Saturday, December 29, 2007

A ReCap

It is Saturday morning a couple of days to the start of another year, 2008. I am sitting on the sofa enjoying the morning sun coming in the windows and giving a false sense of warmth. I know if I step outside it will be bone chilling.

I actually slept till 8 am this morning which I don't do very often but I think I'm trying to stay healthy as The Hubby has been sick and so has B. The house is quiet, too quiet as The Hubby and A have both left for "things to do, places to go, people to see." I'm going to enjoy sitting here typing on my new laptop and writing in my journal.

A has been here for almost 10 days and we have enjoyed having her here. She is 22 years old now and has grown up a lot, I think. She has not left a mess every where she has walked by and that is quite refreshing. She even stayed with the MIL for a couple of nights and she MADE HER BED before she left. That has NEVER happened with her. It has been good for her to be here as she has had a hard time living in California so very far away from family. She has always been a huge family kind of girl and not having us close is taking a toll on her. She is also trying to deal with making some decisions in her life that we may not necessarily approve of and she so wants our approval. She is living there with her beau who is 37 years old and that has her father on tilt most of the time, but you know what she is really happy with the guy. Her problem is wanting us to approve and be happy for her, that is what's making her crazy. She has so much tension in her head she is grinding her teeth in her sleep. I told her she has made this life decision and she is happy so I'm fine with it. She needs to get a grip and make her life out there and not be stagnant. Get a good paying job and make her life. It's hard for me, a very old fashioned kind of gal, who has been married for almost 32 years, who's parents and grandparents were married for 50 years, but times are different and I accept that so move on girl.

Now I will go on with the year in review:

Marked 31 years of marriage
Got to see Chris Botti in concert (one of the things to do before I die)
Daddy cataract surgery
Marked 1 year since my dear friend Gail died so very suddenly
Would have been Momma's 71st Birthday
Bought my little red Mazda Miata
Made the decision to travel to Paris (one of the things to do before I die)
Nothing but driving my little red car and enjoying the arrival of spring!
We hosted the 10th Annual Flashlight Collectors Show (we did the 1st too)
I turned 51!
Two family reunions!
I went to Lake Austin Spa by myself. (one of the things to do before I die)
I flew by myself for the very first time.
One year anniversary of the passing of my dear sweet momma "I Love You Too Baby"
We weathered the worst ice storm in history at the cabin in January to have the
wettest Spring and Summer in history at the cabin
B came to work for us part-time and then her guy B2 came to work for us full-time
(Yeah time off!)
Celebrated the MIL's 80th birthday - Great lady
Bought the wedding dress!
The Hubby and I left for Paris, Normandy and London, my first excursion outside
of the United States (one of the things to do before I die)
Usual Turkey day stuff
Worst ice storm in Tulsa history (I think Oklahoma too). Power out at our house
for 9 straight days, MIL stayed with us for 3 of those days, The Hubby sick,
A home for the holidays, Work, Work, Work. Bought the building!

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