Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Weekend (read till the end it's good)

Friday after work I waited for The Hubby to finally come home so we could go to the cabin. I sat twiddling my thumbs as I can hardly wait to go and enjoy the peace and quiet AND the friends I/we have made there. He rolled in the garage and immediately went to his computer to check his emails and his Ebay finds. Still I sat and waited and dozed off. I would have taken off without him but I wanted to wait. Finally, he strode into the living room and announced he was ready. YES! I jumped and grabbed the ice chest and my bag and piled into the truck (yes I would have loved to drive the Miata with the top down but...).

I was so relieved as the gates came into view and we passed into our little slice of heaven in Northeastern Oklahoma. We pulled into the gravel driveway of Flash Pointe and I hurried into the cabin lugging my stuff. I was anxious to see my friend next door. Our cabin is very close to the neighbor, and in fact, our back door has a stone walkway that leads right to their front door. My friend H asked me to bring a half gallon of milk so I grabbed it out of the ice chest and yelled at The Hubby that I was going next door. He mumbled something about cutting the grass before it rained. Out the door I went and as I rounded the walkway to her patio there she sat with two other neighbors laughing. H immediately jumped up and poured me a glass of wine. A little later three more ladies joined the hen party and more wine was poured and the conversation went from chin hair to sex. WooHoo! What an evening.

The next morning I awoke around 7 am before the sun was up. That is the most perfect time of day at Flash Pointe for me. I quietly put my clothes on and crept out of the bedroom grabbing my book, journal and pen. I made the coffee and then went out to the wonderful screened porch and my favorite chair. It was so quiet as I sat there and watched the sun come up. In the fall the most common sound you hear are the crows cawing. It reminded me of my GreatGranny's in Jay when I was a little girl. The sun began to come up and I could see to write in my journal. Coffee was ready and I was set for the day, or so I thought. Later in the morning I heard a kind of hysterical ladies laugh that was the call of the piliated woodpecker, like Woody Woodpecker, there were two of them talking in the trees. So very cool.

I could have sat there all day in my chair reading, writing and watching the birds but I knew I had to clean the cabin for the guests I was having next weekend. So my day of bliss was cut short with the vacuum cleaner, dusting, and scrubbing toilets...YUCK! This is where I regret having such a large 2nd home, but only briefly. We had to get back to town so it wasn't a true weekend at the lake as we had to get back for a surprise 50th birthday party for a friend. I FORGOT the Okie Blog thing that I had planned on going to. I'm sad I missed it but I just couldn't cram that in.

Sunday...This day has been WONDERFUL!!! The Hubby has decided that we need a new mattress. Yes he is getting insistent about the subject. He says that I wiggle the bed too much and it makes him nauseous. Uh Ok. So we went mattress shopping and found one we really like but the stupid thing was nearly $8000, yes I said $8000. We found the knock off brand for a third of the cost. Now that is more like it. I told him that if we get a new mattress I want a head board. We have been married for nearly 32 years and have never had head board and I want a head board. He has decided that since he knows a custom furniture maker we will have one made to match our antique bedroom armoire and dresser. Sounds good to me.

I hope you are still reading because this is the really GOOD NEWS. I went wedding dress shopping with #1 daughter and we PURCHASED one. Yes we did and they have set the date of February 23! Yee Haw there is going to be a wedding. I can't believe it. She was so beautiful in the dress. Yesterday The Hubby asked me about how much the wedding might cost and I couldn't answer but sort of guessed. He shocked me by suggesting a rather large sum to use as a budget and asked if that would work. Well yeah it will work. I immediately called #2 and told the news and she about dropped her jaw. This is going to be a great wedding if we can find a place for it.

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