Sunday, December 02, 2007


It is 9:22 am Sunday morning and here I sit in the Tulsa home. I wish we were at the lake sitting in the lake house but this weekend was full of stuff. Next weekend I will be there relaxing and reading.

Yesterday I actually slept in till 9 am. That is absolutely unheard of for me. Since I get up at 4:45 am M-F for Jazzercise my body just can't seem to sleep in so yesterday was a luxury. WONDERFUL! It also helps having the new bed, which I love. The Hubby has finally gotten used to it, but for a week he had a back ache, and this was his idea. It's cushy and reminds me of sleeping in my Greatgranny's feather bed when I was little.

I finally got around yesterday and got dolled up for a tea but it wasn't until 3:30 so I went to BA to visit Daddy. It was lunchtime so I stopped by Taco Bell and picked up a couple of taco's for us to eat since I know he skips lunch all the time. It was nice and I ended up spending about 3 hours just chatting with him and watching TU get beat. He is pretty much deaf and the hearing aids just minimally help so I have to shout to have a conversation over the television. By the time I leave there I usually don't have a voice. He gets so lonesome since Momma has passed. He just sits there most days and watches TV or plays games on the computer or mows the lawn. We three (siblings) can't seem to get him to get out and join a senior group to meet more people. He gets out more than he lets on though. On Sunday's he goes to his old high school bud's house and they have coffee and watch football for several hours. That is something.

I finally left for the so-called tea and once there realized it was much more than a tea. She had ham, green bean casserole, dips, and desserts. It was a full meal and in my head I thought, "So much for cooking dinner." I had planned on chicken gizzards and chicken livers but that would have to wait for Sunday (this is one of our favorite meals). Here is the downer of the afternoon...I was sitting at the kitchen bar area chatting with one of the ladies when another lady came up behind me and got into the conversation. The topic was the loss of her wonderful mother 4 years ago and how hard it has been, blah, blah, blah. The other lady I was originally talking to then piped up with how to deal with that when talking to people because she had a neighbor who lost her best friend a few months ago and she didn't know how to approach the lady. Well, readers if you have not read my blog from awhile back I will update you. March 2006 my best friend suddenly died and then July 2006 my mother passed away. Needless to say the conversation was horrible. Then to top off the event the hostess wanted to thank everybody for coming and wanted to thank everyone for being there for her and her mother during the crisis and near death of her mother. OK!!! That topped off the afternoon. I was almost in tears at that point. Sometimes I think I'm okay and something like that makes all my hard work of moving on for naught. The lady who's mother died four years ago moved on and the original lady of conversation looked at me and asked if I was alright. Apparently I was not but I very nicely told her. I had not intended to go into it but...well, I had to. I left shortly after that and headed home to the peace and quiet of my wonderful home.

Today I plan on getting Christmas out of the attic and just hang out. I need to get a game plan on for baking and decorating and shopping, which I am NOT IN THE MOOD FOR!

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