Monday, December 17, 2007

Power Up

I went out with the Jazzercise girls tonight just to get out of the house tonight and was exhausted with the thought of coming home to a dark house again. I knew that we would probably would have power by tomorrow night but I had just about reached my limit. I just knew it would happen because the tree trimming demons were in our neighborhood and took a great swath out of our 80+ year old oak tree today. Well, as I turned the corner of our neighbor the most exciting sight I have ever seen came into view. After 9 days of darkness I saw Christmas lights twinkling on houses in my neighborhood. As I neared our house our Christmas lights were on, my Christmas tree was lit up and every light in the house was on. Oh my God I was screaming in my car as I punched the garage door opener and the door went up. We have POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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