Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Scary Night

Last night was the corporate night of Oktoberfest in Tulsa and of course it is Oklahoma so storms were-a-brewing. The Hubby, #1 and The Guy planned on their annual trek there. I sat watching TV and packing and doing laundry for my trip and the weather guy came on showing the storms. I called #1 girl and then left a message on The Hubby's phone to warn them they need to come home. I continued on with my tasks and then the wind kicked up and the rain. The weather guy again came on and they said tents had blown down and there were injuries. UH OH!!!! I hit the phone again and tried to contact them. The phones either rang and rang or they went to voice mail. Then my phone would ring and I could hear The Hubby yelling but he couldn't hear me and then nothing. I was in a little panic mode except I heard his voice. Soon my phone buzzed that I had a voice message. It was from The Hubby and he yelled that they got out and were alright. WHEW! I was relieved. Soon #1 called me and she was on the verge of total breakdown. She is terrified of tornados and storms and stuff and so she was caught in the middle of it all. The Guy was hit in the head by a pole or something but it was a glancing blow and not bad. He may be a little bruised.

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