Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day at Home

Today I just took the entire day off and so far it is working. I haven't been called in to the office and so I sit here vegging out. I went to Jazzercise but again I did not workout as I'm having yet ANOTHER relapse in a different place, my armpits of all places. I can hardly put my arms down. I am so very tired of this crap happening. I called the doctor again and he is again calling in an antibiotic for me. If this keeps up I won't be able to take any kind of antibiotic when I'm really sick when I'm older. I don't understand why this keeps happening. It's apparently in my blood stream and just hangs around ready to pounce again. I want to be well. I'm kid free, days off and living a grand life but now I'm knocked down by this stupid staff infection that won't go away. Totally tired of this!!!!!

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