Monday, September 17, 2007

Lots of stuff

Friday my brother-in-law, The Hubby and I and the boys mother paid the deposit for her to move into a retirement community, a really nice one. She is ready but very tentative about the move. Last night we met with the realtor to put her house on the market and boy was that fun and funny. She has come to the age of fretfulness and worry and just plain fear. She will be 80 at the end of the month but you would never really guess it. My MIL is a very classy lady who has it goin' on and I love her dearly. Even her handwriting is perfect still.

Well, last night while talking to the realtor and filling out the mountains of paperwork, when asked if she was in a flood plain we all said no. Then he asked if she had flood insurance (forms you know), she said, "Well yes!"

I thought The Hubby's face was going to fall off. He said, "Well, Mom why do you have flood insurance if you are not in the flood plain."

She turned to him and said, "I live so close to the river." OK, now mind you my MIL lives probably three to four miles from the river which has NEVER risen to her area of town. She has a terrible fear of flooding.

I had to turn and leave the room so I could laugh. I didn't mean to laugh at her but she sometimes can be so funny with her little idiosyncrasies that I can't help it, especially as she has gotten older.

Then she didn't want to put a sign in her yard, or have the realtor send out fliers to the neighbors or advertise anything like that. She doesn't want her friends or neighbors to know her business. We couldn't figure out the reasoning behind this but we told her that was the only way to push the sale ASAP.

We kind of think she is afraid of her stepson finding out she is selling or where she is moving. See, she is the trustee of her husbands estate/trust and the stepson will inherit only at her death. Get my meaning. She is a little afraid of him as well as the three boys and myself. He is not happy that a trust company is handling the thing and not doleing out any funds to him. He just doesn't get it that most of it goes to charity anyway. He's just greedy and that is the reason why we are very wary of him.

On another note. I mentioned that I love my MIL but sometimes I have to grit my teeth at what comes out of her mouth. I know she loves me dearly and means well but...while touring her new condo on Friday she was talking to the sales manager and told the lady about The Hubby working five days a week and look how trim he is and how I/me work(s) out five days a week and how different out bodies are...!!! Well, I knew perfectly well what she was getting at as she has made mention about my body type before over the years and even has sent me diets and newspaper clippings. I know she means well but sometimes I have to ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!@##$DU*UYUT#(**#&%^&@. Okay, now I'm done. I love her too. I'm a good daughter-in-law!

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