and about money. Kids today are just given money, money, money and they have no concept about what to do with it exactly, except to spend it.

Boy, I'm on an tangent. Sorry for ranting.

I'm really excited to see my little girl and she so needs to see us. She is going through some stuff and needs this time at home.

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