Saturday, October 04, 2008

Identity Theft

Not me, thank goodness but B. She had an awesome week because she found out that she passed her comps for her masters in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and is now toying with the idea of pursuing her PhD. This was yesterday and then when she got home for work a UPS truck pulled up and delivered a weird herbal tea stuff for weight loss that she didn't order. She called the company and found out it was ordered with her debit card and address. SHE DID NOT ORDER IT! The company had a different email address and phone number for the account but her financial info. They reimbursed the charges, thank goodness. There were only three or four charges and most were only for $1.00 which the bank lady said that they try to see if you catch it then they go for the big stuff. The idiot thief doesn't realize that B only has a minimal amount of money in the account most of the time and it would have overdrawn. She struggles most of the time. Luckily she caught it and they canceled her card but beware of ordering ANYTHING on the Internet with a debit card. B was so distraught last night when she called me and it scared me to death so I quickly took my laptop next door to check my accounts and A's to make sure they were okay.

Harri and Jimbo are out of town this weekend so I'm sitting on their deck by myself today and really enjoying the quietness, except for the chattering birds and the stupid acorns that are hitting the metal roofs. OUCH! Doggone it I just got hit on the shoulder by one. Aw it is fall here at the cabin! Thank goodness it wasn't one of these, BIG OUCH!

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