Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a Weekend

This weekend I hosted 10 (counting myself) wonderful ladies at a little retreat-getaway at our cabin. Wow! Some are elementary teachers, lawyers, and accountants. All of the ladies really needed this time away from their respective worlds and our place was the perfect place for that.

Friday afternoon I arrived around 3pm and began unloading and preparing the place for their arrival. I had picked up Olive Garden lasagna and salad so we didn't have to cook which is so very easy. I made a pinion wood fire in the chiminea and set up the hammock and waited for them to arrive. All but one had never been to our place and so they were in for a surprise as to how wonderful their experience would be. It is very relaxing and great for recharging batteries. They began to arrive around 5 pm and the fun began. It was laughter and jokes and snacks and more laughter. We soon piled 10 of us into two golf carts to take a tour and hopefully catch sight of some deer. We were lucky to find only one this time. Back at the cabin we chowed down on lasagna and wine and margaritas and homemade cheesecake. Then we started a big fire for the somores (boy was I full.) I didn't make it too long in the evening as we had all been up since about 5 am. I headed for bed but continued to hear laughter till about midnight. That is what this place is for.

Saturday started out a little cool as fall is trying to start up but was perfect for walking and taking more golf cart rides. We had breakfast of bacon and homemade coffeecake then began to explore. We all ended up by the waterfall watching the turtles bobbing up and down and an occasional snake swim by (yuck). Of the ten of us, six had to go back to town but the remaining four spent the evening getting really deep in conversation about everything that women talk about.

Sunday I was up at 7am and made pumpkin spice coffee and tried to write some in my journal before the other three made it up. I knew we were going back about 10 so time was running short. I won't be back to our cabin till about three weeks since we are leaving for our trip in a week. YIKES! Better get packing.

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