Sunday, October 28, 2007


Just a quick note to let all know we are having a grand time here in France. We have been to many places but the most impressive one was the Mount St. Michel which I actually climbed. There were over 500 steps and my calves are so very tight. It was grand and quite beautiful. I will have pictures for all later. Yesterday we had a city tour of Paris and I/we went up into the Eiffel Tower and I made it to the 2nd floor. (For those who do not know, I am terrified of heights.) The food has been okay but the sights are wonderful. I'm not too impressed with all the many, many people and cars and the awful smoking. WE are spoiled in the US where smoking is becoming not as popular. I miss my cabin and the peace and quiet but it is a chance of a lifetime. Tonight we are going to the Moulin Rouge. Signing off for now. (cough, cough)

I almost forgot. While on the very, very long plane ride over Mother Nature decided that it was yet time again to make an appearance. For my entire life she has never, never been regular and since 2 months ago was the first time in 11 months she made herself known, I had no idea. I was trying to sleep and felt a little weird and VERY uncomfortable in my little seat so I decided to walk to the restroom. I got inside and dropped my drawers and well, let's say YUCK. Have you ever had to wash your jeans and underwear in the airplane bathroom and then pad yourself with airplane paper towels and then set for another 4 hours to your destination. Well, I have! Since we arrived at 8:30 AM we had a whole day of sightseeing till the hotel room where my extra pair of jeans were going to be. Thank goodness I had a very long sweater on so no problem except cold. That was my first mishap. A couple of days later while on a day trip back from Mount St. Michel we had to make a comfort stop at a highway stop that was so crowded the women's line was out the opposite door and around the building. I quickly got to the next in line stall and opened the door to find one of the famous squatty potties that the others have been talking about. I thought well this is my only chance and took it. Let's just say trying to keep your jeans pants legs up and you underwear and seat out of the way while trying to squat in a tiny area where you also have a large backside sometimes just doesn't work. I thought I was alright till I pulled up my jeans and found out that the band of my jeans just didn't get out of the way. I had to pad again but with mounds of toilet paper and make my way to the tour bus. There were others waiting and we took a poll on who of us got the lucky draw of the squatty potty. Two of us. I acted out my dilemma of the deed and everyone was in stitches. The Hubby was appalled but I am who I am and it was funny. So of course I washed another pair of jeans, luckily the other ones were clean. Oh the perils of travel!

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LiveLee said...

i love that you're so honest about the good and the bad...when someone goes to paris all you ever hear is how great it was. the food, the shopping, blah, blah. food isn't fabulous just because you're in paris. and the smoking...i never would have thought of that, but you're right, we've become spoiled.

ps. sorry to hear of the 'ladies room mishaps'. :(