Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anger and Frustration

The story goes...The Hubby and I have been in business for 28 years now and sometimes he can really TICK ME OFF! There are days that there is absolutely NOTHING to do except blog, play Club POGO and wait for the phone to ring. Today is one of those days. #1 daughter is now working here 3 days a week which gives me someone to chat with in this windowless office. The girls are grown and gone and so we are empty nesters. I have dropped out of all of my volunteering stuff and now my book club is probably going to crater. I have a couple of other small group things but my social life is just about nil. As stated in a previous post, I joined a bowling league and I need to leave the office at 4 pm on Wednesdays to get there and am through at 6:30. (Just wait this gets better.)

Well, today as I sit and do NOTHING ALL DAY LONG and the time creeps up to 2:26 pm The Hubby comes in and says, "What time do you need to leave." Hold on, I know where this is going. I told him 3:45, because I was going to the bank and then to buy a new bowling bag. He made that awful face and explained that so-in-so needed an invoice TODAY and one of the guys is coming in early to give him the rest of the info to finish billing it, which would be 3:30. So, I told The Hubby I would need to leave at least by 4. That means the bank will have to wait till tomorrow and no new bowling bag today.

What is the deal. It seems that every time I try to get a social life or something fun to do he subconsciously sabotages it....hold on...updated info...

I had to stop and go with him to pick up on of the vans that had to have new tires on it. While driving there I asked him why the so-in-so contractor had to call at the end of the day and insist on having the invoice today. He informed me that the contractor didn't call that he told him we would get it to him this afternoon. SEE WHAT I MEAN. I just made an exasperated sound. I started to say why couldn't it wait till first thing in the morning but stopped myself because that was the first day I was going to actually take a day off WITHOUT feeling guilty since #1 was going to be here. Crap, Crap, Crap!!!!!

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