Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Is The Doctor In!

I was up as is my norm for the 5:30 am Jazzercise class. It was a shortened class as today is my yearly physical. No breakfast today but have had plain black coffee, blech. Rushing home I have to hurry to ready myself and make me presentable for the doctor, yet here I sit wasting precious time blogging. Just can't help myself. I am a little anxious to see the Doc as the last time was about March, just before B & B's wedding. I was down a few pounds but had not started my personal trainer and was doing so very well till I got sick. He was not the doc I saw during my illness as it was a staph infection dealing with the skin so saw the dermatologist. He does not know all that has happened this summer with The Hubby and the Big Bang that happened July 5. (Since I haven't figured out how to link previous links you can check out my July 5 entry.) I think my blood pressure may be up a little because we are getting ready to travel again. Oh it is a short trip with our friends Bev and Kel that we set up. Kel is The Hubby's childhood friend whose wife, my best friend Gail, passed away so suddenly 2 years ago. Back to the trip, we are going to New York on Friday morning, just for a few days. I'm nervous, as usual when I travel. I'm excited but still on edge. It should be great fun as I have never been to New York. We will stay on Madison Avenue in a penthouse something, eat at some good restaurants, see the musical Young Frankenstein and shop, shop, shop. I plan on bringing a larger than usual bag and maybe do a little Christmas shopping for the girls, nieces and nephews.

I have really got to go. This entry is just a jumble but maybe later today I'll add and make more sense.

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