Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm so torn

This weekend I left for the cabin early as I now have office help and can get away. I arrived at the cabin and planned on spending the night by myself as The Hubby was not due till Saturday. Of course, it was raining but I didn't mind as I spent the afternoon reading on my glorious back porch. I was soon joined by a sweet golden retriever. She was around last weekend and now her companions are two huskies, all a very young. Sadly the trio have dumped. Dumped by idiot people who just assume that since there are people here we will take care of them. Hold on people, do the right thing and either find a home, find a rescue or last resorts the pound but DON'T DUMP THE POUR DEFENSLESS ANIMALS. I don't want another dog but the golden is absolutely so sweet and gentle it just breaks my heart. In fact she still has a collor on, but no tag. She bacame my friend this weekend not leaving my side while I was outside. It helps I guess that I fed her. I couldn't help it. Unfortunatly I found out she is quite talented and smart. I went inside to take a shower on Saturday and left her on the covered front porch waiting for me. When I got out she was gone. Well, I went back out into the screened porch and there she was asleep by the inside door waiting for me. How did she get in there. I took her outside and went back in and watched from the kitchen. She went up to the screen door and stuck her claw in the fairly new screen and pulled it open wide enough to get her head in and slowly she slid her skinny body through the door. WHAT! I went out the front door to see if she could get out and she just pushes the door open and runs out slamming the door behind her. I don't know what will happen as we are home now and she is there. I don't want a dog, especially a large dog but I'm so torn and very sad by the stupidity of people doing that to a precious innocent animal. Oh and as I was leaving the grounds I passed the trash area and there were the two huskies munching on leftovers. So very, very sad. Know anyone in the market for some good dogs.

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