Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cards

Is it bad that I have not done Christmas cards in a couple of years.  I didn't do them last year and I'm not planning on it this year either.  You see since we have our company I have been doing personal and business Christmas cards for years, and that can be a lot of cards.  It is has just gotten so expensive to mail them that I am boycotting.  Oh, I have to admit that I will send some out to my penpal, my cousin and some friends that don't live close but I will not be sending out cards.  Last year I felt so very guilty and this year it is not so much.  I have made this decision but it may come down to doing it anyway.  I've only received about 5 cards at home and only 3 at the office so I think I'm not the only one.  My time has just been other places and I just find that that is one of the things that has to stop for awhile.  I may pick it up in a few years but for not, no.  What do you do? 


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I can understand your reasoning, however for those of us with relatives mostly overseas, it's usually the only time we make contact.
I sent out very few last year, and then came the guilt trip, that each time I received one in the mail, I knew I had not reciprocated the kindness, I felt like Scrouge.
This year I have tried to do better, my list is shrinking each year, I can understand the pressures especially of sending out business Christmas cards, those really are a pain.
Stay warm !

Flea said...

I sent cards for YEARS. Until I moved to Tulsa. Now I don't care.

BUT! I bought matching sombreros for all of us this fall and will be taking a group photo in front of the tree (once it's up this weekend) to email out. My husband said he'd only wear the sombreros if I'd get fake mustaches for all of us, so that's today's task. Then he said he was kidding, but it was out of his mouth, so it's going to happen.

Expect your emailed photo before New Year.

Nolita said...

We were going to punt sending out cards this year but because we added 2 more kids to the mix this year and some family is not online to see, we decided to send out cards (leftover from years past) with photos tucked in to some friends and family, no newsletter though...maybe next year...