Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Cat Lover

I am a true cat lover but my father's cat is the devil incarnate. Peaches was my mother's cat and she named the cat Peaches, but a peach she is not. The stupid cat turned out to be in love with my father. When my mother passed away my sister had to come home and tell Daddy she was gone, well of course my father broke down and sobbed and sobbed and Sis hugged and consoled Daddy but the stupid cat thought she was hurting Daddy and attacked her. Now the cat HATES Sis.

Today I took the day off (yeah) to run errands like the tag office, grocery, etc. My main objective was to stop by and see Daddy as he is leaving for his trip to Vegas on Monday. I used my key and opened the front door to the television blaring in the living room (he's very hard of hearing) and the television in the bedroom where his computer is blaring. It was deafening. I hollered HELLO but no answer. I stuck my head in the hallway thinking he was sitting at his computer and couldn't hear me and again HELLO. I put my purse and bag down and headed down the hallway and the first thing I saw was Peaches on his bed. I saw that Daddy was not in his chair. Hmmmm, must be outside. I said Hi to Peaches and walked in and petted her head, she usually likes me. She kind of bent her head down and laid her ears flat and I knew she was not to pleased to see me.

I went through the house and proceeded to the backyard where I was sure he was. Well, he was not there but the back door was open so I guessed he was across the alley or next door. I went back in the house and decided to check my emails and wanted to go back down the hall. Well, looky here, there is Peaches at the entry of the hallway. I took a step towards the hallway and the DAMN cat attacked me, and I don't mean jumped a little, she attacked my leg, grabbing and slapping and hissing and YIKES!!!! I hollered at her and she cowered back and hissed and slapped the ground and I tried to take a step again and was attacked again. Now I don't like to jump at animals but that stupid cat is crazy. I jumped back at her and she jumped at me. God, she scares me too death and I am a CAT PERSON. I love cats. I used to have four at one time with one sort of like her, but she is awful. I'm so glad she loves my Daddy and was essentially guarding him since I was an intruder but man-o-man. Damn Cat!

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