Friday, October 10, 2008

New York, New York

Wow, we are here. We flew into Newark, NJ this morning about 11 am and found a cab to take us to our penthouse suite. It is fabulous and is situated on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. The drive in the taxi cab was exciting weaving in and out of traffic. When we got all checked in Kel called his son AJ to meet us as he lives in Brooklyn and was our tour guide today. He arrived and then took us on our merry way. I was starving so that was all that was on my mind as we hoofed it up and down the NYC streets. We saw tons of stores that I really wanted to look into but my mind was FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. We went to St. Patrick's Cathedral, walked by Central Park and then decided on a burger place called Hamburger Heaven around 3:30. It was yummy but probably because I was STARVING! Bagel chips and a granola bar just doesn't carry you through. After lunch Bev wanted to trudge through Saks and then the American Girl store. Saks is HUGE, oh my gosh, a whole floor for shoes. Too bad I hate shoes with a passion. We had fun looking at some of their Christmas ornaments they already have put out. Then Bev made us go through the American Girl store. The Hubby was just in awe by all the dolls, clothes and stuff that you can buy. There was a cafe, a doll hospital and so cute, a hair salon that you check your dolls into for a new hairdo. Adorable! I will have to get a little doll for the great-niece and maybe a boy one for the great-nephew if his daddy doesn't think it is too weird for a boy. We met up with AJ again as he had to go back to the penthouse where he forgot and left out tickets for the musical Young Frankenstein tonight. He showed back up with his girlfriend Cyn and we walked more and even had fun trying out the New York subway system. We tried to see ground zero but there is so much construction around it that it is just a construction sight. We had a late dinner at a cute cafe that I will have to name later when I remember, and then had to quickly find a cab to make our show. We tried with everything we could to flag down a cab to no avail so it was running to the subway again. We arrived at 7:55 and the show started at 8 pm, just in time. What a fabulous show. If in NY go to see it. The lead is Roger Bart who played the pharmacist who killed Bree's hubby in Desperate Housewives. He was wonderful and the guy who played Igor was a stitch who kept Bart giggling through some of the scenes. After the show I bought t-shirts for the girls, me, and a friend. I thought we were going to get a cab back to the penthouse but instead we walked around Times Square then another trek on the subway. What an experience. I can now say I've been here but honestly I can do without all the people, wall to wall people. We are now back in the penthouse and I've already had a tequila shot and now I'm having straight bourbon as my FEET ARE KILLING ME! I need to rest but need a sleeping aid! I will add more to the trip tomorrow.

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