Friday, November 19, 2010

Shower Time

When I was little, growing up in our house with my brother, sister, mom, dad and one bathroom, the luxury of a long, hot shower was not to be.  We had to take a quick bath most of the time.  We weren't even allowed to do showers until we were much older, so a bath was very little water and a very quick shower.  It wasn't to conserve water but hot water for a family for a family of five.  This morning as I was standing in the shower letting the hot water run over my sore body I was reminded of Granny.  When we spent the night with Granny and Granddaddy it was always just one kid at a time.  I'm not sure if it was Granny's rule or Granddaddy's but it was awesome to be an only child for a night or two.  The one thing I loved was that we could use their shower and Granny let us use all the hot water we wanted too.  I would stand in that shower and play until the water began to run cold and we didn't get into trouble.  I have to watch myself now to not use all that water but instead enjoy the hot tub.  What happens in the shower for me is that I get a lot of thinking done.  I am totally alone with my thoughts relaxed by the running water so my mind does all kinds of things.  I make lists, visit memory lane and sometimes have a blank mind.  Today it took me to old wonderful memories! 


Char said...

the day i got married i pitched a fit over the lack of hot water - it seemed that all my family got to the shower before me and therefore i had no hot water to shave my legs. hahahaha

i so get your feelings here.

Kay said...

Sigh, we have a water shortage here in Hawaii. We have to conserve our water and take very short showers.