Sunday, November 28, 2010


What has happend to VH1 and MTV.  Years ago when videos first came out we watched them on an odd channel and then they started appearing on HBO.  Then MTV and VH1 popped up.  We were in absolute heaven.  We love our music videos in this household, but wait a minute.  What has happened to VH1 and MTV. 

Real and Chance
My Big Friggin' Wedding
Brandy & Ray J
Bret Michaels:  Life as I Know It
Celebrity Rehab
Football Wives
Celebrity Fit Club

16 and Pregnant
Jersey Shore
True Life
The Hills
Real World

Now these are just a taste of what those two channels have to offer.  Where is the music.  Oh, I must say that early in the morning, like 5 am VH1 has music videos that I do treadmill work to.  I think MTV has videos, sometimes, but I have given up on that channel a long time ago.  They really need to take the words video and music off of their titles because clearly they don't offer them anymore.


Char said...

and usually any music that is played on mtv - i don't care for. too much hip-hop for me

Mamarazzi said...

i kind of agree...but i also like the reality TV they offer. i am kind of a junkie!

Unknown said...

I think mtv now has mtv2 which is where you will find all the music videos we all once loved mtv for and yanno what I never knew VH1 had muisc videos LOL