Friday, October 31, 2008

Last Day

My last day at getting up at 4:45 am and traveling 20 minutes south to Jazzercise and to be with my early morning friends. Well, today started badly. Yesterday The Hubby had the electricity off for a bit moving receptacles in the bedroom but neglected to inform me. The TV is our alarm and so it did not go off. I was awakened by him turning the TV on and realizing it was the local news not the national news. My eyes flew open and I jumped out of bed running to the bathroom to get my workout clothes on. It was 5:05. I have a 20 minute drive and I'm supposed to open up and get coffee on and the computer on. The Hubby was straddling the toilet and my workout clothes and shoes are beside the toilet because that is where I sit and get ready every morning. I reached around his legs to grab my stuff cursing and he was yelling, "HEY" as I wormed my hand around his legs for my stuff. I dressed and quickly ran a toothbrush around my mouth then hit the road. I have a set routine every morning and of course on my last day it is all mucked up. Usually I get ready, fix my cup of coffee to go and as I back out of the garage and drive I open the car door and grab my paper because I read my paper at Jazzercise before class. This morning as I threw the toothbrush down on the counter and grabbed my purse to run out the door I knew there was no time for the all important coffee. I backed out of the garage and drive and as I was backing down the steep drive I heard a pop, like a balloon, my newspaper. The plastic yellow wrapper popped as I drove over it but there was not time to stop and get the paper. On my way to class I dialed the number of Jazz to let K and E know I was on my way but running late. I finally arrived after hitting EVERY stinking light and the ladies had some muffins and fruit to share on my last day. We had about 16 ladies there for my last class and it was nice. I tried to not be emotional but that was easy as my morning was already off to a unroutine way. After class a bunch of the core group of friends went to coffee and talk. I am so going to miss this early morning batch of women that have made my life so full. Well, on to the rest of my day which as of last night has promised to not be what I had planned for my Friday. Should have known last night when The Hubby wanted me to go look at some property he might want us to purchase, after lunch, the time I was going to drive to the cabin. See, messes up my day. Oh well, gotta roll with it.

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Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Wow I can't even begin to tell you how much I respect anyone who can get up at such an early hour to exercise!

Tomorrow morning I start my own regime at 6am, when I will have to walk from my bed to my treadmill in the next room!