Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday in town

We didn't go to the cabin this weekend as The Hubby wanted to attend the Swing Fling (or something like that). I was in attendance under protest. I was terrified that I would have to dance and my East Coast Swing is very novice, even more so for The Hubby. I went because he wants to learn more so bad. We did attend one of the events which was a dance but we ONLY watched, thank goodness. Actually, there were some who were not that good and some that were pretty awesome. My observation was that it was a little like a (AND DON'T GET ANGRY AT WHAT I'M ABOUT TO WRITE) nerd convention. There were guys and girls that even though they might be couples they asked anybody to dance, it's all about getting experience and practice. There were also singles that attended and I observed that a few guys were actually trolling, like in a dance club (this was at a hotel ballroom). I know it was for practice but I did see the trolling taking place. In truth, everyone seemed to be having a great time and enjoyed an opportunity to use the skills they have obviously learned. My problem was that EVERYONE in the room is doing the West Coast Swing and I only know a smidgen of the East Coast Swing. I know, I know, what's the difference. Well, I'm still a little confused by it all too. ECS is explained here East Coast Swing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and West Coast Swing here West Coast Swing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Basically the ECS is a very basic side, side, back and the WCS is a TON of improvisational stuff that I can't seem to follow. I'm really good at watching someone do the steps and copy them but this stuff I was not able to make out the steps at all and it seemed the man really dictated how you move around. I guess I'm destined to learn how to dance this stuff with The Hubby. I'm sure it is fun but I'm just not confident in myself to do it in front of people without being pretty intoxicated. There was one woman who brought her little girl, about 10 or 11 and they got out on the dance floor together and when the mother was dancing with others some would ask the little girl to dance and would be very patient to teach and lead. It was very cute. I must say there were a few hotties, guy and girl, young and old. I even encountered a girl I went to high school with. I knew she would be there as her name was in the paper in the article about the whole event. She is a really nice girl but the old high school jitters seemed to kick in, heck she was football queen.

We had intended to go tonight but I think not at this point so I'm stuck in town this weekend. My plan is to do laundry, blog, read, nap, run a few errands and possible go to the MIL's if she needs help packing as she is FINALLY moving on June 3. I thought about walking/jogging but I just don't want too. I hate doing it in town. Oh, I forgot, yesterday my sis and her son Hunt and my Daddy came to the office and we all went to eat lunch at Kilkenny's. Sis likes to get Daddy out and about. It breaks up his life in general and wears him out so to speak. We had a wonderful lunch and then decided to go by and see The Hubby's new building (really old one) as the new overhead doors that were being installed. Daddy had not seen the building since The Hubby had first bought it, when all the crap was piled everywhere. It is now completely cleaned out, the floors power-washed and sealed, etc. Looks good for a 50 year old building. While on the "tour" I told Sis I needed to get a new printer to go with the new computer at the office but realized that my little car probably would not hold the box so we left Daddy with The Hubby to hang out and off we went with Hunt in tow. My printer was the last of the dinosaurs as far as printers. It was an old HP laser4 printer that was about 15 years old so there was no kind of hook-up available. I was really yearning for a color laser printer and I was able to find a HP color laser several steps up from my old one and I bought two. I wanted one for my own personal use. I was tired of emailing myself stuff to the office to print so "Happy Birthday" to me.

Yes, the day is fast approaching again. I will turn 52 on Wednesday and I have the whole day planned. I workout at 5:45 am and then home for breakfast then off for a facial and massage for the next 3 hours or so. Then home to shower and ready the house for a birthday party I'm throwing myself with my Jazzercise girls. There should be about 20+ in attendance and they are all bringing the food, my kind of party. I will supply the beverages (champagne for me) and a great house to celebrate. The next weekend my friend Harri is going to throw a big bash for me to celebrate at the lake. She is having a new deck built and hopefully it will be finished to party down. WOO HOO!!!!!

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