Monday, May 12, 2008

Budapest update

Just remember it is a European keyboard:

"cna't remember what all i included last time but here's another update!

we've been ALL over budapest now and are semi pros at the underground and trams. my feet hurt like holy hell though! today we trained an hour outside of town to a small village that was reconstructed to mimick the old time hungarian was pretty cool but was a VERY long hike up a very steep hill! yesterday our hightlight was visiting the palinka festival. palinka is a native hungarian liquor (like tequila to mexico) that i believe is likened to a fruity brandy??? it was a small festival (i thought itwould have been larger) but it was still really cool. we got little palinka glasses jus tfor going (let's cross our fingers i don't break mine on the way home!!) and a free sampling glass of whatever flavor we fancied. i let my palinka traveling buddies have mine as the smell was TOO strong for me and i don't fare well with strong liquors! the locals were swigging it like pros though! :) the day before, our highlight was visitng the traditional turkish baths here which was quite the experience. we went to the gellert hotel which was absolutely breathaking and spent 2 hours in the theraputic hot spring waters there. we also were exposed to LOTS of the spoken about european nudity though which was quite the shocker for many of our first time european travelers! it was a really really good time though. and the baths felt amazing.

tomorrow we start back to interning for two days and then three days to do as we please...i plan to work on my five million papers i have due for this course on our free days at some cafes around here! sunday i will be heading home and am so excited to come back to you all! it's been quite teh experience living with 5 other people for 10 days! i'm so used to having my own way and sleeping in if i want and things like that! anywho...

miss you all and love you all dearly!

p.s. mimi - i DID get your email yesterday and love the pictures!

take care and see yousoon!

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