Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Next 1,000

I guess it is onward to the next 1,000 today!  I thought that I would give up posting everyday but alas here I am.  I'm addicted, what can I say.  This morning has started a bit earlier than I wanted to as nature began bugging me at about 3:45 am.  I couldn't stand it and got up to relieve.  That can be a bad thing so close to my usual wake up time as it was this morning.  I crawled back into my warm bed but tossed and turned as the mind woke up and started running at warp speed.  I still have so very much to do the rest of this week and on so the noggin is making lists and planning.  I also want to paint but I can't seem to sit long enough or get my mind focused enough to concentrate.  I want to finish my Christmas really soon so I can be done with it and just play.  I also want to see the new Harry Potter and haven't found the time plus the new Narnia movie that is coming out!  I'm in heaven this time of year with these kind of movies. 

Daddy called last night around 9 pm and of course The Hubby was snoozing on the couch and came into the bedroom as I was talking.  He can't hardly stand when someone calls at a time where he thinks it's too late and then he can't stand not knowing who it is.  Grump.  Anyway, Daddy was looking for an old recipe that Momma and Grandma used to make, a date roll candy.  I thought it was in his recipe box but it had another name on it and he insisted that it was not the one.  Okay.  Then he called back 15 minutes later (great) and said that his sis may have Grandma's, whatever.  Funny that he is getting in the spirit of cooking these holidays.  He's funny about this cooking stuff and is pretty good.  I must say that his voice sounds so strong and not so wobbly! 

Now this is adoration and love.  An every evening happening.

Now don't forget the giveaway from yesterday.  It ends next Wednesday, Dec 15.  Come on by on that post and leave a comment.

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