Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mark one more thing off the list

I love having #1 daughter working in the office. I am able to take days off just do what I want to do. One day I just sat home and read and blogged and watched TV and took a nap. How wonderful is that! For awhile I have had a list of stuff to do around the house and so today I accomplished one. I cleaned out my closet and rearranged it a bit. When we moved into this house dummy me took the smaller closet, Hello, I'm a woman, what was I thinking. His closet is uncrowded and stays absolutely perfect. It's maddening. When we get ready to remodel the bathroom area and closets I will have to try to cram it all into the guest closet, which poses another problem. That is a closet that is on my list to clean out. I thought about starting it today but my closet was an all day thing plus when I opened the door and looked in it I cringed and closed the door. Maybe next week. I also need to get back into "my" room and finish it too. I have decided to invite the Jazzercise girls to a Christmas potluck on the 17th so I have a goal to reach. That also means I am going to have to get the Christmas out of the attic. I have been resisting that effort. I've been having a little bah-humbug going on.

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