Monday, November 29, 2010

Writers Block

It has been nearly 3 months of writing every single day here at Jill of All Trades and frankly, I'm finding that writers block is becoming a problem.

I interrupt this post with a most important message.  I just received an email from BlogHer stating that: 
Good morning,

We loved your post, VHI or MTV, so much that we selected it to be promoted on the homepage today, in the Featured Member section of the site. We’ll also be promoting it on the BlogHer Facebook and Twitter accounts. Thanks for blogging on


WHAT!!!!!  That would be yesterdays post about my rant on music videos.  I'm so excited although that post is not one of my best.  I guess I need to really get over this writers block thing don't you think.  (By the way this is post number 998.)

On to writing.  It's funny that I get this email now.  This posting every day has been hard and caused me to think about not blogging anymore, but I'm a bit renewed by this nod.  I know it is probably just because I was next in the list of many but I will take it in any way I can.  An ego boost is always a good, don't you think. 

This past weekend I have accomplished so much around the house and I have a great sense of, well accomplishment.  The tree is up and the house decorated for the holidays.  My laundry is done and put away and that includes the several baskets that were clean but being lived out of .  My bad, as that is such a horrible habit.  The whole house has been organized and picked up and ready for a good wash down by the house cleaner today, just in time for the first dinner party tomorrow night.  There were to be 4 couples but I received an email that one of the husbands won't be here.  Drat.  Oh well, onward.  My menu is planned and simple.  I have a list for the grocery store, liquor store and Whole Foods for flowers and appetizer stuff.  Next week is to be the second dinner party with 9 people in attendance and the same menu. 

Appetizer:  olive medley, various cheeses, crackers and wine
Filet of Beef Bourguignon
Tossed Salad
Apple Cranberry cobbler

What do you think? 

Then comes the end of the week which is very full for me.  Actually, the next week and a half is stuffed with stuff.  Friday is payday, pick up art at TCC show, birthday luncheon for cousins birthday (I'm not doing, just attending).  Saturday is another luncheon of the Alpha Rho Tau art group.  This is a big one.  Sunday daughter B wanted to do a jewelry show like last year at her friends house.  Kind of an open house sale for a few hours but the friend does not want to do it.  Well friends, I've opened up my house.  There will be several vendors hawking their wares including some of my art!!!!  It's kind of scary to have strangers in my house but they are mostly friends of the girl and some of mine.  If you are in the area, Tulsa, and wish to come shopping for Christmas goodies, contact me via email (ebby43 at aol dot com) and I will give you the address.  Sunday 1-4, Dec 5.  There will be a few snacks so bring credit cards, cash or check and enjoy.  Later Gators.  Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

That is wonderful CONGRATS!!! and I don't think it was because you were next in line I think it is DIVINE! and proof that you can continue to post even if you are feeling happy for you carla!

Kay said...

Congratulations! I've been really pushing myself to write everyday, too. I think I've also done it for 3 months and I know how hard it is. Luckily, my husband is great about giving me ideas. Sometimes I'll get three thoughts in a day so I'll pre-post it to display on certain days.

Keep it up! I think the challenge is good for us.

Debbie said...

Congrats! I hope lots of new readers find your great blog.

Janie B said...

Cool award! Congratulations! Don't stop blogging. I enjoy reading your blog too much.

Flea said...

Woohoo! So close to a thousand! And congrats on the BlogHer pick!

I don't blog daily anymore, but when I did, having a couple of regular features every week helps. It helps now to keep me blogging at all.

Cindy said...

Congrats on the BlogHer nod! Sounds like you are busy, busy this holiday season. Being busy is great!