Saturday, October 20, 2007

Come Saturday Morning

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. We normally go to the cabin on the weekends but as I have written it is countdown time to our trip so in town we stay. I slept in till 8:30 am this morning which is just unheard of as the usual time is 4:45 am. Right now I'm sitting in my chair, in my room and the sun is streaming in above the shutters filtering through the huge birch that sits in our front yard. I am sitting stark naked, cause I can, enjoying the freedom of having an empty nest. Yee Haw! The Hubby is in the shower getting ready to hit the flea market and gun show then on to the office to make work for me. When I finally get up from this comfy chair I will get ready and go to Broken Arrow to see my Daddy and Sis and have lunch. I don't know if Bro will be there or not. He's probably on the golf course on the beautiful Saturday.

Tomorrow will be the push to pack and then reality will set in. I woke up about 3:30 am this morning and I fought my mind from not going to the thought processes of packing, traveling, airports, etc. I tried to keep in the dream as I trudged to the bathroom and back again. The Hubby was still asleep on the couch and the TV was a little loud so that interfered in my attempt to drop off. He likes to stay up late on the weekends and fall asleep on the broke-in leather couch, and not hear me snore. It was a bit before I drifted back to sleep but I did it and it felt good to sleep in.

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